Uncovered: 1965 Mustang

Seen with its cover partially removed, this Mustang project car has been waiting for a father-son project that sadly never came about. Now the car is for sale, with the seller being only the second owner! It’s located in Orangevale, California and is listed for sale here on eBay. Bidding is at just over $5,000 as I write.

It’s a shame the seller decided to only uncover one side of the car; it would be nice to see the passenger side as well. It certainly looks solid on the driver’s side, although the cream color could be hiding all kinds of issues. The seller does have the original hubcaps that will be included with the sale.

Here’s what the front looks like up close. I don’t think there’s any filler in there, but I can’t swear that at all. I do know there’s some dents and dings that you’ll need to look at closer to decide what you think of the body. I do like the five lug rather than four lug wheels, indicating (I think) that this car has some heavier-duty components. The only thing we can tell from the serial number provided is that the car was originally equipped with a 2-barrel 289 cubic inch V8 and was produced in San Jose, California.

We don’t get to see much of the interior, either, but it’s nice to see this underdash air conditioning unit. I think this is a dealer-installed air conditioner but I’ll bet there’s a Barn Finds reader out there that can tell us more.

And here is that 289 V8. The seller tells us that the car starts easily and runs well. The original two barrel carburetor has been replaced with a Holley four barrel version and I believe the intake manifold has been replaced as well. The seller says that the original manifold and two barrel carburetor are included with the sale. I don’t think I’d put it back on, but that’s me. I would spend some time cleaning up the rat’s nest of wiring on the left hand side of this picture. So is it worth it? You tell me!





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  1. Al D

    This one looks like it’s worth a closer look. Maybe one older repaint, maintained but not butchered and complete. If there’s no significant rust to deal with, someone could end up with a nice coupe here if the rest of the car looks like this side.

  2. 68 custom

    FYI Jamie all 60s Mustangs and Falcons had 5 lugs wheels and better suspension components when equipped with a V8. and I have only seen those underdash units on 64/ 66 Mustangs never seen vents on the dash. looks like a decent car at a good price. the rats nest of wire looks like wiring for an amplifier.

    • David

      Starting in ’67, all a/c was in dash

  3. JW

    The coupes are becoming more popular for modifiers since the fastbacks are becoming to high priced to modify. This would make for a decent father & son/daughter project if the price stays low as most sell for around 3 to 5K when little body work needed, they produced millions of these so plenty to choose from. This one deserves a closer inspection.

  4. dirtyharry

    That under dash unit, is the only A/C system offered in that year. I recall how much noise they made when on, but they were cold! As with most used cars I read about, there is nothing wrong with it, just needs a charge to work.

  5. Dan

    Only 6 cylinder cars had the 4 lug wheels….

  6. Mark

    I had a ’65 and ’66 coupe.The majority of the restoration cost often goes into the body, especially if you want it to look factory fresh instead of just a ten-footer. If this body is clean, it’s a good deal!

  7. Rustytech Member

    Uh, this does have 5 lug wheels. Engine looks very original also. In 1964 & 1965 all air conditioning was either dealer or aftermarket installed. I’d like to see more of this car, especially the underbody and frame rails. Looks like a nice find.

    • David Daniel Dailor

      I can’t tell is it a standard or automatic anyone know.

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

        It’s both listed as an automatic on eBay and the pictures confirm it.

      • RayT Member

        That chrome T-handle in front of the a/c unit should tell you this has an automatic.

    • David Daniel Dailor

      Didn’t check the eBay site shouldve hahaha thanks

  8. Barzini

    It is currently listed on Craigslist for $8500.


  9. PLMBR

    Looks like a nice mostly original car. Rework the drivetrain, suspension, brakes,electrical issues put new rubber on all for corners and enjoy the hell out of it!

  10. RicK

    Like the aftermarket track bar bolted across the engine bay to minimize flex on hard cornering. Yeehaw!

  11. JP

    The seller is way off with the ‘260 hp’; a C code is 200 hp.

  12. Jack Quantrill

    A friend bought one like this that sat for several years. When he towed it home and fired it up it leaked from all orifices! Gaskets and seals were dried out. Cost him plenty to remedy. This must be the case with most barn finds.

  13. Mike Williams

    All the factory air’s came under the dash the first 2 years and this one looks all original. I’m glad to see it’s a v8. You don’t want to start with a 6 cyl and 4 lugs on a new project. You’ll spend way to much converting it to a v8.

  14. Mike Williams

    Wow, a one owner car from the Sacremento area with a 4 barrel upgrade.

  15. rojo

    I have a 1965 ford mustang convertible that I purchase back in 1968 from a guy who owned Palos Verdes Cleaners a community south of L.A. on the coast line. It’s completely original with the window sticker and dealers sale papers. I’ve been offered since that time from $25 to $5000. GOD has blessed me with all the money I need and I’m not rich. So I just like to walk down to the barn and kick the tires once in a while.

  16. Wagon master

    If this car truly runs and drives, I’m surprised he didn’t sell it on CL. An early v8 AC coupe in this apparent condition (no PS I can see) is all that’s left in the affordable mustangs at $7500 – $8000.

  17. rojo

    Had to dig into the photo’s for this one posted above comment “ROJO”.

  18. james boyd

    Paint on the courtesy light switch on the drivers side, looks like overspray in the engine pic. Buyer beware. I love it but im broke and its too far. SAD FACE EMOJI

  19. Ty

    Looks like a original California car since that was the only state that required emission controls that year. The tube from the breather to the oil fill cap indicates it is so equipped. Probably a solid starting point for somebody. Paying a little more for a good complete solid car will pay huge dividends later.

  20. rando

    A father/son thing would be fun. I have two sons, though. The 16y/o would not care a thing about getting his hands dirty. The 9 y/o would be right beside me. At for a while. Daughter would have lost interest after a while. She’s 21 now and moving on in her own world.

    This past weekend was my weekend with the boys and the 9 y/o & I had a great time working on the pinewood derby car. We do build models toegehter and he usually helps with whatever project I have going on. And being he’s little, he can retrieve things from down low. I call him my “tool rat”.

    • JW

      rando same here, when my 2 boys were younger and at home the older one hated getting dirty so he would rather buy his cars done and now he makes the money to do it, now the younger boy loves getting his hands dirty and was a big help and now he owns 2 Dodge Ram diesel 4×4’s a S10 bogger 4×4 and a Ford Excursion for his wife and 3 kids. He does his own mechanical repairs on all of them himself. He is going through the same thing, oldest grandson doesn’t want anything to do with wrenching while the younger grandson and granddaughter loves getting in to the middle of it all.

  21. ags290

    These are great cars for Father/Son/Daughter projects. They are plentiful and reasonably priced. They are easy to work on and everything, let me stress that word, EVERYTHING is available for them. They can be very reliable, and with a few low dollar modifications, can be reasonably safe. My son and I went through an early 1965 Mustang that he drove daily to High School his junior and senior year. When he is behind the wheel of that car he really thinks he is somebody. He is now away at college and the Mustang is in the garage, but he drives it whenever he is home and it always brings a smile where ever he goes.

  22. Melvin Burwell

    My dad had one from 1965- 01. Learned to drive on it. He was known for his car. Too much $$ for me.

  23. Jamie Palmer Jamie Staff

    Sold for $6,600. Was it one of you?

  24. robert

    Not me. I probably will give mine away one of these days.

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