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True Survivor: 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1


This 1969 Mach 1 is claimed to be a true survivor car. Still wearing it’s original Lime Gold paint, black interior and even reproduction tires (at least I assume they are repros!), this Mustang was shipped to Virginia from California in 2010. The Marti Report shows everything is original despite covering 130,000 miles. The Mustang is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia and is offered for sale here on craigslist for $24,000. Thanks to reader Paul G. for this great find! I’m a big fan of 1969 Mustang’s myself; my Dad had a ’69 fastback with the same 351 Windsor V-8 and automatic combination and it was really quick. I thought the price may be a little high until I looked at some value guides; it’s actually pretty close. I’m hoping someone fixes the little bits of rust and keeps the rest original, although I’m guessing that will be a challenge paint-wise. What do you think?


  1. randy

    I was not a big fan of this body style when it came out, but compared to the changes afterward, I became one. 351W? I have never liked them or the modified. 351C would have been a much better engine for this car. I would think the Mach I would have had an ENGINE!

    • rdc

      Not sure the 351c was available in 1969. It was in 1970.

      • Ralph Terhune

        The 351C was available from 1970- ’74. Only in the Mustangs, Fairlanes, Ranchero and Torinos.

  2. Cassidy

    Seems like a fair price, but that puke green color? No thanks. I wonder who thought that was a good color combination on a marquee vehicle?

  3. randy

    I learn something everyday here, thanks guys! So, what are the opinions on the 351W?

    • Clint

      The 1969 351W 4V was a fairly potent performer. It was rated at 290 hp. 69-70 blocks are different (lower deck height) and the 69-70 4V heads are better than most other vintage small block heads (of the Windsor design).

      The big deal now is to stroke a 351W to make big cubes (for a small block). Aftermarket blocks are going to 434 cubes (or more).

      I’m still a 351C guy. I have a stroked Cleveland in my Torino. At 393 cubes, it has a bunch of torque; and moves my Torino with little effort.

  4. JW

    Actually the 351C was developed in 1969, there were a few late 69’s that got the Cleveland motor.

    • Clint

      That rumor has been around for years but I’ve never seen a 351C car that has been verified as a ’69 model.

      Like 1
    • rdc

      Had a 70 351c Mustang fastback-special order car.. Stock engine except but a larger Holley carb for more power. As I remember I had a warranty claim for using too much oil. Replace the valve guides. Loved that car.

  5. kenzo

    It looks like the mustangs are following the Porsche crowd. What makes this Ford worth $24,000? Am I missing something?

  6. DC

    That Lime Gold color was their best seller, hard to believe. Mustangs are iconic and their value will continue to increase. It always comes down to supply and demand.

  7. kenzo

    So I guess a Lime Gold makes a Mustang worth 24,000?

    • Clint

      Lime Gold 69 Mach 1; yes it does. The 428 cars go closer to $80K.

  8. John Newell

    I owned a ’69 Mustang Mach I for two months in 1970. It was a 351 Windsor, automatic, positrac and was fun to drive. It was by no means a muscle car, just a nice car to drive. I traded it for my Rebel Machine in August of 1970 because the Mustang was always breaking down. Unless they’ve been repaired, the bucket seats are extremely dangerous since they break at the hinge and you fall into the back seat. That happened to me on the 401 while putting my wallet in my back pocket.

    Another chronic problem it had was that it wouldn’t stay running. I’d have to start it numerous times before it would finally run when I put it in drive. Cruikshank Motors on Weston Road in Toronto tried numerous times to fix it but never did.

    At high speeds, if I floored it, the transmission shifted back into first gear. That was pretty scary at 90 mph.

    There were design errors too. The one that bugged me the most was the clock mounted in the glove box door. It was impossible to read from the driver’s seat.

    The thing I like most about the car was the signal indicators located in the fake hood scoop. The hood scoop being fake didn’t impress me but the turn signals did because I was mostly deaf and I can’t here the click of the flasher so I forget to turn them off. I miss that feature to this day.

    The rest of the car belongs in a landfill by comparison with my Rebel Machine which I still have.

  9. John Newell

    The Cleveland must have existed for all the magazine articles at the time that featured it. Comparisons were made between the Windsor and the Cleveland. The Cleveland was said to be better. Some years later the writers were saying the exact opposite. To this day though I’ve never seen a 69 Mach I with a factory installed Cleveland.

    The really obvious design omission in these cars was that they were never offered with a hatchback. The trunk is so small a hatchback would have made the car actually useful.

    What they really excel at is being a great looking toy car that had no business being driven in winter.

    • rdc

      Since the trunk was small, I ordered the fold down rear seat for my 1970 fastback with the Cleveland 351 engine.

      • JW

        Exactly how our 70 Mach1 is rdc, we have the 351C with the fold down rear seat and we never carry passengers in the back seat so we leave the fold down seat down all the time and just pop the trap door for anything too long to fit in trunk. Works just fine for us.

  10. edward azuola

    my 1969 mach 1 had none of those problems it was a 351 w 3 speed manual trans. it was the acapulco blue? with white seat interior , i got it as a senior in high school in 1975 , i will admit after buying that car it was the first time i was ever popular , funny . but i also flogged that car un mercilessly for years, i put in a set of timing gears a new clutch, but no major breakdowns went through a lot of rear tires it was an open carrier but i replaced that with a posi of unknown ratio, all i do know i wish i had the car back to this day ive never had a more fun car , it is the basis of all my lies true or otherwise from my teenage years , i did win a lot of street races with it, the damn thing was good to me .

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