Triple Black Treat: 1973 Dodge Charger SE

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A classic car finished in black is always going to attract its share of attention. This ramps up a notch or two when the classic that you are considering is a triple-black example. That is what we find with this 1973 Dodge Charger SE. Couple this with spotless presentation and a 440ci V8 under the hood, and we’re talking about one exceptional vehicle. This Charger is now looking for a new home. It is located in Emmett, Idaho, and has been listed for sale here on Craigslist. The sale price has been set at $32,500. I have to say a big thank you to Barn Finder Gransedan for spotting this absolute pearler for us.

It’s hard to go past this Charger, which is finished in Black with a matching vinyl top. Its presentation is stunning, with the paint shining beautifully and the vinyl top appearing to be close to perfect. The Charger has never undergone any form of restoration, which means that the paint is all original. Black paint can expose plenty of sins, but these panels appear to be as straight as an arrow. The vehicle is rust-free, and the fact that it has been garage-kept for its whole life has undoubtedly helped in this area. The glass appears to be perfect, as are the factory wheels. The owner does identify a few flaws with some of the chrome. However, he includes a set of new OEM mirrors and door handles for the buyer to install. The remaining chrome looks extremely presentable for a car of this age.

There’s no substitute for cubic inches, and you get plenty of those with this Charger. What we find hiding under the hood is a 440ci V8, which should be pumping out 280hp. This is backed by a 3-speed TorqueFlite transmission, while the vehicle also features power steering and power brakes. Emission regulations had started to impact on vehicle performance by 1973, but this classic should still be capable of covering the ¼ mile in a respectable 15.2 seconds. The engine bay presents well, and this is by no means deceptive. The owner says that the Charger runs and drives perfectly, with no issues or problems. It has a claimed 66,000 original miles on the clock, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there is evidence available to verify this. The Dodge comes with its original Owner’s Manual, Build Sheet, the original Title, Bill of Sale, and registrations. With that level of documentation available, it would certainly seem possible that verifying paperwork is also present.

The interior of the Dodge has the “wow” factor, and it is virtually all original. The front seats have received new covers due to some splitting, but the remaining upholstery is as it left the factory. There are no issues to report here, and the rear seat looks like it has had little use. The console is an excellent addition, and its condition appears to be perfect. There is an aftermarket AM/FM radio/cassette player mounted under the dash, but the original radio is still in situ. The original owner ordered the Charger with air conditioning. This has recently been upgraded to R134-A refrigerant and is said to blow ice-cold.

This 1973 Dodge Charger SE isn’t perfect, but it is an impressive survivor. There isn’t much that the next owner will need to do except to slide behind the wheel and enjoy the sensation of classic car ownership. Is that something that you’d like to experience enough to follow up on this beauty?

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  1. Moparman MoparmanMember

    It has a 400, not 440 under the hood, and this triple black beauty is a stunner!
    GLWTA!! :-)

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    • Gene

      When I was 21 I bought a 1973 Triple Black Charger SE with every option. $4.4K. And that included the Sun Roof… yes I said Sun Roof. Back then they were a manual crack. That did not work well.

      Extreme nice ride. That black mirror shine.. white pin stripe look was an Eye catcher all the time….. The back seat was a nice size for having fun. Girls liked that back seat side louver windows for privacy.

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      • Elliott

        You’re NUTS !!! The back seat area is terrible . And the windows gave me the swallowed by a fish feel .
        No sun roof on mine .
        Lastly the steering wheel on the pictured car isn’t original

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  2. BoatmanMember

    The other 40 cubes are in the trunk. All kidding aside, these ran very strong with the 400. All the power you need.

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    • K. R. V.

      Besides having a 400, instead of 440, the saying used in the opening sentence that describes the “440”, should read, “no replacement for displacement “! Very black beauty! GLWTA

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  3. Raymond

    You can always bore Enigne 40 over make it a 7.2 liter

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  4. Gerry Rhoades

    Beautiful car, but not $30,000.00 of beautiful

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  5. Keith

    nice but priced a little high. 25k is a good number for this one if no underneath rust issues.

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  6. Joe Machado

    Daughter is selling her correctly restored 1971 Charger RT, air, R12, cold, Triple Black and red factory insert seats. Done. Ready to win shows or drive.
    440 auto

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    • Lou Tripper

      Wow! Sounds like you have a Mopar connection!

