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Triumph TR3 On A Trailer That’s On A Trailer

1959 Triumph TR3

Reader George G just sent us what could be my all time favorite find! It isn’t a terribly rare find, just a Triumph TR3 project with some racing history at Limerock, but what really sets it apart is it’s current predicament and George’s commentary for it. Well I’ll just let you read what George had to say, “People constantly complain about ‘flippers’ who don’t even take the time to take their finds off the trailer before photographing them… But… This is the first time I’ve ever seen a car on a trailer put on another trailer!  Look close!!”. When I saw this TR on a trailer that’s on a trailer, I laughed so hard I cried! You will want to take a closer look at this balancing act here on eBay in Toms River, New Jersey with a current bid of $480 and no reserve. A very special thanks to George for this hilarious find!

1959 Triumph TR3 on a Trailer

So I have a theory as to how this situation came to be, but I want to hear your theories and ideas as to how this comical situation unfolded. Please leave your theories in the comments below!


  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Josh, I can tell you exactly why, as I’ve had to do the same thing once. It’s the only way to get the front end rolling when there’s no suspension. Great that they had a tiny trailer, but I sure wouldn’t tell UHaul that I was doing that…

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    • DAN

      NOT A U-HAUL
      look at it,mags & diamond polished plate

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  2. Chuck

    My guess is that the car has been stored on the trailer, as it appears to fit as if it was built for it. The wells for the tires are the same as the car. The trailer is probably in the same state as the car, not road worthy. So it was easier to load up the whole thing.

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  3. ccrvtt

    This is obviously a race car, or track day car at the least. You can tell by the fancy racing wheel on the back, the cheesy lightweight seats, and the ultra light roll bar. The previous owner trailered the car to the track because it always looks cooler to trailer in. However, being on a strict budget he couldn’t afford wheels for the trailer and simply removed the fronts from the car, replacing them once he arrived. See? Mystery solved.

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    • Doc

      No, I see rusted rims, that don’t match the rear wheels size,

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  4. Alan

    The wheels literally fell off this restoration

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  5. Graham Line

    ccrvt, the TR3 belongs to the age when race cars were driven to the track. Look at SCCA General Competition rules from before 1960 and you will see how limited the allowed modifications were.

    Fellow I knew campaigned an MGA at events from Billings to Reno to Aspen — he drove the A with one of the kids aboard, and took turns with Momma driving the station wagon with two kids, camping gear, and tools. They had a lot of fun.

    This one looks like a long-term project for someone who already has a couple of parts cars.

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    • ccrvtt

      Of course you’re right Graham. TR3s are iconic sports cars and well worth the effort. I just couldn’t resist the missing front wheels.

      And yes, I’m older than I look. I grew up with TR’s, MGA’s, Bugeye Sprites, and the big Healeys. Anyone who could drive them to the track, race them, and manage to get them home are the true heroes of sports car racing.

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  6. Rspcharger Rspcharger

    The race car angle is the most likely, but my mind went to multiple flippers, each one adding a trailer. Isn’t there a nursery rhyme… One flip, two flip, another flip, we all flip?

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  7. Thom

    If it was a 63 it could have been my old racer from 73 LOL –so I agree that this is an old comp car and the front suspension was removed while on the trailer so the she sits and it was just as easy to load the whole thing on the new trailer for the trip to new owners home

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  8. Britcarguy

    Part it out. The bonnet looks good. The top frame, windscreen and the side curtains may be worth more than the car itself.

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