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Tri-Power Big Block: 1962 Ford Galaxie

Now this could be a fun project! This Galaxie is in need of a ton of work, but it’s a 406 V8 car with the Tri-Power intake setup. It looks to be missing some pieces, but these big block beasts are rare and incredibly powerful. It isn’t my favorite body style, but I think I could live with it once the engine is back together and running! I bet it will sound great with a free flowing exhaust and headers. If you’d like to take on this project, you can find it here on eBay in New Lebanon, Ohio with a current bid of $1,245.


  1. JagManBill

    this is one of those ultra rare 7 speed cars….I see the 3 on the tree and the 4 on the floor….right? Not to call me suspicious, but it would have been nice to see a pic of the 3x intake/carbs

  2. Rod

    Too many questions. I also noticed the discrepancy with the shifter. However this could be a diamond in the rough. I would need to see this in person and do some research on this before I took a chance on it.

  3. ccrvtt

    I have vivid memories of being in absolute awe of the “406” tags and that wonderful interior, especially when it had a 4-speed. The outside was a bit bland compared to the ’60-61’s but the ’62’s still were a favorite of this 12-year-old.

  4. Darrun

    As a 16 year old kid in 1976, I had the chance to buy a 62 factory 406 and four speed for $500, that looked just like this. It was in good shape and ran WELL. My older sister went along with me, and decided since I was borrowing the money from her “I DIDN’T NEED THIS ONE”. She was probably right, but it was one of those cars that I have always regretted missing out on

  5. Gunner

    My Old Man had a buddy in college that had one of these. Said it would run with the best of them (other than a Fuelie Corvette). Yes, rare car. If everything was to check out, I believe that it is worth saving. You hardly ever see or hear of these early BB 406 Tri-power Fords anymore. Nice find.

  6. ruxvette

    Ummm…”No history on the car or engine. Has an automatic transmission and a 4 speed in trunk.” Whaaat?

  7. JW454

    Even though this one is only 16 miles from my house, I’m thinking it would be too much of a project for me. I like the early sixties Fords but, I prefer a ’63~’64 fastback. I hope someone can put this one back on the road.

    • Tim Steadman

      Check it out and report for the rest of us!

  8. Larry K

    This is bad a$$. C’mon get this thing on the road!

  9. Healeymonster

    So the seller wants $13500 for this Ohio car. I think the ask is wishing for this one. In Ohio the tin worms hold hands on old cars to keep the seats from falling through the floorboards. No intake, carbs, etc…. The tri power intake on this car would be the ramped style. Its not as rare as the flat intake on the T-birds. Should be easier to source. But the missing carbs are usually date stamped which would be harder to source. Lots of work here for the weekend warrior. It would be cheaper in the long run to find one all done up already if this is what you want.

  10. Brent

    Check out the 59 skyliner in the background. They are pretty rare as well, only 13,000 of them made

  11. Ikey Heyman Member

    I’d rather have the ’59 Fairlane Skyliner next to it – if the top mechanism works!

  12. Loco Mikado

    A friend of mine had one, 406 4bbl auto. In a ’62 Galaxie it would give a ’67 Corvette 427-435hp 4spd that another friend owned a run for it’s money. Having driven both cars numerous times the Ford could not beat the Vette but it’s ability to at least keep up with it to a point was good. But in the Vette 130 in third and shift into 4th for takeoff, there were no words then or today to describe the feeling. I have driven a lot of fast cars in my day, just never owned one.

    • Revherbel

      Of course, a lot of emphasis went into “muscle” for all makes from 62-67. If we compare it to other Fords from 60-62, it was amazing. That it could hold its own in 67 is really good.

  13. RJ Guzik

    This is a gasser in the making. Engine will likely be replaced by eventual buyer.

  14. Howard A Member

    I never cared for the ’62 either, but I think it’s the real deal, as far as the Galaxie 500 XL part. The thing that confuses me, is, of course the column shift AND the console. It has all the “XL” trim, be way too hard to duplicate all that, but that’s not the correct horn button, and I can’t find any with a console AND a column shift. It’s a Wisconsin car, so it spent at LEAST 10 years in the salt. I think this car should definitely be restored, be a lot of work, I’m sure the underside is a shambles, but a very rare car. Just to see folks reaction to, in 1962, you could walk into a Ford dealer, and drive away in this beast. ( leaving 2 strips of rubber for a block)

  15. jack

    Pictures of engine shows the small log type header on the passenger side – the HI-PO 406’s had cast iron headers.

  16. JagManBill

    thats why I made the comment about seeing the intake. Based on the exhaust header, that looks like a 390 sitting there…

  17. Mr. Robert Gallagher

    Jack is right, that’s not a 406 engine. 406’s had the large free flowing cast iron exhaust manifolds.
    I used to rebuild these engines when I was a kid and the high performance Ford big blocks all had the large cast iron exhausts manifolds on them.

    Jack knows what he’s talking about.

    Also the steering column looks like it’s been replaced, but that’s not really a big deal.
    The big issue is the missing original engine.

    Way to go Jack, that was a nice catch.

  18. McQ

    It is a G code! However much is missing. The standard exhaust manifolds and the narrow standard harmonic balancer are immediate indications that this is a “Lo-Po” FE. Interesting though that the pushrods laying in the engine valley are cup-n-ball rods necessary for adjustable rocker arms. I think this fine old Ford lost its 406/tri-power & 4 speed long ago quickly replaced with a standard 352/390/cruisomatic. Whoever got the 406 wanted the XL steering column too replacing it with a regular automatic column.
    In ’67 I had a ’62 M code for a short time. Portland Oregon. Early ’62 Galaxie 500, black, red standard interior. 390 High Performance, tri-power, 401 horsepower, 4 speed. Ran well. The 406 replaced the 390HP in January.

  19. Rustytech Member

    The best part of this car is those rare vintage mag. wheels! I remember seeing a lot of those back in the day ( can’t remember the name ) but I always did like them. I thought I was seeing things when I saw the console with shifter boot, and a tree shifter on the column, that is truly rare!

  20. Rocco in Florida Member

    Pretty cool.

  21. ACZ

    I wrote to the guy about the Tri-power since it’s not pictured. Here’s the answer:

    New message from: bearcatcutter6w7u (1,433Red Star)
    You didnt miss anything. There is no reference at all to a tripower included

  22. John Deebank

    My ’62 was a 6 cyl auto 3 speed trans. I took out the 6 and replaced it with a 390 8 cyl. changed it to standard and 3 on the floor. The shifter had a spring that pushed it across the neutral gate so I could then use 1 finger to push into 2nd gear.

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