Truck Stamps Debut: Who Has The Real Thing?


We have a lot of old truck enthusiasts on here! When I saw this neat article on Hemmings today about the USPS issuing some American Truck Forever stamps, I started wondering which Barn Finds reader has or had the closest to this particular collection? Post a reply in the comment section with what you have; close years are OK, and we’ll see who has the closest to this particular collection. collage

Here’s some examples I found online. I’d love to have any of the four! Tell you what; also include if you formerly owned one or more of these; that way we can have a lifetime achievement winner and a present-day winner! No prizes, just for fun! I’ll start, but I haven’t owned any of them, and the closest I can claim is that my next door neighbor growing up had a ’54 Chevy pickup in the yard! I can’t wait to hear your responses–do you think there will be anyone that’s had all four?


WANTED 1972 Chevrolet K10 WTB Nice OEM Woodgrain Dash cluster Contact

WANTED 1970 AMC Javlin sst/4speed Looking for rust free car in the mid west area. Contact

WANTED 1994/95 Dodge Dakota 4X4 Looking for a nice ’94/’95 Dakota 4WD in nice shape.Want a V8. Contact

WANTED 1973-1974 Chevrolet Corvette Looking for a 4-speed convertible with A/C in the Los Angeles, CA area Contact

WANTED 1973 – 74 Pontiac Ventura Parts or entire car Contact

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  1. Lindsey Johnstone

    The Boy Scout Camp where I grew up had a 1952 Chev Navy Surplus and a 1963 Ford F100 (same color as pictured)

  2. Greg Locke

    I have owned two 1950 GMC’s ( same look as the Chevy but a better engine). Now I have a 1971 GMC.

  3. Puhnto

    Two Fords and no Dodge? (Studebaker, Hudson, Diamond-T, Willys?)

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      Kind of surprised me, too. But you’d have to talk to the USPS :-)

  4. Duane Seaver

    I have an unrestored ’53 Chevy 3/4 ton that runs and is original right down to the factory quality control grease pen markings on the firewall. It came off a farm in Kansas in 2006 when I bought it from the first owner. It has a wonderful patina (that’s important information, right?).

    • Jake Garvey

      Any chance you want to sell it?

  5. Texas Tea

    My first vehicle was a faded out red 1948 Ford pickup. Dad paid $50.00 dollars for it. I was working on it when four girls showed up to see the new kid in town (Cisco, Texas – 1970). One of those girls became my wife in 1974, and we have been married for 42 years this July. The love of my life. The girl of course!

  6. geomechs geomechs Member

    There’s a lot of trucks they could’ve used. Personally I like all of these that are featured; of course I like a lot more. I’ve got a ’38 IH D-2, only a short wheelbase and nothing close to the shape this one is in.

  7. Gary K

    Nice collection of vintage pickups, would like to have one of those ’48 Ford’s and maybe one of those ’53 Chevy’s today. Over the years in the mid 70’s and into the 80’s I can say I had two good trucks one a ’54 GMC swb and later a ’55 Chevy lwb.
    Both were nice running, driving trucks at the time I owned them. Later on had a nice ’90 Silverado p/u. Currently putting together a ’59 El Camino for a daily driver.

  8. angliagt

    Somehow the dimensions on those trucks just doesn’t look right.
    BTW – I had a cherry ’68 Ford F250 Camper Special that I sold because I
    couldn’t stand to see it sit out in the Winter & rust away.

  9. Chris in Nashville

    My first truck was that exact colour but a 66 F-100 and I had former Fire truck 48 Ford in Red when I lived in CA. Wish I still had them both… Was very proud of losing something in the bed of that 66 when I was 16… Sometimes running out of gas is a good thing, spent the night looking at the stars waiting for someone to come looking for us. Thank god it was her mother who found us and not her father, he would have kicked my ass, than taken her home and left me out there.

  10. jimbosidecar

    I currently have a 1950 Ford F-1 painted in green/black, with the green being the same color as the stamp truck. My fenders, running boards, and bed are black.

