Ultimate Grocery Getter: Rolls-Royce Station Wagon!

1983 Rolls Royce Silver Spirit Estate

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There aren’t too many women in my life who like station wagons. There aren’t too many who wouldn’t like to own a Rolls-Royce though. So, what if I combined the two and came home with the ultimate grocery getter? This coach-built beauty would be perfect for hauling the dogs out to the gun club in the morning and then off for a little shopping on Rodeo Drive in the evening! Too bad it isn’t a little closer… It’s being auctioned off through Auctionata in Berlin. The auction ends Friday and bidding starts at €10,000 EURO or about $11,300 USD. Thanks goes to Drew V for the tip!

Support Vehicle

The auction house took some great photos, but they dont include a lot of information in their written description. They do mention that the last owner used it as a motorsports support vehicle in England and that it pulled their trailer. If that’s not cool enough, it’s was converted to run on LPG! An old pickup would work fine for hauling around your race car, but just imagine the looks on everyone’s faces when you roll up in this! I think you need this Jamie!

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Jamie Palmer JamieStaff

    I WANT!!!!! Imagine using this to tow the Marina to a race–how perfect!!!

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    • James

      would need a diesel lump fitted

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  2. Jeff V.

    This is the best example of an OXYMORON I can think of! lol

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  3. Blueprint

    Really looks like a hearse in profile! And with so much overhang in the back, I’m hoping for skid plates!

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  4. S.S. McDonald

    Looks very much like the Ford-Royce produced in the USA circa 1970. I saw one in Miami Beach years ago.

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  5. Paul Hudson

    Ugly and awkward to say the least. In 4 Door form this is a very elegant and Well proportioned car. As a wagon it’s a dud. The spare tire visible through the rear window is very pickup truck like. The rear overhang in the biggest issue. A steep driveway might be a real problem.

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    • James

      Im wondering if the spare tyre is visible as the LPG tank would be sitting in its place.

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  6. Robert Stoll

    The long overhang also makes it unsuitable for towing anything heavy, because it would be directionnally uinstable, as in tail wagging.

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  7. jim s

    a hand built car that has a coachbuilt conversion to a station wagen ( with way too much rear overhang ) and a conversion to LPG with no paperwork. what could go wrong! it would turn heads. great find.

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  8. TVC15

    You would think it would have a cover over the spare

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    • Leon

      And spare looks like a whitewall

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  9. Jerry Long

    Wildly out of proportion. Totally fuggly.

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  10. Francisco

    Back in England the gentrified folk call this a Shooting-Brake. It was used to transport hunters, their shotguns, and their dogs to the hunting ground.

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  11. Fred

    All it needs is the fake wood side treatment, ala Country Squire.

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  12. mark

    Looks like an upscale version of the Family Truckster.

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    • William H

      That’s what first came to mind when I saw it. I can just picture Chevy Chase and family in it.

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  13. David Frank davidMember

    You could haul cases of Gray Poupon! Would you? Do you?


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  14. George

    The spare needs a Connolly Leather designed and trimmed cover. This would make a great dog car!

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  15. K. C.

    Perfect for hauling a late ’30s Morgan 3-wheeler.

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  16. Russell

    Bring on every nasty comment you can think of! I love it, I want it, I want to run errands with it, I want to pretend I have an estate in the country with it, …

    You get the idea, but I can’t, because I can’t afford to get to the states, and I don’t think my garage is long enough. I still want it though!

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  17. Van

    The horn would have to play taps.

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    • Francisco

      … or “God Save the Queen.”

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  18. Peter R

    What a unique find! I love it and I’m not a Rolls lover having owned one in the past. But this is truly unique and would be great for an evening out with friends or towing a car to the track or my whaler to the lake. Wish it gave more information as these can be a money pit in no time at all. If there was more detailed information – both body and mechanical – I would be tempted to bid!

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  19. rod444

    Might be pricey for a wagon. But with the rear seats down I could live in it – so…not bad for a rolling condo.

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  20. brakeservo

    If you want a station wagon see photo

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  21. brakeservo

    Here’s my old Rolls wagon – I made trips to the dump with this, hauled my Christmas trees home with it.

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  22. Murray

    I love old British Cars, and new ones for that matter. We’ve got six cars and all but the VW Amarok are British, but this Roller looks like the answer to a stupid question that never been asked………

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  23. John

    It would be useless to me, and really out of place in my driveway. But I wish it were mine. What a great car.

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  24. RoughDiamond

    This is the first thing that came to my mind after looking at this unique RR wagon. “Pardon me, would you have any Grey Poupon?”

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  25. Paul R

    The milk and eggs would spoil before you got back home in this classic.

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  26. Dean

    It looks like if you put too much weight in the back the front wheels would lift off the ground.

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  27. Bill Owens Bill OMember

    Well it probably has lots of cargo area, but it looks like it needs to be cut off where the rear bumper wraps around the side.

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