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Trio Of Early DeTomasa Pantera Projects

Ever wonder where all the DeTomaso Panteras have gone? Well, here are three of them. Two are located in Thousand Oaks, California near Los Angeles and one is in North Carolina. We appreciate Ikey Heyman finding these gems and bringing them to our attention. The white Pantera is a 1972 model that the seller has listed at $100,000 as the asking price. The blue Pantera is a 1971 model that is a little rougher and the seller is asking $75,000. The yellow Pantera is located in North Carolina and has a price of $55,000 placed on it. The cars can be seen here on craigslist.

Here is the interior of the while 1972 Pantera. The car has apparently been sitting for about 20 years and looks nice, just dusty. The car has its original white paint and steel Group 4 fender flares that are primered. The odometer shows just 31,900 miles and is equipped with a 351 cubic inch V8 engine backed by a 5-speed manual transmission. The Pantera had Webber carburetors on it but were removed at some point and a Holley 4 barrel carburetor was installed for driveability purposes. The Webber set up comes with the sale of the car. The rear wheels and tires are huge.

The blue Pantera is also located in Southern California. As with the white car, it is dusty and has been off the road for a couple of decades. It is said to be one of 250 Panteras built in this color in 1971. The car has never been wrecked and is said to be solid with no rust. The car needs restoration and there is not much information about the drivetrain except that the ZF 5 speed is tight and the engine once ran smooth and quiet.

The final car of this trio is a 1972 model that is on the East Coast. Apparently, the same person owns all three cars and wants to sell them as a bundle. None of the cars are roadworthy and are being sold by an individual and not a dealer. There are also a number of parts that come with the sale. These are beautiful cars that have great Italian looks with dependable Ford power plants.


  1. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    Seeing beater Panteras is like seeing your favorite supermodel as an old lady. Pantera pictures were posted right next to Tina Louise in our lockers. They were our piece of Italian exotics, only it had the Ford oval. Didn’t get much cooler than that. For a car almost 40 years old, it still is a neat car.

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    • Avatar photo Howard A Member

      Um,,,50 years old, Steve is right, I AM a decade or 2 off,,

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      • Avatar photo bobk

        Harold, I wouldn’t worry. As we more along, we all get to where we’re a decade or two off. LOL.

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  2. Avatar photo Rich

    The Lunatic fringe is truly out there…Neat cars of course, but age, neglect, and absurd modifications do not equate to something of value. Owner: please send me some of what you are smoking. After a few tokes, maybe I will be able to bend my mind to considering your insane asking prices. Rarity does not equal value. Give us a break please.

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  3. Avatar photo Dallas

    $100k for all 3 might be getting into the ballpark…

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    • Avatar photo t-bone bob

      I agree. $200k+ for all three seems a bit steep

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  4. Avatar photo Frank

    Don’t know anything about this site but check this out posted 12-14
    $16,000 and it runs!

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    • Avatar photo Poncho

      I doubt this is a real listing if people are looking to get $12k for a rusty 6 cylinder 4 door Nova. Prices are a bit askew.

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    • Avatar photo Pete

      Do you know where it’s located. It doesn’t show that in the advertisement

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    • Avatar photo t-bone bob

      Nice car, nice price. Ad says the car is located in Scottsdale, AZ

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    • Avatar photo JOHN HERMAN

      By the trees in the background, NOT Arizona, SCAM

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  5. Avatar photo Richard Van Dyke Sr

    I think the owner is way off the mark on all three cars. Great looking cars but not worth the asking prices.

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  6. Avatar photo Poncho

    I think the mentioned Kloompy ad is fake. Prices are a bit askew if someone is asking 150k for a restomod LS GTO (saw it on fleabay) and 12k for a rusty 6 cylinder 4 door Nova. I’m glad I own the cars I got and not seriously shopping for another project. Prices are way out of whack. Next we are going to be fixing up old Honda Civics as projects…NOT!

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  7. Avatar photo Howie Mueler

    Did not the sellers look at FeeBay to see what they are going for there?

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  8. Avatar photo txchief


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  9. Avatar photo Dfresh58

    I remember the first pantera i ever saw
    I was maybe 19 working at advance auto and there was one of those small car lots by the interstate ramp
    It was amazing at that time
    Yellow and oh so exotic, the stuff you dream about

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    • Avatar photo JoeNYWF64

      Still is, seeing one! Beautiful car, though it would have been even better with frameless (perhaps ventless) side glass. I wonder why Ford did not put the Boss 351 in this car!! Makes no sense. Same block as the Cleveland?

      Today, whenever i see the new almost 50! yr too late vette’s rear end, i get nauseous.
      & from the back it looks like it belongs in a Transformers movie & has already started to transform!

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  10. Avatar photo Antony rogers

    100 for all 3

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  11. Avatar photo tomfromtyrol

    Looking at Kloompy it seems that there are a lot of good buys out there! Everything so cheap and so beautiful! But buyer beware, Kloompy is rated as 8% trustworthy and I have no idea where these 8% figure from.
    regards Tom from Tyrol

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  12. Avatar photo Ray

    Definitely prefer the early small chrome bumpers. Webbers on a 351 Cleveland had to have sounded awesome!

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