Turbocharged Garage Find: 1984 Ford Mustang SVO

The idea of rescuing a Mustang from a garage or barn is what most of us live for. What about finding a limited- production turbocharged performance model designed by a special division of Ford Motor Company? That is the case here with this ’84 Mustang SVO. With the rising popularity of the Fox platform Mustang, projects like this are getting more attention. This car needs work but it is relatively complete and retains most of the special SVO parts. Find it here on Craigslist in Tallahassee, FL for $5,000 OBO.

The Mustang SVO was built from 1984 until 1986. The Special Vehicle Operations Department (SVO) took the Mustang and upgraded almost every area of the car making it into a very capable performance car for the day. All SVO cars were powered a fuel injected turbocharged 2.3 liter. Power output was very respectable at 175HP, automatic transmissions were not offered with the SVO package, only 5-speed manuals. The engine in the car is out of an ’85 model but the original motor is available. The ad doesn’t mention if the engine runs or not. The styling of the SVO is unique and very 80’s, I see a lot of similarities to the Ford EXP.

Other unique styling features of the SVO are a functional hood scoop offset to accommodate the intercooler, rear spoiler, and 16-inch wheels. Only 4 colors were available according to this great article from Ford Performance. Performance upgrades include larger sway bars, adjustable shocks, and wheel disc brakes to name a few. The ad gives few details but it is made clear this is a project car. It’s nice to see most of the SVO parts are still there and lots of extras go with the deal including an extra set of wheels.

The interior needs work for sure, many pieces are missing from the dash to the center console but hopefully, the parts are included. This is a special car with tons of potential, the SVO is an often overlooked example in the Mustang heritage but it was a shining star in the early 80’s automotive scene. With some work, this car can be returned to the road as a drivable project. The price seems reasonable especially with the supply of spare parts.  Let’s hope someone comes along to save it.


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  1. Tiberius1701

    $500.00 No more than that. However the front turn and marker lamps appear (from a distance) to be somewhat intact, so maybe $1000.00

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    • Rx7turboII

      @ Tiberius
      Lol! If I ever sell a car you’re interested in, please don’t reply to the ad…..$500??? Lmao!!

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  2. Wayne

    A new pair of front corner lamps. If you can find them sell for about $800. I know as I have been looking for a pair. I would take a pair of nice used ones if the price was reasonable. This car in nice running and visual condition is worth $10-15,000 normally. ( Some can be found for less and really nice nice ones climb into the low $20,000s at times.) The sway bars are actually smaller than the V8 GT/LX cars and the springs also have a lower weight rating. With better shocks than the hard riding Konis. These are great touring/riding cars. (Particularly when the aftermarket “swivel” upper rear diff “bushings” are used.) The 4 wheel large disc brakes work quite well. The 3.73 rear gears are a little steep for fuel economy. (about 18 MPG average) But 4.10 gears really make this a hard charger. Several aftermarket companies have items that easily boost the engine output to a reliable 200 – 250 HP. But you will need to go to the the 8.8 rear diff. As the 7.5 will be highly stressed at the higher HP.
    Very fun cars!

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  3. cmarv

    I used to buy these at auction steaming out the tailpipe for 3-5 hundred dollars . Parted them out for the 5 lug set up and interior . I should have put them in the shed . Oh-well .

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    • Justin

      I wonder how many of these were parted out to make a gt better or swapped out the turbo 4 for a v8. Making these all the more rare and $$$$.

  4. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yep….just when the 5.0’s were making a come back at this time – I always thought these were a sweet’r looking ride…..

  5. CanuckCarGuy

    It’s painful to see an SVO in this condition. I’m a huge fan of the SVO from day one, and owned an ’84… but that asking price is extremely optimistic. At most this is a $2K fixer upper, if it’s still a good runner. The market doesn’t support the asking price, not in this condition.

  6. Bodyman68

    These were not at all popular back then ,any of the v8’s were faster and more desirable. I bought one wrecked for 200 fixed it and drove it for a month til it sold . Wasn’t a bad car but not powerful at all even with the turbo.

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