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When this truck trailer was discovered behind the previous owner’s house, what was found inside was a surprise to say the least. Truck boxes make for great storage units, as they typically seal up tightly. This one could have just about anything hiding in it. Keep reading to find out what the seller discovered in it, or if you can’t wait find it here on eBay.


After opening the trailer, they found a car parked under a car cover. Once they pulled the cover back, they found this 1974 DeTomaso Pantera. It was parked in the trailer in 1989 and was left untouched for the past 24 years. After dragging it home, the seller cleaned it up and got it running. There are still issues that will need to be addressed, but it is running and driving.


To get it running again, the seller drained the fuel tank, added some fresh gas, and started it right up. It will still need a tune up and the carburetors could use a rebuild. The seller has documentation for it showing that it had the engine upgraded in 1981, which should add to the Pantera’s already impressive performance.


It had to be an incredible thrill to discover this hiding in such an unassuming location. Bidding has already rocketed to $34k, but given its condition and originality, we won’t be surprised if it makes it to $40k. We will certainly be checking every truck box we come across to see if there is something as great as this parked in it. It goes to show that great finds can be hiding just about anywhere.


  1. scot

    ~ woooo-hooooooo!!!!

  2. Doc Livingston

    Elvis Once Had A Yellow Pantera………It Wouldnt Start , So He Shot It….Then It Started….Its Still Around……..

    • neil

      it was a cadillac doc livingston,it’s in a museum in the usa with the bullet holes still in it :)

      • Doc Livingston

        Sorry Neil, But It Was A Pantera.I Sold Elvis Some Cars ,Back In The Seventies. I found The Pantera At A Wholesale Car Lot On Union Ave. In Memphis Back In 74.He Had A lot of Problems With It ,So He Shot It.He Later Gave The Car To Linda Thompsons Brother ,Sam. It Is Now In The Petersen Museum …Google It.

      • neil

        ok you’re right doc livingstone,elvis did shoot his pantera bcos it wouldn’t start,he had an argument with his gf & wanted to leave, he fired 3 shots at the door, two shots hit the steering wheel & the third hit the floorpan.
        while googling this I also found out the Cadillac he also shot was an eldorado.
        he also shot several hotel room TV’s,i suspect he had anger management issues too,lol :D

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    • jerry

      im pretty sure I saw that car in the peterson car museum in LA. There was a car there that Elvis shot through the steering wheel, I believe. I don’t remeber what kind of car it was though

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  3. Richard

    How that Pantera got there and why it got socked away like that has to be one heck of a story all by itself! Wonder if anybody knows who the legal owner is?

  4. Will

    Maybe we have just discovered a great way to preserve a car. Sealed up tight.

  5. Uriah

    Wow, they have gone up in value.

  6. Danny Gonzales

    I just yelled “OH S**T” on a full plane.

  7. jeff

    Is this the one the fast and load guys found and flipped ??

    • Tony

      NO…those idiots would have bagged it, swapped the engine to a crate motor Chevy and LOST money on it!

    • Trevon

      No i dont think it is. That one was a lot more rough.

  8. Mr. Moe

    Holy Moly! Open up a trailer and find a Pantera?! What are the chances of that happening??!! If that had been me, I would have been so excited, I would have probably peed in my pants! What a great find. I would not part with it though. I would definitely hang on to it.

  9. Teresa

    I have never seen one of these cars. It’s amazing to find it in such good condition after all this time. I’d love to know the story behind this. What a great find!

    • Joe Howell

      Slobbered all over a yellow one at the Mercury dealer with a sticker price of $9,999 when they first hit the showroom floor. I was 19 and couldn’t afford it then on college student’s budget. Price now still puts me off, maybe if I sold the Porsche and the wife’s jewelry………Hmmm…….

  10. geomechs geomechs Member

    The way my luck goes, I’d find nothing but the tarp inside the trailer. Or maybe the remains of a Datsun 210.

    This, however, is quite a find. I remember seeing one in a Ford dealer showroom. An off-shore rig worker ordered it and let the dealer show it for a couple of months (during the winter) to show it off. It brought a lot of traffic into the showroom.

  11. Horse Radish

    I am sure the widow had a hunch or knew what was there…
    (just a lack of the complete story here)
    with 3570++ hits this has been well advertised….
    work performed in 1981 !, does that really matter ?

