Tropical Yellow Survivor: 1989 Ford Mustang LX 5.0

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A few weeks ago, I noticed a local junkyard had taken in a Fox Body Mustang wearing this same shade of Tropical Yellow paint. The distinctive color ran through the engine bay and door jabs, likely proving it to be original. Unfortunately, the rest of the car was completely trashed and nothing like this beautiful survivor example here on eBay. Even better, this is a convertible model with LX trim, the 5.0 V8, and a 5-speed manual transmission.

Mileage is reasonable at 73,048, and the seller notes the Mustang comes with a bevy of documentation, including the original window sticker and all maintenance documentation from the dealer. The top was originally tan and recently converted to black; I’m unsure how I feel about the change, as the interior retains its saddle coloring and a tan top would match better overall.

Still, there’s plenty of black trim to ensure the new top doesn’t look mismatched to the car. The interior is in excellent condition, with like-new buckets sporting an attractive cloth pattern. No cracks in the dash are noted and the carpets look quite clean for their age. The list of recent maintenance includes some cosmetic fixes, like new sun visors and speaker grills.

The engine bay is near spotless, or at least far nicer than I’d expect for a gently-used car with close to 80,000 miles. I love the sleeper qualities of this Fox Body, as an LX convertible with a luggage rack on the trunk is not the likeliest car to also have a 5.0L and 5-speed manual combo for a drivetrain. Nice ones get harder to find every year – this Tropical Yellow car is tempting.

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  1. Andre

    Growing up in the early 90’s I has a neighbour with a hatch in this colour and a notch in Calypso green. Both were simple commuters and 4 bangers so nothing notable but the scene of those parked by their pink brick house is so 90s and beautiful and awful all at the same time.

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  2. AndyinMA

    Love it. Wish I had the extra dough laying around. 5.0, stick, rare color, crazy interior. Perfect.
    Well maybe not the luggage rack

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  3. Bakyrdhero

    I don’t think I ever knew an LX could be had with the plaid style interior. I thought LX’s had either mouse fur or leather in the convertibles. Nice find.

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  4. Johnny Joseph

    I am kicking myself to this day for not taking advantage of my good friend’s offer to sell me his triple black 89 drop top 5.0 Stang. I was with him the day we drove over to Carlsbad (Cali, not New Mexico) to check it out and as soon as we saw it I told him that he was buying that car. 5 speed manual and the previous owner was a fifty something guy who had babied her. Man that baby could scoot. My buddy changed out the gear shift lever for the white Hurst cue ball and it looked perfect. He offered me this car so many times over the years that I just tuned him out. What a stupid mistake on my part. I remember him saying that it was an iron block so if I wanted to I could throw on a super charger and get 1,000 hp out of her easily, but of course, I passed. And my price was $5,000. I’m pretty sure that he sold her for $6 or $6,500, but Johnny Jagoff had multiple chances to snatch her up and passed on the opportunity. Just one more in a list that has, unfortunately, continued to grow of stupid things done, or not done in my 58 years. This one is nice, but I don’t like where I think he’s going with his asking price. Good luck though. There’s always someone who will pay more than something is worth.

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    • Calidude

      Prices on these have gone up there John boy as you’re just not going to find an all original, rare color manual trans for $5K as it’s 2019 not 1999. Hagerty has tracked these selling at twice that if not better…

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  5. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry

    Never really cared for the fox body stands, but this one looks to be worthy of keeping another 30 years then it will most likely be worth a couple dollars more.
    God bless America

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  6. z28th1s

    All Fox body convertibles (LX’s and GT’s) had luggage racks on them from ’86-’93 because the 3rd brake light was incorporated into the luggage rack.

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  7. PRA4SNW

    Made it to $7600 but didn’t meet reserve.

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