Unanswered Questions: 1967 Shelby GT500

The owner of this 1967 Shelby GT500 has decided to list it for sale as a project vehicle, and while it is largely complete, the next owner will have to do a bit of hunting to try to locate a few parts that the owner admits are missing. If it is a challenge that you feel that you are ready to rise to, then you will find the Shelby located in Fairhaven, Massachusetts, and listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set a BIN of $75,000 for this automotive jigsaw puzzle.

It isn’t clear when the GT500 was dismantled to its current state, but I get the impression that someone may have commenced a restoration on the car a fair while ago. None of the work has a particularly recent look about it, and there is going to be some work required to return the car to its cosmetic best. There is some visible evidence of the original Dark Moss Green paint in a few spots around the car, and the owner also acknowledges that there will be some rust repairs required to the floors. He isn’t very specific about how extensive the rust is, but one of the interior shots of the car shows some pretty significant rust in the passenger side floor. The location of this would make me want to take a good look at the inner rocker and torque box on that side of the car because the rot in the floor is close to those prone areas. The treasure hunt for parts for the GT500 is going to involve locating items such as an original set of wheels, as these are missing from this car.

The interior of the Shelby is essentially complete, but given the potential future value of the car, a complete interior restoration is going to be required to return the car to its best. While the original wheel isn’t fitted, it is included with the vehicle. The only items that the owner lists as missing are the front seat belts, but he does qualify this by stating that there may be minor items missing that he isn’t aware of. In this photo, you can also see some of the rust in the passenger side floor that I was referring to, so it would be interesting to know what is being hidden under the carpet.

When we start to delve into the mechanical aspects of the Shelby, things begin to get a bit confusing. The owner refers to the carburetors and intake as being original, but the 428ci V8 engine and the C6 automatic transmission as being correct. I would take that as meaning that this isn’t a numbers-matching car. There are a few items, such as the original distributor and radiator, that are missing, but there is no indication given about the relative health of the engine and transmission. I find this very frustrating when you consider how much money is on the line for this car. A bit of information goes a long way.

There is no doubt that this 1967 Shelby GT500 could be restored to its best, and once the restoration was completed, it would be an imposing and desirable car. My issue with it is that there are so many questions that are potentially unanswered, and I would want some answers before I would be willing to take it on. Having said that, there are currently 83 people watching the eBay listing, so maybe one of those people will be willing to hit the BIN button. Would you?


  1. 86_Vette_Convertible

    One of the Holy Grail Fords. This one would take a close personal inspection prior to handing over any $$ and should include sourcing all the missing parts along with the repairs required to get it back into shape. It could be a good car but it won’t be a cheap car IMO unless the buyer has both the skills to do the work along with a cache of parts to put it back together.
    Not for the faint of heart, it’s going to take some real effort and money to make it possible.

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  2. Skorzeny

    Hahahaha. A BIN of 75K??? More like 20K. Seller has Barrett Jackson-itis. And it’s an automatic…

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  3. doug

    $75,000??? Yea, right. I see another $100,000 to finish.

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    • CJinSD

      Only if you can do most of the work yourself and your goal is a nice 3+ or Condition 2 car!

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  4. TimM

    To much money for a car in this condition Shelby or not it’s upside down before you put the first wrench to it!!!

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  5. 8banger dave Member

    What Skorzeny sez.

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  6. Steve R

    The asking price is too high based on what restored cars seem to be selling for. Any potential buyer would be wise to subtract restoration costs plus a contingency fund from the real world prices of GT500’s. Of course, the seller probably won’t see it that way, if that’s the case, he might own it until electric conversions become mandated by the government. If the car is being flipped, he’d be wise to take a profit within a reasonable period of time and put the money to work elsewhere.

    Steve R

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    • DanaPointJohn

      The government will never, ever mandate gasoline powered cars be converted to electric. Please post positive statements that are true.

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      • Steve R

        Ok, an outright ban on fossil fuel powered vehicles is different. Dates for such bans have been announced in France, England, Norway and Sweden. California is exploding the possibility. I guess they can’t make someone convert, but if all you want to do is sit in your garage and look at your car, go ahead. Look for some large urban areas to proceed with bans, regardless of what states of national governments do.

        I would like to be positive, but you can’t hide from the truth of this prospect.

        Steve R

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      • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

        John, I don’t want to startle you but a number of EU countries have already started that initiative; as we all know more than a few politicians everywhere jump onto any bandwagon with the most remote numerical following just for publicity’s sake, so we may see that ideology come to fruition in densely populated areas..!