  12. Bennett

    The ebay auction says it was behind a widows house. Flipping a car at the expense of a widow sounds real classy.

  13. Just Brits

    ‘Tis indeed a fantastic ‘find’ ! ! ! Were it me, it would be MINE ! ! ! For awhile ! !

    Wish I had some spare coin so I could get it now & at this price = STEAL ! !

    I’ve got $10.00 that says this car is listed with B-J, RM, or other “Big Boy” house before
    any of the Spring Auctions ! !


  14. Diposedicigp8

    treasure. treasure!

  15. Bernie

    That was a fantastic find . Not many like that around .It seemed to be in good condition as well.AWESOME!

  16. Sim

    Not for everybody …but for me, this would be a dream come true.

  17. Jeff

    When I lived in South Florida during the 80’s my buddy had a mid80’s Pantera GTS5, jet black with the wing. It was the slickest, meanest car I ever saw and I worked in the car industry in the Palm Beach area surrounded by Ferrari’s, Lambo’s, Porsches. Since this one is a 74′ I believe its a Pantera L, not sure on the differences from earlier ones.

  18. Kennyy1963

    back in July I was talking to a neighbor, and noticed a car in his garage that was covered, He told me I could take a peek. After I pulled up the cover a bit I saw the plates on it where 1998. He said “yeah its been a bit since I had this out playing with it. 16 years as a matter of fact”. pulled the cover it was an s-10 GMC”…the paint was a Tommy Madden paint job. After I opened the hood..I was in Disbelief…there sat a 350 Corvette motor with 400 turbo tranny on the floor. Corvette motor with 375 horse completely decked out to the max . Its now sitting in my garage.

  19. paul

    Nice find, you can tell the car was not a southern car the dash & interior would be toast inside a metal container form the heat, that said , it all looks to be pretty good, I’m sure everything will need to be gone through from all that sitting. But hay great find for sure.

  20. Mark E

    Ouch! With the presence of greenery in the interior pic of the trailer, it appears the floor has rotted through. Between that and the plastic cover I’m surprised the color of the car is not rust orange!! Either the seller would have to prove to me that they have resurrected the car properly or the price would have to reflect the lack of such a resurrection.

    • 88R107

      Noticed that too. Plus the “surface rust” on the tailpipe and license plate bracket. Wonder what else lurks underneath,

      • Joe Howell

        Rust on the license plate bracket probably came from moisture against it trapped by the tag. The rust in tail pipes looks as though it came from the moisture in the exhaust gases the last time it was fired up(no stainless pipes here). The floor of the trailer looks good other then a few blown in leaves. I’m guessing the biggest possible problem here would be rodent infestation/damage. Looks like the camo tarp kept most of the dirt/dust off the car.

  21. Mark E

    Oh and forgot to add my PS: I know of a trailer that has had a Triumph TR-6 parked in it since the late 80s so even like this they are around waiting to be found…

  22. Jon

    Trailer hidden behind a fence in the woods. Any bets the owner was hiding it from the bank?

  23. 88R107

    My next door neighbor has one in black. Photos dont do this car justice.
    This story is just a little to good to be true but I suppose things like this happen.
    I agree, I would love to know the story behind this one,

  24. Sim

    As for the concerns about rust, the links to the videos of the entire event including an on the hoist undercarriage inspection are posted on his E-bay page.

  25. Maserati

    why is it so clean when they found it? and with Air still in the Tires..after almost 25 years in there !!

  26. Andrew Minney

    Great find!
    But knowing me I’d have found an old Volvo station wagon. lol

    Twickenham, England

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    • David

      What’s wrong with Volvo station wagons? I’d rather drive one instead of the Pruis “V”.

      Like 1
      • Andrew Minney

        True – ANYTHING is better than a Prius!
        No, Volvo estates are/were pretty common over here, like Golfs/Rabbits.
        One day I will find the car of my dreams (at the moment it’s a Hupmobile Skylark!)
        Twickenham, England

  27. Joe Howell

    Be still my racing heart. One of the few cars that makes my heart go pitter patter. Fabulous looks and American muscle.

  28. Rufus

    What David said!!!

  29. Brad

    Dealer sticker says Westgate. Wasn’t there a Westgate Motors (Ford Dealer) in Albany N.Y.? I remember my friend,Gary Nicholsen from Greenville NY had one of these. Took me for a ride in it down Rt. 23. Spanked it real good. What a thrill so many,many years ago

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