      Can you share a link for the as on your daughters Charger? I’m looking for a nice, done B body.

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      • Lou Tripper

        A link for the sales ad?

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      • Joe Machado

        Lou, she bought 2 Mopars for her sons. One restored, the other an original, not needing restored.
        The 1971 Charger RT, is a restored professionally by a shop in Simi Valley. She bought it from him and my grandson never drove it past the test drive.
        Triple black, 440, auto, factory air. R12 correct and cold.
        $50,000. Road wheels. Factory Black with red inserts interior.
        My cell for pics and more info. 760-413 960 two

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      • Joe Machado

        Lou, there is no link or website. She asked me to sell two cars for her. Cars are here in Palm Desert. The 71 Charger RT.
        The other is a rust free. 70 Barracuda, clean two tone, Lime with white painted factory top. Air. Cold

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  7. Desert Rat

    Wow! What a great looking Charger, I preferer the 71/72 style but man this one is stunning.

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  8. mainlymuscle

    Must be a beauty Joe !
    Featured car is no slouch either.

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    • Lou Tripper

      Did you find an ad for Joe’s car? I love a 71 Charger… Ready to buy now.

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      • Joe Machado

        Lou Tripper. I do not have an add listed anywhere. I was asked by my daughter, find someone who really appreciates a great correct restoration. My cell: 760-413-9602. She said $50,000. Nothing needs to be done. 6 am to 7 pm. 7 days. I am always in, around or under a Mopar. Cars are at my building here in Palm Desert. Calif. Triple Black, Factory R12 correct. Text or call

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  9. Troy s

    All the mention of a 440 yet as plain as day the big 400 on the air cleaner lid. Hmmm… that’s just fine. Still, thats a heck of a clean Charger in sinister black on black. Nice ride.

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  10. Lance Platt

    Driving and owning a car like this is certainly on most middle age collectors bucket lists. The Charger was popular when new as a practical mid size but sporty family car and as a competitor for domestic personal luxury car buyers based on equipment. Nice to see a Barn Find that doesn’t require a lot of body and mechanical restoration. It is so popular I can’t afford it,😤

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  11. Jcs

    She’s a beaut Clark.

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  12. JohnfromSC

    Am I the only one who sees what appears to be orange rattlecan spray on the distributor and other areas next to the air cleaner (which looks far to bright to be from 73)?

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    • NWMoparman

      To JohnfromSC…it may appear in the photo that there is orange “rattlecan” overspray near the distributor but I assure you the only orange color under the hood is the dual snorkel air cleaner and it is the original color and paint. The distributor cap is tan color and nothing has been painted under the hood.

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    • Richardd Adams

      True. Well spotted.
      Not a reflection John.

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    • Moparman MoparmanMember

      John: The air cleaner on my ’73 is the same orange, the distributor cap was a beige color and combined w/ the color of the wires and the light reflection from the air cleaner and the A/C tag appears to be overspray. :-)

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  13. Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

    I ordered a new 1973 Dodge B200 Tradesman van from Reed Brothers Dodge in Rockville, MD, and in the showroom there sat a triple black Charger, the twin to this car. I loved the look of that car then, and I still do today!

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    • Lou Tripper

      Wooty woot Bill!! Love your enthusiasm!

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  14. John Varney

    This is almost the exact car I had for my first, 400CI 3spd torqueflight on the column though, it had a dana 60 posi with HWY gears 3.23, bench seat, it was the triple black. I spent a lot of time and money on it and lots of good memories.
    Strange enough one of my friends had one exactly like this with the bucket seats and console shift.

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    • Gus Fring

      No, it didn’t. No Mopar came with a Dana 60 after 1972…and no Mopar ever had a Dana 60 with 3.23 gears. On top of that, no 400 car EVER came with a Dana 60.

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      • John Varney

        I don’t know what to tell ya, I spent a lot of time working on that car ( bought it used ) and that’s what was on it. When I blew the transmission a friend bought the Dana 60 for a Coronet build and the engine/body was sold off for parts. Believe or don’t believe but that’s what was on that car!

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      • Gus Fring

        Okay buddy. Do your research. It didn’t come with a Dana 60.

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  15. Clint Packard

    Beautiful car I had one when I was a sophomore high School I was extremely blessed I think I paid $2,300 for it in 19 77 and it had about the same mileage black on black just like that one we knew what we know now

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