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Two Door Wagon: 1950 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban


When most of us think of Suburbans, we think of massive four door SUVs, but this 1950 Plymouth Deluxe Suburban has just two doors and is in amazing condition. Plymouth built an impressive number of these wagons, but very few are still on the road. The seller has listed this California Black Plate car as a survivor, but it appears to have had some work done to it. If you’re interested in checking out this unique little wagon, it can be found here on eBay.


The seller calls this a survivor, but it obviously has been repainted and has had some work done to the interior. It looks great and is ready to be driven just as is. The original 217 cui inline six has been rebuilt and is running great. Don’t plan on getting anywhere to quickly, as this engine only puts out 95 hp. While this isn’t a ton of power, it’s more than enough to move it down the interstate. All the State stickers in the back windows can attest to its ability to travel long distances.


As you can tell from the tailgate, the Palm Beige paint is the correct and original color. We would love to have seen this car before the respray, as we imagine it had some nice patina. That being said, this car looks great and should turn a few heads. Many of these Plymouths have had V8s installed in them and finding one with the original engine is refreshing. Would you keep the rebuilt six or install a V8 in it?


  1. Graham Line

    Not every car needs a V8. Enjoy it for what it is. Overdrive is nice.

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  2. paul

    I saw a light blue one at an RM auction & it went for about 60 g if I remember right, it was so cool. This is really nice.

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  3. Chris in WNC

    keep the six.
    as with many of these dealer offerings, they neglect to provide undercarriage photos.
    gotta see underneath before bidding!!

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  4. Kegan B

    In the later years (1952) there were only 749 ever made of the 2 door version. There is maybe 30 left.

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  5. scot c

    ~ flathead six, overdrive.
    . i guess if you call a heart-transplant, face-graft patient a’survivor’ that would lower the bar for ‘refreshed’ vehicles. not condoning, pointing out the inherent wiggle room in the terminology.

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  6. David

    My question: what is a California car doing in SD??

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  7. geomechs geomechs Member

    I saw one at the Barrett-Jackson auction last week. I missed how much it sold for but I sure liked it. As far as post war station wagons go, the Plymouth Suburban is one of my favorites.

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  8. Dolphin Member

    Having owned a 1965 Volvo wagon back many years ago, I never noticed how much it resembled these early-’50s Plymouth wagons until now. The resemblance is really striking, and I’m guessing that it wasn’t an accident. It’s a simple and practical design for a wagon, so why not ‘borrow’ the main design theme for your simple, practical Volvo wagon……assuming that’s what actually happened. Either that, or the (wagon) ‘wheel’ got completely reinvented.

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  9. Doug

    My mom lost her mind for a minute in the 70’s and bought a light blue 1950 Special Deluxe sedan. She upped and sold it a few years later when I was in college — the proverbial “one that got away.” This wagon is very, very cool.

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  10. twwokc1

    Dad had a 51 Cranbrook 2 door in just about this same shade. Loved that old car. It was great. These Plymouth wagons have always appealed to me. Simple yet elegant in their own way. Somebody is going to get a dandy.

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  11. Lemble

    Just drive it . The super six is all you need, with the old brakes.

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  12. Ron

    My Grandpa had a Plymouth Plaza 2 door wagon which he drove the family to California from Pennsylvania in the early 60’s. It had a 6 cylinder engine and was painted an ugly green. The car became a storage bin in his garage for about the last 20 years of his life. When he passed away, I didn’t want it so my Grandma sold it cheap to a neighbor who wrecked it.

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  13. Rich Olivas

    Stick with the six, 97 hp, I did!

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  14. Chris in WNC

    the sixes in these cars lend themselves to easy mods that will make them run with the flathead ford V8s.
    You can shave the head, put on dual carbs and split the exhaust…….

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  15. Chuck

    Brings tears to my eyes. we bought one new in Florida in 1956. Drove it to Seattle then to San Francisco. and then back to Vancouver, Wa and many round trips between. Sold it in 1960. It was a great car for carrying around 4 young kids. My wife and mother in law modified an old mattress to fit in the back. A made to order play pen. Had a push button transmission and torsion bar front and real wheel for suspension. Rode like a Caddy. One of the best and most efficient cars I ever owned. This car replaced a 1950 Plymouth convertible. I’m driving Kia’s now.

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  16. David Karlson

    I’ve got a soft spot for the ’50 Plymouth wagon. In 1960 I hitched a ride through Kentucky backroads to visit a friend in Wilmore, Ky. He was driving a ’50 Plymouth wagon. A bit of tension as the driver threw the wagon around turns for hours, yet quite successfully! Pushin’ 80. Will I get one? (Drum roll)

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