        RE: this thing for sale here..”WARNING Will Robinson WARNING WARNING!”

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    • Superdessucke

      I don’t know if they’ll ever force conversion from gasoline to electric but if the wrong politicians get into office, I could definitely see fossil fuel becoming prohibitively expensive, if not outright banned in some areas (such as large cities). That would have the same end result. Elections have consequences folks. Vote!

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      • Troy s

        Excellent point. I’m from California, the guinea pig state of the union. There’s just no end to this b.s…..and what happens here usually finds its way to the other 49 states in some form or another. Spot on with that,,..VOTE!!

        This former once glorious Shelby here could be turned into something, maybe not perfect but something, but for that much money it’s a good project for one of them magazines or tv shows really. Forget it.

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      • Gray wolf

        I am starting to invest with a horse and buggy company! Once it gets going I am beating feet out of Ca.!

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  7. J_Paul Member

    If someone is going to be asking $75,000 for a rusty car that seems to need a lot of work, a much more detailed listing and photo set should be a given.

    (should be, but often isn’t)

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  8. DarinMotini

    This unicorn is 30k min over priced.
    First of all if your trying to sell how about more pics of engine and serial numbers along with pics of carb #’s etc.

    You say serious inquires only ..that works both ways on be a serious seller with Marti report and numbers and registry )..
    you can hide some of the beginning numbers if your freaking out but to me this is a crap shoot on a rough car….

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  9. Gaspumpchas

    This car was sold by a friend of mine 2 weeks ago. this car is bent beyond belief. it was in an accident where it looks like the car went airborn and landed on the front end; front frame rails bent, rear frame rails are bent and the opening for the windshield is racked. Someone attempted to put an engine in it and the opening is so skewed they actually torched the left shock tower to get the engine to sit in the compartment. the engine is out a 67 thunderbird, but it is a genuine 428. I’m thinking the new owner got it home and found out how badly its bent. I’m sure a good unibody man could fix it, but like I said, it is bad. Sticker in rear window says the car was in a Shell oil race in 67 and 68; car was originally owned by a woman from Westchester county, NY. Yep, fixable–but look it over carefully.I know what the sale price was, and the new owner isn’t making a lot of scratch on it. Good luck , hit me up if you need any info.

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    • Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

      Good lookin’ out for the rest of us BF readers! Thank you, gaspumpchas.

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  10. Lance Nord

    The seller is on crack. At best, he has a restoration project that will cost an easy six figures and then it still won’t have a numbers matching drivetrain. Numbers matching Shelby GT500’s are selling for $150K – $200K. Sorry dude… at 75 large, there’s no meat left on the bone. Now there’s indication that the frame may be tweeked beyond repair? Ha! Sounds like this might be a parts car… at best. Anyone with two connecting brain cells would never buy this car when they can buy one already restored for the same price and zero headaches.

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    • Rob S.

      Lance, you are not going to find ANY GT 500 that has been restored for this price! Dream in one hand and …. in the other. Take a guess which will happen first.

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  11. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    What Keith said….

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  12. FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

    I have to agree with Lance Nord, especially since it seems the frame is badly bent. For what this guy is asking, plus the restoration costs and sourcing expensive missing Shelby bits, it just doesn’t make sense to pour a lot of money into a Shelby that will not have a numbers matching motor. It would be a lot cheaper to buy a done Shelby with a non-original motor. Or a clone. This is at best a parts car with a fairly valuable VIN.

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  13. michael h streuly

    That car is a junk pile. Melt it down for scrap. End of line.

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  14. jeff Member

    as the movie Christine , Ya cant polish a turd.
    Time to say.NEVER MIND and move on to something restorable. Some one once said the Titanic is restorable.


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  15. BillConners

    A 428 thunderbird engine is not the same engine … not period correct (nice try to play the buyer)
    The frame rails could be replaced but front and nack and sooo warped one had to force the engine??????? To sit?

    I imagine the drive and handling and lousy steering ? Keep it under 35 mph to car shows……or crawl..
    Windshield frame is even warped ..

    So Bo and Luke drove it like they stole it..
    And jumped stuff to kill it…

    Now you thought you stole it till realization it’s a junk pile with your money lost..

    Buyer beware the pyramid shell game is over…

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  16. plwindish

    This “holy grail” Ford is too far gone and has way too much daylight showing through the passenger side floor to be considered anything other than a parts car. I’m wondering if anyone would feel there’s enough value in the vin’s to graft them on to another pony and pawn it off as an “original” Shelby.

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