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Triumph TR Estate Sale


It took the owner of this collection nearly 30 years to accumulate all these Triumphs, but now that they have passed it on to their son, it’s time for the whole lot to go to a new home. The son would like to sell the entire collection of cars and parts as a package deal, but may be willing to sell it off in pieces too. There are 6 TR3s and a single TR4A. The amounts of spares is impressive too. Take a look at the complete list of parts and cars for sale here on craigslist in Oakland, California. Special thanks to Robert J for this tip!


Taking on someone else’s unfinished projects can be a frightening prospect, but since TR3s are fairly easy to restore we wouldn’t be too worried. Given the number of cars and parts in this lot, we are sure it wouldn’t be too difficult to build at least a couple of complete cars from what’s here. The big problem here is going to be moving everything and then having a place to store it all. If this smorgasbord were in your shop, which ones would you keep and which would you sell off to fund the restorations?


  1. rancho bella

    I see a lot of work and bank full of money to get this fleet on the road

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    • paul

      Yeah but I always had a sweet spot for Triumphs & they are so fun to drive.

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  2. Robert J

    I’d thought I had sworn off British cars for sure. Then one day two weeks ago I get a call. Robert, Hi; this is ____. You told me that if I ever wanted to sell that Jensen Healey V6 you sold me (a few months ago), to give you first offer….

    I have been driving that slender little delight of a car to work and home every day since and now it purrs along like it was meant to. Powerful, lithe, low, slinky thing…. I’m hooked again.

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  3. Michael Phipps

    Granted they’d be some $$$ and elbow grease to be road worthy, but one of them and a Vintage race in June at Mid-Ohio with a British car show corral in the infield would be something. One can dream can’t they. Oh, well, just so they go to a good home.

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    • Adrian

      I live 4 miles from mid ohio, and vintage days is one of my must attend events at the track.

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  4. MikeH

    Seeing all those engines and transmissions on the floor reminds me of a barn find about 10 years ago. A guy had 40+ Morris Minors in a barn and every one of them had the engine and tranny taken out. He didn’t do another damn thing to them, just took out the drive train. Weird!

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  5. jim s

    looks like a lot of parts to sell if the price is right. great find.

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  6. Leo

    looks like someone has decided to flag the guys ad to prevent others from contacting the guy while he tries to hustle the guy. Hate Craigslist J…A..s sometimes

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  7. Vudutu

    I loved my TR3 the best, of all the cars I have had the luck to own and drive. It was a 61 as I recall, I put a TR4 trans in it, the 3 trans was an un sync first/reverse abominable mess.

    A true classic It was raw, simple, for the most part easy to work on and it was fun, a blast, go kart fun. Your butt was a foot off the road. 2000 pounds of joy.

    You could lean out the window and put your hand flat on the blacktop.
    It sounded great was fab in good weather, horrid in the winter.

    I grew up near a very wealthy country estate community, hilly, winding south west Ohio 2 lane blacktop heaven, miles of it. I spent hours cruising every week, only two tickets, both times last thing the ranger said was, nice car.

    In order, this was my next fave ride, the 58 Porsche Speedster, should have never sold this one, yellow, high bow top, luggage rack with a tricked out German wicker picnic basket. Gutless but fun.

    Then the RX7s. Fun little cars, again around 2000 pounds and your butt a foot from the road, I’m seeing a pattern here, I liked small light two seat cars. Great weight distribution, great handling. I had a series 1 and 2

    Next the 2000 BMW 540i Msport, a beast of a ride, built for the autobahn, six speed manual, silver with the model 70 tuning fork rims sitting on 11 inch wide Continental Extremecontact rubber in the rear and 10 in front. Comfortable bad ass ride.

    The guy that bought it pulled up in a new 740 and said he had one in the past and regretted selling it. I’m just happy it found a comfy garage.

    Last I guess is the 64 Nova SS, white, black lace spray panels on the side, built up a 302 Z28 knock off, Holly 4 barrel, American Racing mags. Drivein cruiser.

    Well sorry that turned into a “cool past cars I have been honored to own” rant, except for the Beemer, I wonder where they went, where they traveled to, what happened to them.

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  8. David

    My 60 TR3A still lingers in my memories. BRG W/ light grey interior and white top (never saw that combo again) OD, wires, white walled Dunlaps, and dual fender mirrors. Sold it for fear that I wouldn’t be able to get it serviced correctly across country from Baltimore only to find out (sadly) upon arriving in California that my final destination seemed to be the sports car capital of the world (in 1961). I have regretted selling it ever since.

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  9. C D Stevenson

    Regarding your hand flat on the pavement: I had a 57 T R 3. I was a smoker at the time, and i used stick matches to light my cigarettes. I would pull up to a stop and touch the match to the pavement. Didn’t I think I was hot stuff. I was 21, 76 now. Still miss that car.

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