  11. Howard A Member

    I saw this on Hemmings ( my 2nd favorite site, guess which is my favorite) and made a factual ( yet nasty) comment on how the USPS is going down ( they’ve lost more than $46 BILLION dollars since 2007) and when I hit “submit”, it came up “error” (cue X files music) Guess the govt. didn’t like my comment ( paranoid, I guess) I agree, a Dodge would have been nice, but this is cool, although who uses stamps anymore? Most of our mail is junk mail ( 100 billion pieces a year, 44% of which never gets opened) and none of it has stamps. Sorry, but I’m sure, in our lifetime, we’ll see an end to the USPS. Now, what was this all about? Oh yeah, cool stamps.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Hi Howard. I’ve had the same thing happen with my comments on that site. Frustrating. I compose a super witty, snide comment and try to post it then get that ‘error’ drop down. I just mutter a bunch more comments and go rain on someone else’s parade rather than try to re-submit.

  12. Texas Tea

    Here’s a picture of my 1949 GMC. It still has it’s original engine (228), transmission, and rear end. It’s a fun truck to putter around in town in, but the rear axle is much to low to get out on the highways. Even if I put a higher gear in it I would not have the courage to drive this 70 mph.

    • geomechs geomechs Member

      Very nice, TT. I guess I’d better get off my backside and get back out to the shop to work on my project(s).

    • Jake Garvey

      Great looking truck!

  13. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    I’m going to give this another day or two and then do my best to declare winners :-) Texas Tea, that is a stunning truck!

  14. Michael Gleason

    For about 40 years, I owned a 1955-1 <–("First Series") Chevrolet 3100 half-ton straight-six (235 pickup, VERY similar to the '53 Chev in the postage stamp. In fact, the '55-1 was the LAST of that body style first introduced by GM in 1947. The last few months of 1954 and the first approximate five months of 1955, that cab was redesigned to accommodate a one-piece windshield, and the grill was modified enough that no earlier grill was compatible. The ONLY option mine was known to have were the cab-corner windows and a heater-defroster (which may have been standard equipment – they were optional with Fords). It was the 1,581st truck built at the Chevrolet plant in Los Angeles. The SECOND-SERIES 1955 (1955-2) had a much wider cab, and strongly resembles the 1955 Chev sedans and station wagons. The tailgate of the standard stepside pickup body fit trucks from 1947 through about 1987. My son now owns the truck.

  15. Mark

    Here’s my 62′ unibody F100. A few years off from the 65′ on the stamp, but same color.

    • Texas Tea

      Nice truck Mark. Hang on to it. I like it just as it is. Honest…………….

  16. Dave

    If anyone has a spare set of stamps for sale I would like to buy with postage to uk thanks

    • Michael Gleason

      I don’t think that they’re “out” yet, but I’ll check with the Post Office later today!

    • Michael Gleason

      The bad news is that they’re not being released until July 2016. The “good news”(?) is that YOU CAN BUY THEM ONLINE, directly from the Postal Service! ! And apparently they won’t appear until they’ve been released to the public. (I hope you notice the MAINE lighthouse in the National Parks collection!) (Actually, I believe it’s the ONLY lighthouse in the collection.)

  17. jimmuh

    Yellow 1950; no wide whites or side-mount though. All 1970 & newer underneath. (the yelo is not really so shocking IRL).

  18. AMX Brian

    My grandfather, father, and I have restored a 1951 F1. It’s 2004 Thunderbird Light Blue. And now my grandfather is working on his 1953 C600 COE on a truck chassis with a 1950 F6 Ford Script Stake Bed

  19. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Well, a lot of you tied with 1 exact match. Kudos to:
    Geomechs and Duane Seaver for matches now, and Texas Tea for a past match. Thanks to all of you for sharing your great trucks and truck stories!

  20. Darren

    I own a 37 International D2 and a 65 Ford F100. Both are undergoing restoration. Actually my “first car” was a 40 International D2 (same body style) that I got from the original owner. I will be getting several sets of these stamps.

    • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

      That’s great, Darren! Post some pictures of the Ford, too!

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