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Two For One: 1954 Mercury Sun Valleys

'54 Sun Valley

It has been reported that in 1954, just 9,761 Sun Valleys were produced and maybe less then 10% have survived the test of time, poor driving habits or the wrecking-yard. It seems this is the first Mercury Monterey Sun Valley/s we have featured here on Barn Finds. This pair is listed here on eBay and are sitting in Georgetown, South Carolina with a BIN of $24,900.

'54 Sun Valley engine

This is a package deal. The two cars have been stored in this barn since 1978. These are part of the estate of a Mr. Walker Inman.

'54 Sun Valley tag

This is the tag from the 1st car. Ford offered the 1954 Ford Crestline Skyliner we featured here in April 2015 which had the same “glass” roof section as the Sun Valley.

'54 Sun Valley the view

Here is the view through the “glass” roof section. There is a snap in shade to help block out some of the sun’s rays, but it doesn’t appear to be intact now.

'54 Sun Valley int.

The agent did a quick inspection and they claim that they didn’t find any rust. We would want to have a look for ourselves, but from what we can see they both look solid.

'54 Sun Valley rear

There is a Continental kit on the first car and some impact damage on the other car’s right quarter. There aren’t any detailed photos of the damage, but from the one photo of the quarter panel, it doesn’t look too serious.

'54 Sun Valley dash

When these cars were new they were quite advanced. You might even say they were the cars of the future, well at least the future as it was seen in 1954.

'54 Sun Valley 2nd car

Here is the damaged Sun Valley. Look at that massive bumper and all the trim work! What a great looking machine. It will look even better after a bath!

'54 Sun Valley 2nd car left side

Someone has shared the message “wash me” on this car. There are more images in the ad for your review. This is a package deal, you must purchase both cars and they will have to be removed immediately. If you wish to see this package deal in person you will have to set up an appointment and provide a letter of credit. There is a phone number provided as the contact point. This maybe the only time you or anyone for that matter will be able to purchase two 1954 Mercury Monterey Sun Valleys on the same day. Is Jay or any of his people reading this today? So is there a market for these? Are you in the market?



  1. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    I would lose the spare on the back. I always liked these. Remember them in the showroom.

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  2. Avatar photo DENIS

    Very rare…Always liked the looks but thought the powertrain was awful..

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  3. Avatar photo Robert White

    My father had a 54 Ford piece of rusted crap that did not even net him the requisite
    10 years that most brand new cars get.

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  4. Avatar photo randy

    I was pleasantly surprised when I opened this link. I do like these cars, and I believe it is going to be a hard sell, for more than one reason.

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  5. Avatar photo Brad

    Pretty neat. I’m not typically a fan of continental kits, but this car is so boxy looking that it really helps to stretch it into a more lean, languid profile.

    Love the tail light treatment — that resurfaced a couple years later in the Continental Mark II.

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    • Avatar photo Jason Houston

      Can’t imagine anyone, with a grain of car styling sensibilities, calling a 1954 Mercury “boxy”. It’s only one of the most beautiful, most stylish, most desirable, most respectable cars to ever come out of the postwar era, period.

      You want boxy? Try on a Volvo, or a 1958 Oldsmobile. And if you like having a sun deck and toilet seat dragging off the back of your car like a loaded diaper, see how it looks on one of those!

      BTW, those heavy rear skirts in your picture are not factory.

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  6. Avatar photo Rich

    Randy is right. Not going to be an easy sell. i think they’re overpriced and the seller sounds uncooperative.

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  7. Avatar photo Vince Habel

    I don’t see them bringing that much either. Don’t even know if they run.

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  8. Avatar photo Dean

    I like these model, and it would be nice to have two, with one for spares. But come on…show us a couple of pictures dusty and dirty to emphasize the barn find, but then clean them up, air up the tires, and either move them into the sunshine or light them better. And why only a couple of pictures showing a partial view of one drovers seat? At $25 grand I want to see all of the interior of both cars. And it is nice to make a “no rust” statement, but pictures in support would add a lot.

