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Low-Mile 1978 Chevrolet Blazer Trailering Special

In addition to survivors and barn finds, well-optioned vehicles are probably the next sweetest find with all of their extra-cost features intact. Combine two of the three of those and you’ve got quite a specimen on your hands, as this two-wheel-drive 1978 Chevrolet K5 Blazer goes to show. The truck is a one-owner example with under 60,000 original miles and loaded up with numerous features that make it a perfect towing companion – but only if you dare use a truck this nice for actual work. Find the Blazer here on eBay with an asking price of $44,900 and the option to submit a best offer.

The Trailering Special was much like the Camper Special in terms of some subtle tweaks that made the Blazer more appealing for a certain audience. Two-wheel drive (specifically, rear-wheel drive) in general is preferable for towing, so that combined with the features included in Trailering Special models – trailer wiring harness, weight distributing hitch, and possibly heavier rear springs rate – may make the K5 more palatable for towing purposes. However, according to some message boards, the short wheelbase of the Blazer makes it somewhat inefficient as a towing rig, and I doubt this one did much heavy-duty work even with the Trailering Special package.

Really, the big story here is the condition and the plethora of other options added at the factory. In addition to the gorgeous bodywork and mint interior, the original owner swung for the fences when ordering the Blazer: Power windows and locks; tilt steering wheel; cruise control; tachometer; full gauge set; bucket seats and center console; tinted glass; vented sliding side windows; factory door edge guards; limited-slip rear axle; and of course, the Trailering Special package. It also has the Cheyenne Equipment package and retains its matching numbers 350 and automatic transmission.

Now, of course, it may have indeed been used for towing, and the owner was simply exceptionally careful. The details are on point from stem to stern, with no evidence of prior accident damage or really any periods of neglect wherein paint was allowed to fade or the interior began to deteriorate. It seems likely that the Blazer has been garaged since new and that its winter use was limited to sunny, dry days only. The two-wheel-drive Blazers look pretty slick compared to their high-riding siblings and offer another take on the classic K5 that is seemingly always associated with being a tough-as-rocks four-wheel drive. This is all the money, but also likely one of the nicest ones left.


  1. Moparman Member

    Beautiful! Beautifully optioned, beautifully kept, everything about it is beautiful, except I don’t have $45k beautiful dollars to spend on it!! GLWTA!! :-)

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  2. Bluetec320 Bluetec320 Member

    I don’t care how many miles, or what special options it may have, there is no way in the world that a mass produced by the millions Chevy “Square Body” is worth $45K.

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    • Martin

      Unfortunately that is kind of the range the nice ones sell at these days. And if it was a first gen you could double that number.

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    • jh95

      Boomers, what do you expect? They’re both killing and keeping the classic car scene alive.

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  3. David G

    Nicely optioned, but poorly repainted. A fully grown orange tree would have a hard time producing that much peel in one season. With a 106.5 inch wheelbase, towing is relegated to very short and light loads. Notice the GCVW is 8,000 lbs. Blazer by itself is 4K or pushing hard at it. Weight limit of all passengers, stuff carried inside, plus the fully loaded trailer is right at 4,000 lbs. Nice Blazer, but new owner should figure on spending around 5K to make the paint right. Shouldn’t be too hard to find one this nice for half the asking price of this one.

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    • Matt R

      Actually, that level of orange peel is probably factory for that era. I’m just surprised that the fake chrome hasn’t peeled off the plastic trim yet.

  4. Eric Johnson

    It is actually a C10 Blazer. “K” would denote 4 wheel drive. C/K5’s were the previous generation if I remember correctly.

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    • Vance

      Normally that’s correct, but for whatever reason the Blazer/Jimmy were still “K” series trucks even when 2wd.

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      • John S Dressler

        Had a 1978 Blazer just like this one only in 4X4. Would go over land, through show and mud – anywhere. Love to have it back but I wouldn’t pay $25,000 for it let alone $45.000! This 2 wheel drive Blazer is WAY over priced. No way he sells it for that price.

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      • local_sheriff

        Yes and no – the 2nd figure in its VIN says ‘C’ which means it belongs in the 2WD truck series. It was GM who cheaped out as they never bothered to tool up any specific badge for the 2WD version, I’ve read somewhere they only accounted for 7% of total Blazer/ Jimmy production. They were only offered ’70-’82, then dropped due to low sales.

        Remember searching high and low for a correct ‘C5 Blazer’ badge for my ’77 2WD Blazer, until I finally realized it was never made…

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  5. Joe Haska

    What a rare find, I doubt there could be another one this nice anywhere. The seller also knows what he has, his asking price is all the money, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets it. I have seen “Resto-Mods” go for as high as 75K. For all of you that think this is outrageous, you need to remember just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t true. It just means there is another parallel universe out there tha t you are. Ot aware of.

  6. C.Jay

    The ad photos on Ebay (on the lift) show a spray bombed under carriage. Pressure washing and leaving it alone would have given a “true condition” appearance.

  7. Mike Hartman

    I’ve owned 10 over the years all 2×2. Looks like they are going up in price as is their brother the short bed trucks., It isn’t uncommon to see buyers willing to pay 40k for a nice resto modded C10 truck. There were a few at BJ last few years sell over 6 figures. If you don’t think they can bring that kind of money then have Hills Hot Rods build you one.

  8. Chip Laugal Member

    Did the 78 Blazers come with headers? I noticed the headers were painted in the undercarriage picture, but were rusty in the engine picture.

  9. vintagehotrods

    Nice Blazer, but the dealer is going for every nickel he can beat out of it. I bought a black short box new in 1976 and it was a good looking but the build quality wasn’t all that great and if you drove it through a few winters up north on salty roads, it would soon start to disappear from the bottom up! I’ve seen them rusted away from the door handles down and it isn’t a pretty sight. Luckily, a man with with a completely restored black 1956 Ford big window pickup wanted to trade me even up for the Chevy. I kept it a few years and I still regret selling the Ford to this day, but I needed the money to repay my grandfather for the land I built my first house on.

  10. Enfield 750

    I thought the engines where still Orange in “78”… I used to work on these back in the day and owned one in the 80s.

  11. Perry Hoyle

    IF That is A “Blue Engine” It’s The Buick V6. GM during THAT time frame was dropping that PARTICULAR engine across “ALL” models that left the assembly lines.

  12. Charles Turner

    ’76 was the last year for any Chev mill to still be painted orange….1977 began the Federal Blue engines ( or motors if you prefer, Ha! )

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