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Trashed Turbo: 1989 Porsche 930

Among the cars you can buy today with some chance of a modest upside are turbocharged Porsches from the 1980s. The company’s iconic bruiser, the 930, has been enjoying a steady uptick in values perhaps driven by the salivating for original, air-cooled 911s that has occurred since the introduction of the liquid-cooled 996. This 1989 Porsche 930 here on eBay will be a pricey project but perhaps offers a legit shot at meaningful ROI.

This particular 930 is a late-production model, which could make it more or less desirable depending on which features you might be searching for in a 930. Unfortunately, one of the most desirable aspects of a later 911 is the inclusion of the G50 gearbox, which offered a much more pleasant shifting experience compared to earlier cars. The seller says it has gone missing while this rough 930 has been off the road, so you’ll have to factor a replacement into the total cost.

As you may have noticed above, the intercooler has also been removed but is included. The interior clearly shows signs of having been previously “enjoyed” by a driver who preferred modifications over keeping the 930 stock and as the factory intended it. Aftermarket seats, a cheap Momo steering wheel and likely other deviations all point to a lifestyle that today’s P-Car purists would consider downright sacrilegious.

The 930 does not run, and it clearly has a host of cosmetic issues. The seller claims it still retains a clean title and hasn’t been in any major accidents, but for a car like this, the emphasis on knowing as much about its history before purchase is essential. Whether you plan to keep it for long-term enjoyment or flip it for a quick buck, the colorfulness of its past will definitely factor into the ownership experience.


  1. nessy

    60 thousand bucks for this non runner? Yea we know it’s the last of the early body 930 Turbo, ect but the seller is dreaming big. Nothing else to say.

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  2. sparkster

    Wrong wheels , flares look a little too wide

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  3. Van

    I’m not sure guys. If you drive a 930 really hard and haven’t slid of the road a couple of times, your not pushing hard enough. When driving on the limit with turbo lag and trailing throttle oversteer, cutting through a hedge row is inevitable.

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  4. dirtyharry

    Quick sand and fool’s gold. I saw roughly the same model car on that other car web site (BAT), clean and running with 75k miles sell for $105. I don’t have any Porsche fever and enjoy beating most of them with one of my $10,000 super cars, made by that other sports car company called “Chevy.” Porsche problems are never cheap to solve and this may be a parts car, unless a guy with a lot of Porsche parts comes along.

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    • Mike

      You obviously do not know the definition of a “super car”…Chevy has only one- which is the Corvette- the newer models only.

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  5. rustylink

    hmmm looks like you could fall down the rabbit hole on this one, unless of course you are Porsche mechanic and can have a shop and access to wholesale/used parts. Good luck in getting $60K out of this one. Make sure you check the car thoroughly for any left over 8 balls…

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  6. Luki

    I can’t imagine how a nice car like this wound up in that condition.
    Run !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  7. Begodo

    OF COURSE, it is in Miami…

    8-Ball reference has nothing to do with pool playing. Might want to also check behind those flares for hidden body compartments. There might even be a missing 8 ball or residue in there (or the original seats…).

    Will watch this to see where the best offers go. Willing to bet that the buy it now option will not be selected…

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  8. Begodo

    I was taking another look at this.

    1) Is that a huge spot of rust in front of the driver’s side headlight?

    2) The dash looks like it was stored outside of the car

    3) Those white spots on the front fender don’t appear to be cloud reflections

    4) The god awful body kit, rear lights and wheels are meant to make it look like a 3.6 but the fit, finish and rust show right through. Hopefully the buyer has a lot of these parts already to either restore it back to 1989, or to complete the conversion to 1994…

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    • Joe Howell

      1. That sure looks like a hole and big ol’ rust scab to me too.
      2. Porsche dashes of that era crack for sure but this one must have sat in the sun with the windows up for years to cook and crack like that.
      3. “That will buff right out” looks like someone already tried right thru the paint.
      4. What you said in spades.
      People are nuts when it comes to air cooled Porsches these days, I’m a Porsche owner but not one of the nuts.

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  9. Don Kraycik

    Looking at the engine, that sure looks like water damage to me.

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  10. Mark

    I had a chance to pick up a clean 50K mile example of one of these at an auction for $30K. Seemed like all the money 15 years ago, but boy how times change.

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  11. David Miraglia

    love the 930’s, but it overpriced.

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  12. Skloon

    Does that checkered flag air freshener cover up the smell of crushed hopes and dreams ?

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  13. John

    With just a little elbow grease (and a couple of headlight bulbs, this could be on its way to a spot at Pebble Beach and a Hagerty suggested payoff of $350K!

    Unfortunately, the sport at Pebble beach is the one 100 yards off-shore. When will the P-car madness end?

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    • Trickie Dickie Member

      I think I feel a definite cool-off coming soon in the well overheated Porsche market. As a hedge against possible inflation in the European market, the Porsche Factory decided to invest heavily in Beanie Babies, Warehouses surrounding the factory in Stuttgart are packed to the rafters with millions. The Porsche family will soon begin releasing on a very limited basis key collector editions Beanie Babies, only the most rare and very expensive editions. It was either this move or massive investment in Dutch tulip bulbs. (too obscure? Google tulip bulb investments in the 19th Century)

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      • grant

        17th century…1621 as I recall.

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      • Luki

        You Feel a cool off coming in air cooled Porsches.
        Great call.
        It already started over six months ago.

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  14. Mark S

    Ridden hard and put away wet. I pity the poor fool that buys this I pity the poor fool. Move away from the P car kids move away, nothing to see here nothing at all. In all seriousness I too thing it been in the water and you’ll be under the water if you buy this car.

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  15. Bruce Best

    I am not certain it has been underwater. Simple neglect and storage outside near the ocean would allow rust like that to happen. I have seen that on a number of cars from Florida and other costal states where it is warm and people forget that the salty sea air does contain salt that will eat up their cars.

    My step father was a Navy Chief Petty Officer that was a double plank holder on the Battle Ship Iowa. He lived in St. Augustine less than 200 yards from the oceans edge and he was constantly washing his cars off and spraying underneath to remove the salt. That was what worked on the battleships and destroyers he lived and worked on and how he treated his cars. His cars never had any rust on them because he was on constant watch for problems.

    I have seen a number of Mercedes 350 to 560 SL’s that have rust where you would not expect. It because they did not get the preventive care this car should have. I would shudder to think what the chassis is like. I think this is nothing but a glorified parts car. Certainly not worth the price that is being asked for.

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  16. Menmojo

    This is a parts car. Too bad the g50/50 transmission is gone and good luck finding another one. It was a 1 year only transmission for the 89 930. This 930 is way over priced for a parts car with lots of incorrect parts. By the way….. the flares are correct. The bumpers and side skirts are incorrect on this car and are from a 964/911.

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  17. MikeG

    I wonder if it was a theft recovery?

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