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Turquoise Gem: 1968 Chevrolet Caprice Wagon Survivor


This wagon is truly stunning! When I first looked the ad over, I was quite skeptical of the original paint, wood grain and interior claims, but when you look closely enough and see the largely minute signs of wear, I think this one is the real thing. With 32,707 miles showing, it’s hardly been broken in–and for those of you already objecting to the non-stock wheels and tires, a set of skinny whitewalls, original 14″ wheels and original hubcaps come with the car as well.


See, I told you there was a correct set of rolling stock! You can see the one location where the Dy-Noc is damaged on the rear driver’s side door in this shot. Other cosmetic signs of wear include the right front blinker being “tweaked” down (the seller states this, but I’ll be darned if I can see it) and–yup, that’s about it. How this car has survived in this condition is beyond me, especially when you consider that it’s a kid-haulin’, cargo-totin’ grocery getter. With a roof rack!


When the door jambs look like this, original weatherstripping intact and the Tripoli Turquoise paint is this shiny, I really have to wonder what this car’s history is. It’s nicely optioned as well, with the seller detailing that it has an automatic transmission, power steering and brakes, tilt column, tinted glass, power rear window, factory dual exhaust, wood-grain body trim, front bumper guards, deluxe factory seat belts, roof rack/wind deflector, tilt steering wheel, floor mats, am radio and storage compartment lock. Not only that, but the original Protect-O-Plate, owner’s manual and original window sticker ($4,443.60 out the door in 1968) are all included with the car!


No, this is not a shot from the 1968 Chevrolet Caprice wagon brochure. As a matter of fact, the seller does question whether the carpet is original GM or not. But wow, just wow, look at the condition!


Under the hood, we find a numbers matching 327/275 HP engine, which as you can see is running in this picture. Again, seriously, what would you change? This gorgeous survivor wagon is located in Arvada, Colorado and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is currently just under $9,000 but hasn’t met reserve yet. I’ll tell you what, I will be following this auction closely. How much does a factory air conditioning system cost for a 1968 Caprice?


  1. PandaMSP

    I would rather an Oldsmobile than a Chevrolet, and better an AMC than either, but honestly I like it a lot. Would add cruise control and summertime daily drive it!

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  2. Alan (Michigan)

    $14K, still under reserve.

    Beautiful tank/car!

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  3. Rocco

    Well, it’s the tranny guy again. Just letting you know this has the best tranny ever offered by GM. Since this is a ’68, and ’69 was the first year for the T-350 tranny, this has to be T-400 3-speed auto.

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    • Russ

      A buddy of mine who was a tranny specialist at a Caddy dealer in the 70’s explained to me long ago why the TurboHydraMatic was the best auto trans, better than Ford’s or Mopar’s. If what he said was accurate, when the Ford and Mopar automatics upshift, they have to release a clutch and apply a clutch for the next gear; the Turbo Hydro just applies another clutch on each shift, nothing has to be released. It’s a simpler, more efficient and more bulletproof setup.

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  4. KO

    Sex on wheels.

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  5. Nessy

    The best looking 60s Chevy to me is the 68 models with the 67 a close second. Great color. Now, if this wagon only had a big block and hideaway headlights…. Power windows and factory air would be nice too.

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    • MattD

      Dad bought a new 68 Impala Custom (the coupe with chopped top and small rear windows), Mom drove a 67 green Impala station wagon. Spent the years of 10 to 13 riding in the two cars until the 67 was traded for a 70 Ford Country Squire. My dad handed down the Impala Custom to my older sister ( wrecked in 1972 ) and bought his first F100 in 1971. last of the Chevys for mom and dad! I love this sight and the memories!

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  6. Blyndgesser

    Hello, Vintage Air?

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  7. Charles

    Nice car. Adding A/C would make it more enjoyable!

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    • Keruth

      Dad had a sport coupe, tail lights in the bumper, no air, power slip/six banger.
      Aunt Rita had this style wagon,3rd. seat, air, power everything, probably this engine.
      It’s a different dash for air!
      Think that engine compartment was “detailed” just a little?
      Did drivers education in a ’70 big block wagon,
      427 moved it out “gracefully” until pushed.
      Teach didn’t like that!
      Those brakes were “inadequate” for that much engine/weight, LOL!
      Passed it anyway, ha ha! But I think he retired after that year…..

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      • Utes

        That ’70 was a 454, Keruth.

