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TV Celebrity! 1967 Dodge Coronet 440 R/T

This 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T came across our Barn Finds tip line defined as “Crazy” but it actually looks more serious than crazy – and that’s serious about straight-line performance. A car with some celebrity TV status, this Dodge is located in Salt Lake City, Utah and is available, here on Facebook Marketplace for  $36,500.

Starting life as a true, first-year, Coronet R/T, (VIN checks out) this example has been massaged into a sort of street racer/rat-rod as the modifications were performed by Welderup Garage and Fab which is featured on the Discovery Channel show, “Vegas Rat Rods” (season 4, episode 9). So it has been patined, I guess, there are few accompanying details. I gather from our readership that the patina look is something not universally appreciated. I, in fact, have withdrawn its use from my article titles but my titles get over-written sometime so the term appears anyway. Regardless, I’d agree with that sentiment, there’s just something very poserish about the whole approach. Don’t get me wrong, this Coronet has been “aged” very well, but short of the genuine article, and vehicles usually don’t age uniformly, it’s time to move on from this look.

What I see when I view this Dodge is what I recall from the early to mid-’70s when a Dodge Coronet R/T was just another used muscle car, and frequently, not in great shape. At least not in great looking shape; running? That’s another matter entirely as I remember many similar cars that looked like they were right off the farm but ran like a scalded dog, and that’s what I see here. Especially reminiscent is the hood scoop, side-exit exhaust, American Racing style wheels and what looks like Douglas cheater slicks – this one has the perfect street racer vibe. Even the Dodge billboard is not out of place but I remember such proclamations usually showing up displayed across the rear window. And it’s far from completely posed, this R/T has “Road Kill” style rusted-through lower quarters – good to see that they weren’t fixed.

One thing this Mopar has under the hood that didn’t exist years back is a double-shot nitrous hook-up feeding the 440 CI V8 engine. The seller doesn’t go into detail regarding this Dodge’s motivational capabilities but he does state, “This car was built for unlimited fun and is one of a kind“. I bet! Being a genuine R/T, this engine could be the original 375 HP mill that was dropped in at the St. Louis assembly plant 54 years ago. Some number matching, sleuthing around would have to happen to know for sure. Those slicks get lit-up with the assistance of a four-speed manual transmission.

The interior is mostly late ’60s Mopar all the way, save for the seats that are out of something newer. It has a standard, black vinyl, utilitarian way about it but is all in very nice condition. Adding to the business-like environment is the lack of a center console. Interesting to note is that there is no visible tachometer on this four-speed, manually shifted car – seems a bit risky actually. Finally, there are no auxiliary gauges in sight so the driver will have to make do with the standard Dodge indicators.

The question that will rage is, did it make more sense to go this way with this Coronet R/T than it would have to pursue the restoration route? The price for this car does and doesn’t seem out of line – it depends on how it’s viewed. Every collectible muscle car from that long ago era doesn’t have to remain a survivor or go the original restored route, that’s just been the trend for the last twenty years or so and market value frequently drives those decisions. Maybe it’s good that the shop and the seller chose a different path for this undeniably valuable Dodge. What do you think?


  1. Avatar photo alphasud Member

    I’m with you on the patina. I’m driving a 65 with real patina and I can’t wait till I have the time and funds to refinish the exterior. The patina thing is just another phase that will be out someday and eventually they will all become project cars that need a proper restoration. Plus having a warmed over 440 on the bottle with what looks to be old bias ply tires looks like all show, smoke, and no go.

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    • Avatar photo piston poney

      ¨all show, smoke, and no go.¨ it has a 440 with 375 hp what are you on yeah sure it not as fast as a challenger, my dad had one a few years back it was a 440 r/t with a 4 speed that hing moved but not as fast as his 1978 mustang 2 king cobra with a nos system. we still have that one (yes we putting the nos system back in it).

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      • Avatar photo alphasud Member

        What I meant was with skinny bias tires she won’t hook up but will make a nice smoke show. With some good rubber watch out!

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  2. Avatar photo Rhett


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  3. Avatar photo Will Fox

    Fake patina on a car’s finish is like kids today that dye their hair GRAY–for what reason, God only knows. It’s too obvious, looks out of place, and not fooling a soul.

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    • Avatar photo Steve Douglas

      I’ve come across a few Pinterest sites loaded with cars old and new that have what must be vinyl decal fake rust dripping all over them – new BMWs etc., and for the life of me, I can’t figure out why anyone would do that. I get what Gas Monkey Garage was up to with that “Shart” Dart build they did. It was ratty, but had loads of power and was cool. But vinyl rust? Eeeehhhhh…I don’t get it.

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  4. Avatar photo Dusty Stalz

    I dig the driveline, but hate the look.

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  5. Avatar photo DavidH

    What is done is done. Not my thing but it was executed well. A bit of a tribute car to some poor working joe living the dream. Personally I think there was enough money spent on fake patina to have fixed the rust and give it a stock paint job.

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  6. Avatar photo Mr.BZ

    The patina look has been ruined by becoming a fad. Fads ruin everything, too much is too much.

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  7. Avatar photo Steve R

    There is nothing worse than phony patina, it screams “I’m trying too hard”. Beyond that, the execution is off, there is no theme, it’s just a bunch of random parts thrown together. Beyond that, the quality of the workmanship isn’t much better than that a novice home mechanic.

    Steve R

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  8. Avatar photo Mike Adams

    Joe Dirt’s Daytona and The Dude’s Torino had a love child.

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  9. Avatar photo martinsane

    40 large, wow. Smfh…

    Great comments and i agree with them all.

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  10. Avatar photo Hemidavey

    Holy crap, 36K for this, LOL, thats the seller laughing all the way to the bank….

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  11. Avatar photo Comet

    I find myself so drawn in by this “Patina” thing that I’m going to extend it to my house. So far, I’ve busted out a few windows, stopped mowing my lawn, and torn off the majority of my siding. $$$Cha-Ching$$$

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  12. Avatar photo stillrunners


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  13. Avatar photo Kman

    I don’t watch welderup. But I think if junkerup got ahold of it, it would d be a better car.

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  14. Avatar photo Rspcharger

    Wow, just wow. Quiet and slow, seriously? Sleeping kids? SMH.

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  15. Avatar photo Hemidavey

    didnt the 440 come out of a motorhome? very low compression that might need NOS to get out of its own way.

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  16. Avatar photo Bob Tangler


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