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Triple Black: 1973 Hurst/Olds

1973 Hurst Olds Cutlass

So the redesigned ’73 Olds Cutlass wasn’t the best looking car, but it’s definitely interesting and when it was optioned as a Hurst/Old (or just H/O) 442 it actually offered decent performance, well at least for a ’73! This example is one of 440 H/Os optioned in triple black. The seller claims it is barn fresh and has seen 80k miles since new. You can find this big block Oldsmobile here on eBay in Lemont, Illinois with a $6,999 BIN.

1973 Hurst Olds 455 V8

By the time this Olds rolled off the production line, big V8s had all but been strangled by emissions. Still Oldsmobile kept on shoving big blocks in their cars, so this “performance” version of the Cutlass came with the 455 Rocket V8. Between emissions and the switch to net power ratings, the 455 went from having a 365+ horsepower rating in ’70 down to just 250 by ’73. That’s still a decent amount of power, but it won’t get your heart pounding the way 365 will! It will be interesting to see how this one responds when you put the pedal to the floor, as it appears to be missing a few power zapping auxiliary items.

1973 Hurst Olds Interior

While Hurst did their special performance treatment to these cars, at their heart they were still big luxury cruisers. As you can see, this interior is loaded with heavy creature comforts. While they hurt the car’s performance at the track, they definitely make it a better highway cruiser! As you may have noticed when looking at the engine, this car clearly came with A/C, but the compressor is gone and whoever removed it decided to cut the lines rather than remove them. It’ too bad they went that route, if they had simply removed the system, the next owner might have been able to get the A/C working without much headache.

1973 Hurst Olds

I’ve always been fascinated by these big Oldsmobiles. They seem like an interesting mix of comfort and power, two things that go really well together in my book! Sure, I’d rather have a lightweight sports car for tearing up mountain roads and the race track, but there is something appealing about having a big powerful and comfy cruiser to make those long journeys in. And if you need more of a thrill, a car like this would be more than capable of making a few passes at the dragstrip! So would you enjoy hitting the road in this H/O?


  1. Mike H. Mike H.

    Good from afar but far from good? It’s sad that the seller took photos of it in the rain, but I suspect that it was maybe intentional; a lack of light and a wet surface can hide a lot of flaws. It seems as though the panels aren’t terribly straight on the car and the paint is of poor quality. I question the almost new looking carburetor with only the lid of an air cleaner bolted to it. . . Is a cheesy Mr. Gasket chrome air cleaner from the local parts store too great an investment when flipping a car like this? It’s nice that it’s well optioned and the clean and complete interior are certainly a plus, but for $7k on a car like this I’d appreciate a bit more clarity.

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  2. JW

    Decent looking car but I wish he had showed more detailed pics of the passenger side of the car, it’s like he’s hiding something.

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  3. ruxvette

    First picture…the stripe…looks like a rattle can respray. Somebody please take the spray cans away from him (gold/black on the body, clear under the hood) and trash can the armor-all! You would not be able to stay in those seats with a racing harness!

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  4. Braktrcr

    The seller does list many of the imperfections of this car… But of course like others, I have some serious concerns. 80,000 miles on a 73 455 motor, would be a weaker, but still OK motor. Usually about 100k they would be done. This car doesn’t have the original motor and it isn’t running, and being sold as condition unknown. So, if memory serves me right, Olds didn’t have big and small blocks…. This car could have a 350 Olds motor… that isn’t running…. missing parts…needing rust repair…
    Sorta a cool car, kinda rare, they are built on the Chevelle platform…. I’m thinking for 7k it should be running and driving. The seller does have 100% feedback. Interesting deal

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  5. Dave

    Looks like the left rear quarter is made of modeling clay, if this is the good side I don’t want to see the right side, interior doesn’t look to bad, I bet the engine is tired

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  6. RHurstolds74

    Some problems I see. The rims are wrong, SSIII instead of SSII. The lower vinyl trim is wrong. The shifter and console are wrong, it should be a Dual/Gate. Theft recovery? The price is not outrageous for what is there. It would be nice to know if the engine works.

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  7. Paul R

    Olds did have a big and small block engine. Big block Olds had a taller deck height to accommodate a longer stroke. The 455 intake is 2 inches or so wider than a 350.
    They all used the same camshafts and heads would interchange also.
    Pontiac used a common block for all engine sizes.

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  8. Olaf E

    Barnfinds magic? BIN is now $ 8,499.99…

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  9. Chris N

    I think the price is a little steep even with the disclaimers of condition. IMO the ’73 “Colonnade” style (which was supposed to be debuted in ’72) was a design mistake but in that style, the ’73 looks the best. It has the hard to find digital tach, suspension upgrade, dual gate is “available”, the hood and several difficult to find parts, not many made for sure. I think it would be good deal at $4000 if not running, $5000 if running and is not too rusty. $8500? If someone had more money than sense….

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  10. sir mike

    Why does it look like it sits so high?? 4WD envy??

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  11. Fogline

    I had a 73 Cutlass Supreme with a 350 and I beat IROCs of the day all the time. Not sure if that back window was a special 442 thing but doesn’t look right nor does the suspension. I can’t remember seeing one of these ever, but guess that doesn’t mean anything.

    Car would roll down the road at 75 all day long and it was very comfy but forget about corners. I think if I was looking for something like this again, I would go with the Vista Cruiser. Crazy – I know.

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  12. piper62j

    Many, many questions on this car.. For example,, check out the lumpy vinyl roof line down at the quarter panel.. The rot holes must be the size of silver dollars down there..
    Still and all, if you have the shop to work on it, it’s a decent find.. Just the name Hurst alone makes it worth $$$$.

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  13. Jim Marshall

    This model was originally to be the 1972 Oldsmobile, but the long G.M. strike in 1970 cancelled the colonnade body redesign until 1973. I never though much of this car back then, rust issues, sagging door problems, fit and finish not very good, but as the car evolved into the 75 to 77 models they were constantly improving. I started selling them in 1975 and the Cutlass was the best selling model car in the U.S. for 3 years. It was the car to have back then without a doubt.

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  14. Matt

    BFG Radial ta’s in all capitals? Are these being reproduced now?

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  15. Mark S

    These were bad for the attack of the tin worm in the rear quarters and wheel wells GM’s in general were known for there crappy front ends upper and lower ball joints, idler arms, stabilizer bushings, and sloppy steering boxes. I changed out hundred of these parts on the whole lineup of there cars and trucks. When they started getting loose these big boats would be like steering I herd of goats across a river.

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  16. alfred

    would not hit. lol

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  17. Scott

    I have a question, hopefully someone with extreme Olds Knowledge can help. I recently purchased a similar car like this, talked to a guy, he told me to send him my trim Tag, I told him, I found out my car is an Original 4spd car, was told the car has a 425ci in it now. Upon further research, I read that they went 1 step further, which wasn’t a desired combo back then, so it’s very limited (rare), they actually installed a 4spd tranny, removed the AC, upped the HP to 270 from 250, and even installed a racing rearend with lower gears for racing, possibly 3:90’s. Or 3:73’s. Which made this car a very low production car. I haven’t started running #”s yet,but if this is th Hurst 4/55. 4spd car, racing gears,. Does anyone know how many of this particular car was produced, and any other information would be awesomely appreciated. Thanks. Have I just struck Gold ????

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