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Uncle Olaf’s Hot Rod: 1967 Volvo P1800 S

Sometimes, a non-original classic rubs us the right way. A modified Volvo P1800 might not be the first model that comes to mind, but we’ve seen worse. The ’67 P1800S featured on eBay has lead an interesting life, and is said to have been raced at Colorado’s Steamboat Springs in the early 90’s. In addition to the car, the auction includes an assortment of new and used parts. Find it here on eBay in Arvada, Colorado with bidding at $3,050, reserve met, and less than a day left.

When Volvo rolled out its first P1800, the sleek sports car was produced in England under a contract with Jensen. This arrangement occurred after the first vendor, Karmann, backed out of a similar deal when Volkswagen voiced its displeasure with the specialty builder working for a competitor. After the initial run of 6,000 cars with Jensen, Volvo took control of the manufacturing process, hence the ‘S’ designation indicating Swedish assembly.

Although this 1967 model originally came with a B18 engine good for 115 b.h.p., its owner has upgraded this one to the later B20 motor that produced 118 horses. Then, there are the mysterious modifications: apparently, the B20 has a hotter cam, headers and an aftermarket side-exit exhaust system to give it a bit more juice. Suspension-wise, we spy bigger sway bars and possibly a lowering kit, but the new tires are said to be larger than stock diameter and could just be filling out the wheel wells. The seller also notes that the interior is fitted with racing harnesses, offering another glimpse of this car’s history at Steamboat.

The car is said to be “better than average” body-wise, and the only noticeable rust appears limited to the surface area alongside the rear glass. It looks as if someone began wet-standing the body to bring the green paint back to high-gloss condition. Most of the chrome trim is present and accounted for, though the seller notes the grill will come unattached. No mention is made of the condition of the electrical systems, but after being stored for ten years, we imagine there might be some issues lurking. The seller notes that a new windshield is included with the sale of the car.

While it”s oftentimes more desirable to find an all-original car in the barn, this P1800S will bring its next owner stories of charging through the 1.7 mile road course in the Colorado mountains. This seductive Swede will definitely be a conversation starter at the next cruise-in or autocross, and despite its alterations from stock configuration, we think it’s worth a chance. Do you?


  1. Danny

    With alittle TLC that baby will be gorgeous, loving the curves of that body

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  2. Foxxy

    I have wanted one of these for a long time. I wonder why he danced around the rust issue. No more than this , maybe less then that like all cars rust the same. I’ll wait. jmo

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  3. Jeff

    I’ve luved the design of the 1800 for many years, this one has potential.

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  4. Catfishphil

    Sounds great for the money – and if modified, all the better. At least the PO kept it Volvo. Would love to own this coupe! Been seeing “The Saint” reruns on TV lately…

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  5. Dave @ OldSchool

    BEWARE ….NOTHING indicates this was EVER raced, unless you consider the parking lot sticker for Steamboat. NO safety mod’s…NoO race mod’s…NO rollbar, NO race belts, ..all stock engine compartment … this is a wannabee racer, not a Vintage Race Car … with issues

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  6. Doug M Member

    I think it’s the wider rims that makes this speak to me. Those stock rims are generally a bit skinny for my taste. Nice color, too. I have an 1800ES wagon, but am thinking of trying a coupe some day.

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  7. Bob W.

    Had a 1970 1800E back in ’74-76. Great car. If this thing had a title, I would jump on it. $3,300 with 3.5 hours to go!

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  8. Jamie

    Dave@oldschool… evidently you don;t see the 5 pt harness installed.. the missing back seat, etc.. no one has stated this was a factory built race car.. it was raced in the early 90’s… not the 60’s.. I love how people gotta nit pick these things apart like someone’s gonna get scammed or something..

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  9. Chris Junker

    This one needs to be carefully checked out for rust. The rear quarters are notorious rust traps as are the rockers and this one shows rear quarter work. If you are able to do your own body work, this could be a buy as the engine mods do make sense and B20 engines are (almost) bulletproof.

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  10. Terry Parkhurst

    The important thing is the body is straight; so it can be restored to its original state – which it should, to maintain resale value and because Volvo did a better job of industrial design than whoever messed with this P1800.

    Also important is the fact that the engine bay is clean – no signs of oil leakage and the hoses and other rubber indicate this car was well cared for, mechanically.

    Still with that surface rust and the work to set it straight, it’s worth about $3,000, maybe $3,750.

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  11. 6point3

    I agree : this car will look good again with a little effort.
    I don’t know to like the earlier ones or better have a later version of these.
    I think the motors are better in the later cars.
    It had a little over $3000 bid, with 18 h to go, not bad…,.
    then spiked to a hefty $4325.08 finish….

    Bid History

    Item number:160783665470 Item Title: Volvo : P 1800 S sports car
    Winning bid: US $4,325.08
    Bidders:8 Bids:11 Time Ended:Apr-22-12 18:00:00 PDT Duration:7 days
    Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time
    Member Id: d***0( 207) US $4,325.08 Apr-22-12 17:59:56 PDT
    Member Id: o***i( 46) US $4,275.08 Apr-22-12 17:59:56 PDT
    Member Id: 5***a( 1127) US $4,200.00 Apr-22-12 17:59:55 PDT
    Member Id: 5***a( 1127) US $4,200.00 Apr-22-12 17:59:56 PDT
    Member Id: w***o( 184) US $3,355.99 Apr-22-12 06:37:32 PDT
    Member Id: b***6( 96) US $3,250.00 Apr-16-12 17:57:43 PDT
    Member Id: w***o( 184) US $3,100.00 Apr-22-12 06:37:10 PDT
    Member Id: m***1( 0 ) US $3,000.00 Apr-20-12 11:44:21 PDT
    Member Id: 1***a( 27) US $2,800.79 Apr-15-12 23:41:30 PDT
    Member Id: b***6( 96) US $2,750.00 Apr-16-12 17:53:28 PDT
    Member Id: w***l( 28) US $2,000.00 Apr-16-12 13:49:49 PDT

    Starting Price US $1,850.00 Apr-15-12 18:00:00 PDT

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