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Truckload Of 356 Fun!


Adam from Unobtanium Inc. just sent us some photos of a truckload of Porsche 356s that they just received and thought we might enjoy them. Take a look!

The Trailer

The Truck

Another Angle

More Porches

Lot of Porsches

Tons of 356s

In The Shop


  1. TMP

    Sigh…Wish I got in the 356 salvage business about 15 years ago.

    • L.M.K. Member

      Yes indeed !!

      Is there a story behind the photo?

      • Adam Wright

        This truckload was part of a 50 car deal we recently did. We are running out of room!

    • Dave Wright

      Just because you are dealing in expensive commodities does not mean that you are making a lot of money……..I know many car dealers and the top Chevrolet shops make a lot more than the top Rolls stores. Porsche wan nearly bankrupt at least in this country not long ago…….a lot of people expected them to go away from the American market for sure.

  2. hhaleblian

    Adam is the best of the best in the 356/early 911 biz.

  3. George

    Aptly named business! How many dollars do you think are on that trailer? I’d guess right around 7 digits.

    ….kinda out of the price range of most of us bottom dwellers on here…

  4. Kevin Harper

    I worked on a few of these back when they were affordable, which was only a few years ago. I just don’t get it. I have never driven one that I would consider fun to drive, and the Brits, Italians and even the French build better looking cars. Heck I am not into Japanese cars but I would take a Datsun 2000 roadster or a honda S800 before a 356. I like 911’s but can someone please explain to me the attraction of 356’s to me it is just a hotrodded VW.

    • Adam Wright

      I think you answered your own question, you have never driven one, it’s like nothing else on the road during that time, and nothing like a VW.

      • Kevin Harper

        Actually you need to reread my statement. I said I had never driven one that I would consider fun. Unfortunately I have driven several of all series including a 4 cam carrera. Little more than a hot rod vw and similar engine note to me.
        In comparison to cars of that era you had the jags and the rest of the brits, but the ones I really compare them to are the italians, never mind Ferrari for a moment, but Alfa and in particular Lancia left the 356 behind in driving pleasure, engineering and build quality. OK Lancia did suck at business acumen.
        So sorry I just don’t get the attraction or price in 356’s, 911’s ok maybe yeah,
        On the bright side I am one less person driving the cost up.

      • D. King

        You said it, Adam! We’ve got an ’07 997 and a ’64 356 SC Sunroof Coupe. (The latter has been with us for nearly 50 years.) Both are lots of fun, but there’s nothing like a good 356. And it’s not a glorified VW…

      • Wade

        Was this deal with A. H.?

  5. Kerner

    Is the 911 for sale? :)

    • Adam Wright

      Which one?

  6. Dolphin Member

    Someone seems to be able to obtain lots of 356s and a few 911s, so maybe a name change is in order to something like ‘I-can-obtain-’em’

    I’ve driven quite a few of the air cooled P-cars but could never pull the trigger. They don’t sound right, are tail-heavy, and slow if you’re talking about a vintage one with 2-valve air cooled technology. Unless you attach a turbo, the breathing limitations of an air cooled engine are too great, and I prefer non-turbo engines. But I can see that some people like the giant-killer Porsche reputation in racing and the German engineering. Sitting in a ’50s 356 in original condition you knew you were surrounded by quality materials and workmanship.

  7. Dave Wright

    The Market is being driven by the Germans……… The Americans are just trying to keep up. I was at the factory in Zuffenhausen yesterday. An old car has more status than a new one these days in Germany. My old friend Manfred Freisinger has not sent a Porsche to the U.S. For over a decade. They are more value able here.

    • Adam Wright

      I am sending more to the Netherlands than the Fatherland, but Europe in general is about 60% of sales, lower than it was in the late 2000’s, than it was about 90%, back when the Euro was 1.5 to the dollar.

      • Dave Wright

        I think you and I have talked about this before……..but the change here in Germany has been dramatic. In the old days, Germans didn’t like old cars…..they would rather drive a new VW than an old Mercedes. I think the country is much richer today and there is a lot of disposable income. We see it everywhere we go. Mercedes has launched a huge old car program in there dealerships, they have always had great support for the old cars but they have assigned there regular dealers to actively search for “old timers” to market and the prices are rising quickly. We will be visiting some restoration shops in the former eastern block…..cheep high quality labor. It all makes for interesting market dynamics.

      • Dolphin Member

        I think a part of the former rejection of old cars was the strict standards in German regulations for body integrity. There could be no rust perforation at all, or the car would fail inspection and had to be scrapped. I’m not very familiar with the regs, but I think that sums it up from what I have heard.

        If that’s accurate, it could help explain why there haven’t been many older cars on the roads there. I drove extensively in Germany/Austria/Switzerland about 15 years ago and didn’t see a single car that was old or even faintly vintage, and not one true older sportscar. Everything was new, or near-new.

        I guess the runup in prices in No America & the UK has awakened the sleeping collectors on the continent, and has led the German carmakers to develop ‘Tradition’ or ‘Classic’ divisions that make parts available for their older product.

  8. Kerner

    Adam, i was referring to the blue one on the trailer but would entertain hearing about any others you plan on selling.

    • Adam Wright

      It’s a 66 912, it’s in the shop right now getting tuned, I should have it back next week, so far it’s gotten a new gas tank.

  9. Darek

    I am looking for the preA 356, could be coupe, could be cabrio. Do you have anything in stock?

    • Adam Wright

      I just got in a 53 Coupe, but it won’t be ready for prime-time until I play with it all winter.

  10. jim s

    i am not buying but if i was interested in an aircooled Porsche it be a 912 which is not nearly as tail happy as an 911, a 914 which ran in scca autocross C stock with the early miatas and did well, or stock 914-6. is that a 904 in the garage? your business has to be a lot of work and fun.

  11. Allen Jenkins

    Forget about finding anything decent In the eastern block. I have been here 2 weeks and have not even seen anything we would call vintage or collectible. But I do think quality labor and craftsmanship can be done here with the right supervision.

    • Dave Wright

      My wife has some realitives there in the trade………maby we will have better luck

  12. BobinBexley Bob in Bexley Member

    With approaching 80 years old rear-engine design a 356 is about looking for being shoved around in twisty turns, scraping & skittering for what traction you can get & if it’s for fun- as fast as you can get it. The rest is economy.

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