Two-Tone Low-Mileage Survivor: 1978 Ford Bronco

This Bronco is ridiculously clean. Though the seller states the paint has some imperfections here and there, as nearly 40 year old paint is apt to have, this Bronco has been cared for since always and recently detailed to a mirror shine. Though the seller claims this is a two-owner vehicle, the seller is evidently the third even if just a middle-man. Regardless of number of owners, this Bronco is in near-mint condition and being that Ford only made second-generation Broncos in 1978 and 1979, this is a sought-after body style in almost any condition. Find it here on eBay in New Jersey with bidding at $14,500 and reserve not met. 

This Bronco definitely meets the required criteria to be a survivor! The interior is about as nice as it can be for its age, and I find it hard to believe this truck even covered the claimed 63,000 miles. Being that this is a Bronco Ranger XLT, this was a top of the line truck in 1978. Although it has been detailed, there is no way this interior wasn’t nice to begin with. This truck is equipped with tinted glass, air conditioning, full-time four wheel drive, and even speed control! This Bronco has more options than most passenger cars of that time period did, and to have all of that in a truck was something special.

A 400 cubic inch Ford V8 sits under the hood of this Bronco and is hooked up to an automatic transmission. The A/C has been converted to R-134, and while R-12 is arguably better and still obtainable, R-134 will help sell the truck to a larger audience. The carburetor has been rebuilt, new hoses and belts have been installed, as well as plugs and wires, brakes, and a whole heap of other necessary upgrades and goodies. The seller has done everything to this low-mileage Bronco to make sure it is ready to go to a new home!

Look at that shine! Someone took their time getting this old girl all cleaned up. The slotted wheels really give it the proper ’70s Ford truck vibe. This truck even has what looks to be its original dealer sticker from Garrett Motors in Loveland, CO. It seems this was a Colorado vehicle all its life up until the current owner purchased it from the second owner. This Bronco must have seen very few winters, as the undercarriage is free of any rust aside from mild surface rust. Included with the sale is a Marti Report, showing all of the original options, where it was built, and more. It is anyone’s guess what it will take to buy this Bronco, but if the next owner takes as good care of it as the previous two (three?) have, it will surely be a valuable vehicle years from now.

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  1. Angrymike

    Very nice, especially with the 400, the 302’s back then really were dogs, (and I mean no disrespect to dogs)
    The 351 wasn’t a slouch, but the 400 could be woken up quite easily……..


      1978-1979 Broncos were not equipped with the 302 from the factory. They all had either a 351M or 400M.

  2. jw454

    Gone… Somebody must of liked it a lot.

    Nice looking truck.

  3. Junkyard Jimmy

    This looks like a 1979. The 1978 Ford Bronco had round headlights and the 1979 Ford Bronco had square headlights. My 1978 had buckets and a giant cup holder dump box between the seats. Great trucks. Or maybe this a “late” 1978? Something like a mid-year change? Anybody know for sure?

    • Treebeardzz

      This is clearly a fancy 2-tone edition and the ’78 Lariat or other upgrade editions came standard with the rectangle lights or they could be custom optioned. All it takes to change is buckets, bezels and headlights to upgrade. It is simple to even upgrade the entire grill on ’73 to ’77 trucks/broncos without even changing the radiator support. I had a ’76 F250 Camper Special Super Duty Super Cab I did that to and added a narrowed bumper from a ’73 Freightliner Conventional along with heated/lighted aluminum west-coast mirrors from a ’69 Astro (among MANY other additions). With a 3:73 Corporate 14-bolt it would run over 140 empty(got a ticket for 69/55 on the interstate while grossing 21,000 lbs.) Man do I ever miss that truck.

    • boxdin

      In 1978 “custom” models had round headlights, XLT & other models has square headlights. By 1979 all were square. I have 3 vehicles w these square headlights.

    • Barry Steeg

      Yes there was a change from round to square headlights mid year on the broncos and pickups.

    • angliagt

      I believe the square headlghts were optional in ’78,
      the same as the pickups.

    • dan

      78’s could be ordered with rectangular lights optional.

  4. fish56

    The seller (dealer) has 3 more Broncos listed on ebay. Check on his other items for sale.

  5. Alfie

    Is it so weird to see a vehicle I had owned at one time end up on barn finds?

    Back in early 2000s, I bought a ’79 bronco just like this. At that time it was nothing more than 20 years old gas guzzler. I got it for $1000. It was a limited edition Free Wheeling package, and everything was working, including A/C. I drove it for 5 years till some guy offered me the same price I bought it for 5 years later. Maybe I should have kept it all these years, but you never know, can you?

  6. Neal

    I’m not familiar with the four wheel drive systems on these as compared to period Scouts with part-time 4wd hi/low etc.
    Did they really have full-time 4WD? What was used for the differential? How did it affect handling, wear and gas mileage, which I’m sure isn’t all that great with the 400 anyway.
    I love these rigs although I’ve never driven one.
    Big money.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Yes, full-time 4WD was an option on the 78-79 trucks. It used a NP203 transfer case. Gas mileage usually suffered 1-2 mpg compared to their part-time (NP205 transfer case) brethren.

      This is a beautiful example of this generation Bronco whose prices have been rising, finally, in recent years.

  7. Pat A

    400 Michigan? Smog choked slug and no aftermarket speed goodies. Bleh!

    • Don H

      Yes there are.

    • Todd Zuercher

      Don H is right – the 400 in stock ’78 form was a smog-choked slug but you can build them up quite nicely (Hot Rod did a build on one a few years ago) and they’re torque monsters when done right. Fun fact – the 400 had the longest stroke of any Ford pushrod V8 engine.

      • CATHOUSE

        A 429 or 460 will bolt right up to the transmission. The aftermarket makes the motor mounts for them so doing a conversion is very easy. You can get a lot more power out of the 429/460 and still get the same low fuel mileage as the 351/400.

      • chad

        yet, correct me if wrong,Todd – it’s the largest “square” motor built…
        Too bad this 1s gone…
        Wonder if the rear ele window’s OK.

  8. Howard A

    I had a 1980 Bronco, 3rd gen, although, they were similar. Mine, while being a breath of fresh air from the Jeep Cherokee it replaced ( I’m not going through the Cherokee thing again) with the 300-6. It, to this day, has the distinction of getting the lowest mpg of any vehicle I had ( except my semi’s, which didn’t get much less) In all fairness, I liked the truck, ex couldn’t kill it, but it was set up totally wrong, carb motor, non-O/D trans, 4:11 gears. It got maybe 10 mpg on dry roads, and maybe 6 or 7 in the snow with all the “hardware” spinning. Even still, gas was cheap, and it was a great truck, like all Ford’s. Dependable, comfy, sure-footed, dynamite heater. To see one that doesn’t look like this, is amazing. Can you tell what body part was made from galvanized steel?( hint, the part that isn’t rusted)

  9. chad

    i like that ‘solid’ colored 1 Howard (red? orange?)
    ’73/9 ford p/u (& bronk) R my fav vehicle body design/look.
    Also need some prts from’em…

  10. Eric H

    Wow, that guy has some nice 90’s Broncos. Now I miss my 87.

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