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  9. Avatar photo Mike D

    stored in SC, but has a NY transit permit, no info before that? they look to be in good shape I did note that the passenger door on the green car is light blue, replaced do to a mishap? no idea if they are both for restoration or one parts for the other if they are NY cars ( esp the one with the permit) would check for rust underneath would make a beautiful car (s) restored

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  10. Avatar photo randy

    “Honey, I am trying to sell them honest, see here’s the ad right here.”

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  11. Avatar photo Marty Member

    Glass top. Power windows, continental kit, wide whites. With a solid body, this will once again be a beautiful early 50s cruiser. At least with the front (green) one, I’d look in to the possibility of not restoring it. Big fail on not having any photos of the second vehicle. I don’t know cars of this era too well, but the price seems…progressive.

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  12. Avatar photo Duffy

    Over priced and arrogant. Should have had some else post the AD.

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  13. Avatar photo Warren

    “Letter of Credit” to just look at them? I musta missed something.

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  14. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Doesn’t sound too arrogant to me – you read some of these posts lately? – should keep the monkeys away – good on him – someone will buy ’em

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    • Avatar photo Duffy

      Some idiot..

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  15. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    $12-15K max for the pair. minimal information, not enough shots of either car. “seller” may seem arrogant, but if totally restored, max is close to $60K in concours condition. Unless somebody goes into rapture at a major auction. These would, in general, be considered parts cars in that they do not run or drive. In a #5 condition (parts) value is about $4600 if drive able a #4 condition would be about $10K.

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  16. Avatar photo 64 bonneville

    June 16 1978 on New York state transport tag.

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  17. Avatar photo Mark S

    They are very cool cars and these glass top cars are rare and maybe they are worth $25K, but that doesn’t mean your going to get your cars sold being a dick. About 15 + years ago these digital cameras came on the seen. And you can take hunderds of pictures without paying to have them developed. So why do we get a few crappy pictures that give us very little information on these cars. Dean said it best get your barn shots, than put some air in the tires pull them outside and wash them off. put as many pictures in as the add allows, and not 6 pictures of the left front fender. Do all these things and maybe you’ll get your price. It’s to bad you can get $150K rusted to death 356 but a classy car like these two are worth a fraction of that price. I’d take one of these any day over a crap bucket 356 glorified VW beetle. End of rant have a great day guys.

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  18. Avatar photo Dolphin Member

    Marty & Mark said it…these are great ’50s cruisers. Even tho they had the first of the OHV V8s (IIRC) they are really cool cruisers and not for performance.

    I have the large brochure for the Sun Valley even tho I was never in the market for one simply because the front cover was a masterpiece of presentation, showing the glass roof off at its best, near ski slopes in bright sunshine, letting the sun in but keeping the heat in too. You can’t look at that cover photo and not get a good feeling.

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  19. Avatar photo piper62j

    You never know what will sell. I think the seller is inhaling something other than fresh air thinking the price is reasonable..
    But then again, you never know..

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  20. Avatar photo S.Brodie

    Father and son specials. What are he chances of finding two Sun Valley green cruisers like this so easily restored. The pair together create extra value making this deal possibly worth the asking price.

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  21. Avatar photo Woodie Man

    My folks had a ’54 Mercury though not a Sun Valley,, I have a picture around here somewhere of the car…I remember it even though I was a baby and only 5 or so when my dad traded in on a ’59 Plymouth wagon. I always like the back but thought the front somewhat fussy presaging the ’57 Lincoln Premiere.Lose the continental kit though. They’d be a fun prokject

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  22. Avatar photo Jason Houston

    “Appointment to view will require letter of credit.”


    Am I not good enough to troop through your dust and dirt and overpriced cars?

    Maybe that’s why you’re a toothless, greedy dealer and nobody will deal with you.

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  23. Avatar photo Bill Parameter

    …….. Here in So-Cal, we have a water shortage ……. what’s his excuse??

    offer a roofer at HALF that gaudy price and yo might sell them ….. LOSER

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