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Two-Tone Wide-Track: 1967 Pontiac Catalina


This 1967 Pontiac Catalina sedan still carries the “Wide Track Look” off well. I wish there were more information in the auction listing here on eBay, but at a buy-it-now price that would only just pay for the shiny paint and chrome, this one could really be a bargain. It’s located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


There isn’t a great shot from the side of the Catalina and I’d really like to see how the lower parts of the body look to see if they are corroded or plastered with body filler. From a distance, it looks great though. I think that’s a current plate too – always a good thing to see. As the seller says in the ad, “start cruising for under 5k!”


I’ve been trying to decide whether or not the brown color on the bumper is rust or a reflection. What do you think? I’m hoping it’s a reflection! I know the vertically stacked headlights aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I think they look pretty distinctive.

1967 Pontiac Catalina Sedan Mailer-02

You can see that the seller has used the same type of view Pontiac used in 1967 to emphasize the “Wide-Track” styling. One curious thing I noticed: why is the Pontiac lettering is on the other side of the grille on the car for sale? After looking at a lot of pictures online, all the cars I found either had the lettering on the driver’s side or no lettering at all. Perhaps this is an indication of past front bodywork?


As you can see, the front upholstery is different from the rear; I’m guessing the rear is original while the front has been reupholstered? The steering wheel looks like it needs some help as well, with what I think is electrical tape wrapping the upper part. If you are looking for an original show-winner, this probably isn’t the right car to start with. On the other hand, for a fun car to drive around without spending a whole lot of money, this might be the right wide-track for you! Would you like to try it out?


  1. Avatar photo JW454

    Nice car but it has too many doors for me.

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  2. Avatar photo piper62j

    Don’t you just love it when a seller posts a car for sale and gives very little info on it? I guess I have to brush up on how to read someones’ mind now to get more information on this beauty.

    Extremely nice from the pictures, but that trunk is too well painted from original..

    Very nice find..

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  3. Avatar photo Steve

    As of this weekend this car is buried under snow. That being said it has two to many doors for me.

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  4. Avatar photo Leon Mongue

    I had one of these from 1969 to about 1976. It was a great cruiser.

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  5. Avatar photo Chebby

    If it doesn’t need anything major, you could DD this. How can you go wrong for 5k?

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  6. Avatar photo Ed P

    I agree with Chebby. As a daily driver this car would be fun. I think the seller made a mistake about the engine as I think the 389″ was replaced by the 400 for 1967. Anyway, this car can move.

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  7. Avatar photo Dylan Burden

    I’ve got a 2-door 67 Catalina in green, best car I’ve ever had. The outer steering wheel is made of some kind of plastic and mines cracking too, luckily I had the sense not to use electrical tape.
    Pontiac is on the drivers side for me.
    The trunk could hold a piano.

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  8. Avatar photo Dylan Burden


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  9. Avatar photo JB71SX Member

    I’m a Pontiac fan, but the stylists really jumped the shark with the front-end of the ’67 full-size models. 1965 was the high-water mark for the stacked-headlight look, with a gret-looking striated bezel (’66 got too plain). I would ship a ’67 and jump to a ’68, which introduced the horizontal headlights and full chrome “nose.” With 4 doors and that hideous front-end, this is a $3K car at best, unless he can find a buyer in Sweden willing to pay the freight.

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  10. Avatar photo Luke Fitzgerald

    Supposed to be a 400 – lettering on wrong side – rear upholstery is correct – has, if anyone is interested, the rare chrome dress up pack – side strips, sill moulds, door frame surrounds – even the reg fuel engine with a 2bbl goes like buggery – fast car with good(ish) fuel economy

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  11. Avatar photo Tony Grazziano

    I had a 1967 Catalina 2 door with black interior and I can say without a doubt in was the best car i have ever owned, It listed for a little more than $5000 and I paid 3750.
    I had a 66 Charger Red with white interior and 4 on the floor. At the time i was 19 years old and had just found the girl that I married and the 4 on the floor and four bucket seats didn’t cut it anymore so up yo the Pontiac with air and a much softer ride.I also owned an ambulance service and we had a 64 Pontiac High Top and a 1966 Pontiac 421 if I can remember back then we bought them for around $12,500.
    These were built by the superior coach company at the time then the government stepped in and said no more ambulances on regular extended automobile chassis.
    The builders at that time were building mostly on general motors chassis that they would extend several extra feet longer and as high as 54 inches. They were much more comfortable than ambulances today that are built on truck chassis but could not have room to all the equiptment that they carry on board today. Pontiac had a good run.

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