Truck With Attitude: 1964 International Pickup


What an attitude! This truck just has a “don’t mess with me” look about it, kinda like an angry Marine! Located in Bosque Farms, New Mexico and for sale here on eBay, this International C1200 has four wheel drive, one of the largest front winches I’ve ever seen, and a homemade front grille guard that looks like the truck means business. The opening bid is only $900, and you can buy-it-now for twice that. The truck has a 392 V-8 that hasn’t run for a few years but is said to turn over with good compression. A four-speed manual and air conditioning that looks a lot like the aftermarket unit that came with Jesse & Josh’s Torino complete the specification, but there’s more! There’s a spare bed and many other parts that go with the truck. It seems like a good buy to me, maybe a little better even than the C1200 we recently featured, and also looks like the front hubs have been changed out to allow more common wheels than the odd 6-lugs mentioned in the comments of that other truck! What do you think about this truck with attitude?


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  1. Ed P

    Looks like a good project truck for a low price. The 392 v8 is a real workhorse.

  2. Jeffry H

    Looks like two different axles, 6 or 8 lug in the back, 5 in front. Front doesn’t look like a front wheel drive axle but i don’t know my IH trucks.

  3. Turretman1st

    Looks like the front bumper and winch set up for a jib pole.

    • Dave Wright

      I agree

  4. Dave Wright

    This truck is all messed up. The axles are not correct, the front is not like any 4X4 IHC I have ever seen, I have never seen a front drive axle without free wheeling hubs of some sort, it does have a transfer case shift lever in the cab but I don’t believe it could be functional. I also don’t believe the 392 engine story, this is very early to have a 392 in a IHC pickup and they seldom had oil bath air cleaners, the engines generally look the same so I suspect the owner is a neophyte that another similar personage told him it looked like a 392. All 392’s had holly 4 barrel carbs, I will bet this has a 2 barrel. Probably a 304 or a 345. The only real way to tell the difference is by the engine number stamped on a block boss under the exhaust manifold. The 3/4 ton 4X4’s never sat that low in the front, I don’t believe it would clear the differential. There are way to many issues here and unresolved questions.

  5. Todd Zuercher

    I’ll echo the comments that I don’t think it’s a 4×4 either. The front end has a bearing cap on it that indicates to me that it’s just a standard beam axle. Even without locking hubs, it should have much larger hubs on it. The front end is too low as others noted. I don’t see a transfer case shifter in the cab either – just the shifter for the 4 speed transmission.

    • Mike D

      Todd, I think I know a lot about cars/trucks and then I come to this site! LOL this truck was probably somebody’s toy, and they just messed with it , It might become someone else’s toy to tinker with, for their ” back forty” but, nothing serious I might take care of the surface rust, and primer the whole thing, and leave it at that as long as it runs and moves

  6. Howard A Member

    I agree, it looks like the rear axle was swapped from a heavier duty truck, and it’s not 4 wheel drive. That other lever is probably the winch control, as I believe, the winch is PTO driven. The front of the cab looks droopy, so I’m sure the front cab mounts are shot. These trucks were every bit as tough as their larger truck brothers. This one, sadly, has seen better days. Again, good luck finding a nice one, as these were usually driven hard, until they wouldn’t go anymore.

    • Dave Wright

      I think you have it right. It kept running through my head as I slept (sick I know) I think it is also a 1100 with a 1200 badge. Maby an old junkyard truck assembled from parts on hand.

  7. Matthew Tritt

    A real bastardo, all right. But I will go even further and suggest that the frame could be bent toward the front, probably because it was used for winching way to heavy loads with that big winch. The instrument cluster is also missing, along with a bunch of other hard to find bits. Seems like one of those cases where they couldn’t find anybody dumb enough to buy it locally.

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  8. jim s

    wife is smart to make him sell this. i think just junk yard truck that was kept running with what ever they could find. interesting find.

  9. blindmarc

    I grew up about 20 north of where this frankentruck is. Typical ranch hauler for out there. Nothing but sand rocks and heavy brush. This one they just kept running. And it looks like a 1100 with a 345 to me.

  10. John

    Did anyone notice that the instrument panel part of the dash apparently went walkabout? Maybe the winch accidentall yanked it out.

    My Dad had a truck much like this one, including a winch. He used it to pull barbed wire fences tight, sort of a 4wd comealong.

    The front hubs of an IH where huge. I still have scars from bumping them. This truck was put together by some ranch hands who collected parts abandoned in ditches. They want someone to pay them to cart this junk away. P.T. Barnum was right.

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