Unbelievable Barn Find In Minnesota!


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I just could not believe the patina of this terrific barn find! Still wearing it’s original paint and trim after all these years, I wouldn’t change a thing other than relocating it to my property! It’s located in Isanti County, Minnesota and is up for sale here on barngeek.com. Although a price is not listed, the seller does make the now-standard threat that the find will be scrapped if a buyer isn’t found soon! You can see from this picture that the roof covering has deteriorated, but at least some of the broken windows have been covered to prevent further interior issues.


The original “Gambrel” frame of this find is around 100 years old and is the full-size 30 x 74 model. Interestingly, there was a unusual accessory added at delivery. It’s a super-rare patented round trunk, and it comes complete with an operational loading helper mechanism! I love the two-tone red and white finish, with the dark trim setting off the top nicely!


Here’s the commission plate from that accessory trunk! We can’t date it exactly, but based on the patent dates being just before the original build, I’m guessing it was added by the dealer and has accompanied the barn find it’s entire life. How cool it is to have not just the find, but this terrific addition! I’m not sure about the original paint claim, though, as even the fasteners are covered with what I can only assume is over spray. Maybe some of our Barn Finds readers know more about these rare accessories than I do and can make sure that our grainy facts are stored correctly? I was able to find out that the accessory manufacturer eventually branched out into other accessories, including an automatic liquid dispensing device.


The seller mentions that there are some structural issues, and they are apparent in this picture of the interior. They even recommend a complete teardown and rebuild! Still, there’s a lot of good structure and patina here, and I’m hoping someone can purchase this find and sympathetically restore it while retaining the patina. Heck, this find is so large you could actually use it to store some of your other barn finds! So are you up for raising this find back to it’s former glory? Perhaps you could purchase it today on April first?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Rando

    Nice but needs a LOT of work to make it usable. Probably a lot of rot going on. I’d rather have a POLE BARN – that’s a REAL BARN…

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  2. MF

    Reminds me of the movie “days of thunder”…..great work shop in the upper level, come on over we’ll pull a cork and talk about racing and women…..Ha!
    I always wondered how scary it would have been to actually drive a car up the ramps to get it in the second level.

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    • careyMember

      I put a ramp on my old 100 year old barn its a kick putting cars up in the hay mow !!!!!!! I put 3 spitfires and two mga’s up there still room for 1 more till I build a ramp for the other side !!!!!!!!

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      • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

        Carey, I’d love to see a picture of that!

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  3. p

    Ran when parked.

    Look at the patina.

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  4. KC

    Easily capable of handling 50 more horsepower!

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  5. Bill

    “I know what I have. I’m not going to give it away”.

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  6. Roger Owen

    Aha! A ‘Barn Find’

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  7. John K

    Great platform to make a Rusticmod

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  8. Mark S

    Up in ab Canada if you own an old farm you can apply to the government to have the property declared a heritage site. The government will give you grant money to restore and maintain all the original buildings on a cost shared basis the catch is the property has to remain period correct. The other condition is who ever buys it from you later on is subject to the same rules, and also the grant money. The builds have to be maintained and can’t be torn down. They are subject to random inspection as well. This is a great way to ensure that these heritage building are preserved.

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  9. Duffy

    Can you tell me if there is any rust in the floors? Is all the glass in tack? Is it a roller? Will it go up on a transporter? Any information would be appreciated.

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  10. Rick Aufderheide

    I don’t know why I was surprised to find an actual BARN on BARN FINDS. NICE!

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  11. geomechs

    That’s like winning a ‘door prize’ and finding out that you won an old door…

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  12. Alan (Michigan)

    I like it….
    But my trailer is too small.

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  13. grenade

    How much is shipping to 44192?

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      A LOT! Bales and Bales of money…

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      • David Frank DavidMember

        Hay! That’s funny!

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  14. Joe Nose

    AC probably needs a recharge.

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  15. dutchb340

    How many doors is this thing? I don’t want no 4-door :-)

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  16. wagon master

    Ohhh, now I get it …. April fools day!

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  17. Mr. Bond

    Drop a SBC into it!

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  18. Rick II

    Rando, comparing a pole barn to this beauty is like mentioning Miley Cyrus in the same sentence as Raquel Welch….

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    • Jamie Palmer JamieAuthor

      One of the best comments of the day!

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  19. Paul R.

    And remember folks, You didn’t plug in a skill saw to build this thing!
    I can’t imagine how anything was built before power tools were invented. It was all because of necessity. My hand saws are just something to look at.

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  20. HoA Howard AMember

    Just a matter of time before a barn actually showed up here. Get the Amish out there, they’d have it down and up lickity split.

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