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Ultra Low Mileage: 1993 Nissan 300ZX

In the collector car market, trends are constantly changing. In the past, perfect examples of 1930s-1950s classics would often be the stars of the auctions. After that, carefully restored muscle cars began selling for outrageous sums. Currently, 1990s sports cars are hot commodities, like this 1995 Toyota Supra that recently sold for over $200k. However, if you prefer to not take out a second mortgage to acquire your dream car, don’t despair. There are still plenty of affordable options out there, like our feature car, a mint-condition 1993 Nissan 300ZX. Located in West Palm Beach, FL, and listed here on eBay, it shows an unbelievable 752 miles on the odometer. Its early history has turned it into a vehicle that is an absolute time capsule and one of the cleanest Z-cars out there!

Although the engine of our feature vehicle is not the more desirable twin-turbo version, the naturally-aspirated 3.0L V6 is still capable of 0-60 in around 7 seconds. Backed by a four-speed automatic driving the rear wheels, this is the perfect powertrain for endlessly smooth highway cruising. One concern with low-mileage vehicles could be the possibility of rubber parts and gaskets deteriorating due to non-use. However, that does not seem to be the case with this car, as the engine bay looks to be exceptionally clean and there are no visible leaks.

The interior looks, and according to the seller, even smells like a brand new car. One would assume the seat cover is simply for protection, but it would be nice to see a picture of the fabric underneath just to be safe. Luckily, the seller does provide proof of the odometer reading here. The car is the sportier two-seater model, rather than the 2+2 that offered extra passenger capacity, if only on paper.

Even though may not be a rare twin-turbo model, our feature vehicle has many good things going for it. With a total production of just 11,599 units, the 1993 300ZX was not a common vehicle, to begin with. After nearly 30 years of tuners and would-be street racers modifying several cars from stock condition, a clean original is getting more and more difficult to find. This car offers the buyer the opportunity to relive the past and purchase an essentially new 1993 model. Would you continue to preserve this time capsule or take your favorite passenger along for a cross-country road trip?


  1. Avatar photo 370zpp Member

    I didn’t pay too much attention to these back in the day, as they were much more expensive than my MR-2, but this one looks interesting (with the exception of the “seat cover”)

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    • Avatar photo joenywf64

      Perfect illustration of the type of seat covers avail today – poor fitting, poor material, & almost ’60s twilight zone world of car “colors” we have all entered today. Might as well use an old undershirt & towel on this seat. lol
      25 years ago they had no name brand VERY good fitting velour seat covers in many proper colors that were so good & comfortable, there was no need to ever reupholster the torn or split seat underneath!

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  2. Avatar photo Terrry

    That odometer’s been fiddled with. Look at the numbers.

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  3. Avatar photo Peter G

    752 miles young, on the odo!!???
    The dash & odo photo towards the end shows 66xxx miles!! So, sometime isn’t telling the truth at the start.
    This smells ….

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    • Avatar photo Greg

      Those are zeros not 6’s… the reflection makes it appear as 6’s.

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  4. Avatar photo Stan

    Great cars. The turbos were underrated in the power dept i reckon they never failed to over deliver in the road tests. These would always dust my bone stock 89 lx sedan lol but we’d try

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  5. Avatar photo Karl

    Buddy of mine had one of these but it was a turbo model but I didn’t think it was twin turbos? The car had a 5 speed manual it was nice, comfortable to drive and handled reasonable but performance was ok, nothing more the car topped at 140 mph, I guess I was expecting more?

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    • Avatar photo Jon Ard

      I sold Nissan from ’94-’09 … the 300ZX Turbo was a twin turbo, with 280HP in AT and 300HP in 5-speed … I was selling Porsche in 1989 and when this model came out it kicked the 944’s ass six ways to Sunday – we lost many sales to the 300ZX and Turbo models … it wasn’t until the 944 Turbo that Porsche had a chance … and the Infiniti J30 with the same 3.0 engine was one of the best cars I’ve ever driven … the Nissan 3.0L V6 is recognized as one of the best engines ever produced, especially with the twin cam, 3 valve version …

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  6. Avatar photo Troy

    I’m confused the add says this car disappeared from a dealer in Florida then was found and purchased by a dealer in new York but its still for sale in Florida and it shows one owner from New jersey it also shows a correction on the title. If you’re car “Disappeared” isn’t that stolen?
    Hide it report it stolen collect the insurance money then wait for the statute of limitations to expire and sell it with a clean title. Don’t know if this is what is really going on but something is up with this deal

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  7. Avatar photo Joe Haska

    It certainly looks like the real deal and I always thought these were very cool cars. The bid now is under $20,000. The back story is a little concerning, my thought would be if I wanted it, I would invest in seeing it in person. It seems almost too good.

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  8. Avatar photo Howie Mueler

    Reserve not met yet, mighty clean interior!!

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  9. Avatar photo PRA4SNW

    The condition of the car bears out the mileage claim, but that story needs some sussing out.

    An automatic non turbo Z is still an automatic non turbo Z regardless of mileage, not the most desirable. So , maybe just buy it and drive it if you really want to own one.

    I’m sure the seller thinks they own a gold bar, though.

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