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      • Russ

        My 2nd car ever was a 69 Kingswood wagon with the 300hp 350V8. I got it up to 112mph with the AC on one day – my buddy has a picture of the speedo from that day. For some unfathomable reason (maybe a parts strike?) this big, heavy, non-cheapo wagon was equipped with nonpower drum brakes – the most miserable set of brakes I ever had on a vehicle. I traded it in when it was only five years old and had 62,000 miles – I thought it was ‘tired’. Now I buy ‘new’ cars with more than 2x that many miles, and they’re like new.

        And I knew a guy with a 70 Kingswood Estate wagon with a 454 which he built up and converted to a 4 speed and took drag racing – I think he got it into the 12’s.

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  8. Blindmarc

    Love it!

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  9. Chebby

    WOW. Amazing car, perfect color.

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  10. stillrunners

    When I look at door jams and striker plates I look at the screws which should be metal color…..and not body color don’t y’all think ?

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  11. slickimp


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  12. Jake

    Conspiracy: a well executed fraud. Resore the car but leave one or two part damaged. Viola plausible survivor. Squeeze another couple thousand out of the price

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  13. Oldironmichaeljj

    Not original for sure. Survivor? Only if you mean it survived a makeover. Have owned a few of these. Currently a loaded black one with working hideaways. How many black wagons did they really make anyway?…

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  14. angliagt

    After looking at the eBay ad,I noticed one thing –
    I’ve been to Arvada,Colorado,& NEVER saw any palm trees there.

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  15. Wayne

    Stillrunners is correct, there is also overspray on the door claw latches.

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    • William H

      Couple of other things that look kind of off. The front fender bolts and screws on the chrome door trim are very corroded compared to the surrounding area. The screws holding the brackets on the tailgate look odd. One looks practically new while the other is extremely rusted.

      Don’t know if the owner did some cosmetic touchups on various areas of the paint or what. It would take inspecting the car in person to tell for sure.

      Either way, the car is in incredible condition for what it is and I’d have no problem driving this hauler on a daily basis. Being in Texas, though, I’d have to add a Vintage Air unit or I’d only be able to drive it a month or two a year.

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  16. Woodie Man

    Well if its all original thats an amazing job of detailing the engine…looks brand new. Yes I agree the car must be shown someplace where palm trees grow…Colorado? Hmmm…..whether detailed or completely original …..its pretty unusual to be in this condition…….pretty car if you’re Clark Griswold.

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    • Rspcharger Rspcharger

      That engine has to have been painted, I mean look at the manifolds…they look new. I’m on board with this being some sort of trickery.

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  17. Paul R

    The rallye rims and black walls look great on this car!
    I think its the car the seller has said it is. It has been nicely detailed and appears the fuel, brake and cooling system have been serviced. I spot a replacement radiator with plastic tanks and aluminum core with an aftermarket coolant overflow bottle.. New master cylinder, heater and fuel hoses. It should be an excellent driver.
    I would replace the funky off green carpet with black and add vintage air and enjoy!

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  18. flmikey

    …15K and reserve still not met….time for me to start selling my collection…if 3 cars is a collection, that is…

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  19. CB

    It was a beast to be sure, but Chevy styling during those years made even this wagon look slippery.

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  20. DougM

    freaked when I first saw this! Dad took me with him to the dealer in’68, and he was so proud driving one of these home, albeit black interior, no AC. Didn’t need the AC as most of our family camping trips were to the parks in Ontario, Nova Scotia, Maine, NH, VT, NY, PA where the heat came in handy to dry us off between campsites. Given to me for my oldest son as a 1st car but quickly nixed by the ex and I let it go to a couple who cared for retired greyhounds

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  21. Mathieu Belanger

    Been restored, I’m pretty sure. You can see that the grill at the bottom of the windshield is not factory. Although a very nice car!

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  22. Charlie R.

    Always have loved the turquoise paint that GM used for many years!

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  23. Lucius Allen Giddens

    So,since politics,profanity,and personal attack’s are not allowed—that doesn’t leave much to say in today’s society.We expect the car to look better than the ones off the assembly line. I love [if you can love an inanimate object] the car! Dad and I have been Chevy teen and men a long time! However,who cares.

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  24. Lucius Allen Giddens

    So,since politics,profanity,and personal attack’s are not allowed—that doesn’t leave much to say in today’s society.We expect the car to look better than the ones off the assembly line. I love [if you can love an inanimate object] the car! Dad and I have been Chevy teen and men a long time! However,who cares.If I’ve already said it,then where is it?

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