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True Blue: 1967 Chrysler New Yorker

031316 Barn Finds - 1967 Chrysler New Yorker 2

This blue 1967 Chrysler New Yorker listed on Craigslist in Brentwood, CA will need restoration to bring it back to life again. But the price of $2,200 seems about right for a two-door hardtop model. Are you a fan of these C-Body Chryslers?

031316 Barn Finds - 1967 Chrysler New Yorker 1

Wrap-around parking lights front and rear were a new feature for 1967 as was a different treatment under the beltline. This one looks fairly good from the photos, but the paint looks faded and somewhat crusty and there has to be some rust lurking somewhere on a car this old. I like the look of this generation Chrysler, especially the two-door hardtops like this one. The sloping back was new for the ’67 models and I think it’s a pretty elegant look.

031316 Barn Finds - 1967 Chrysler New Yorker 4

This was quite an era for styling at Chrysler, and at every other car company at the time. Those sharply-projected corners are wicked cool. The trunk will probably hold your standard-sized Toyota Yaris with ease along with a couple of minibikes for good measure!

031316 Barn Finds - 1967 Chrysler New Yorker 5

It has air conditioning! Yes, it was somewhat rare to see air-conditioning even on a luxury car of this era. Whereas almost every car and truck sold today of any size or trim level has it as standard equipment, along with full power accessories. Speaking of that, there are no interior photos here and no mention of the interior whatsoever. I would expect to spend a few weekends in the garage re-trimming the interior on this car, but it will be snazzy once it’s restored. I’m guessing that that is a 413 engine since New Yorker sedans had the 44o that year, but I could be wrong. The seller says that the carb is missing, but no other mention of the running condition. I guess there is no running condition to mention if the carb is missing. But, otherwise, the car is supposedly “unaltered”.

031316 Barn Finds - 1967 Chrysler New Yorker 3

No fancy-pants aerodynamic styling here; just a big, giant, flat front end crushing the wind like Zeus giving the beatdown to a thunderbolt. You do not want to meet one of these on the street if it’s going faster than 5 mph, at least unless you’re driving an H2. This is a nice restoration project and the seller says that he has both of the original build sheets and also the Certicard “for the Mopar nuts” – you know who you are. What do you think about this New Yorker; is it worth saving? Or does it leave you blue?




  1. Avatar photo MH

    Nice car. Similar roof line as the 66 charger.

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  2. Avatar photo Robert White

    H2 Kawasaki is nicknamed ‘the widow maker’.


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  3. Avatar photo David G

    Also appears to be missing its Master Cylinder so Brakes in general are probably toast. But if you want one of these, this seems a fairly good candidate!

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  4. Avatar photo Ed P

    These cars were built for highway cruising. Big, fast, and comfy. Great car to restore and enjoy.

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  5. Avatar photo dutchb340

    By 1967 the 413 was gone from Chrysler cars, so that is a 383 or a 440 under the hood. Either way its a great highway cruiser. I bet it would do monster one wheel burn outs when it was new.

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    • Avatar photo Charles

      The 413 was replaced by the 440 in 1966. The 440 was standard equipment in the New Yorker from 1966 to 1977, The 383 was standard on the Newport and 300’s for 65 through 68 with the 440 as an option. Factory air was ordered frequently on this model. About a 1/3 of these cars have factory AC. The New Yorker was the flagship car for Chrysler, since the Imperial was a brand all it’s own.

      Interior shots are always nice. I don’t get why some sellers avoid interior pictures and undercarriage pictures? Are they trying to hide something? That is the first thing I want to see, as it tells so much about the overall condition of the car.

      If this car happens to be equipped with factory bucket seats, leather, and a console with a floor shifted transmission, this car is more valuable than the typical bench seat version. There were a very small number of Chrysler’s in this generation equipped with factory four speed manual transmissions. Most of the manual trans cars were Newport’s. The owner would probably list this option if this car was equipped that way.

      These cars are great highway cruisers, very comfortable, and durable.

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    • Avatar photo Larry S

      Im guessing its a 383, if that happens to be the irig air cleaner! Most likely the 440 option eng would have a dual snorkel on that air cleaner.

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  6. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Love the ‘knife’s edge’ styling. Always have. For those who have never had the pleasure of owning a 1960s full size Chrysler product, it cannot be overstated how great the quality of the materials on these were. Everything is metal. Heavy. Built to last. Minimal plastic parts, nothing ‘snap-together’. If this car were being produced today, it would cost $100,000. New Mercedes aren’t built like this. Obviously, engine technology has come a long, long way since then, but with regards to body integrity, there were none better.

    $2200 seems like a good deal if this is a nearly rust-free example, in a good color, and two-door body style. A cool, substantial car, the likes of which will never be made again.

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  7. Avatar photo Kenyon

    Name another car with CONCAVE side panels. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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  8. Avatar photo RoughDiamond

    States in ad it’s a 440. Love the rear taillight styling and how it’s above and in the shape of the rear bumper ends.

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  9. Avatar photo G 2

    Had many of these cars. Loved everyone of them. 440 motor in New Yorker

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  10. Avatar photo stillrunners

    yes I loved my C body’s as much as my A’s and B’s…..good price…they love these in Europe….

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  11. Avatar photo james burton

    bucket seat console cars were spec. ordered i had a 66 n.y. one owner with bucket seats and con. floor shift.outran every street car i chal. people couldn’t get over it.i paid $250. for it in 81.had to rebuild the trannie. my bro. took it to fla. and drove it for yrs.i think it was a fac. air car sure grip too.

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  12. Avatar photo lrry

    THIS is a Mopar. Thank You.

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  13. Avatar photo wuzjeepnowsaab

    This seems like a bargain. I even like the color. Good thing it’s not closer to me ’cause I need another project like I need a steel plate in my head!

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  14. Avatar photo JTChildress

    We had a 67 New Yorker and it only came with the 440 4BBL. We put a family of 7 in the car and did the LA to Vegas run several times a year. I loved that car. Our’s was midnight blue with white vinyl top. If I can find one in good shape I will restore it!

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