Uncut Fenders? Cheap 1971 Ford Bronco Project

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I’ll apologize now for the horrible pictures, but this 1971 Ford Bronco appeared on the less-than-ideal Facebook marketplace, which doesn’t encourage world-class picture taking. However, while it is an enormous project, I have to wonder: are those uncut fenders? The seller doesn’t seem like the type to know or care, so perhaps our eagle-eyed readers can figure it out. You’ll find the full listing here on Facebook marketplace for $3,500. 

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Chuck F. for the find. The Bronco shows ample signs of surface rust, and I’m sure being exposed to the extremes of Florida’s climate hasn’t helped matters either. The tailgate looks reasonably sound, but the lack of tail light assemblies indicates this has either served as a parts truck at some point or is in the midst of a stalled restoration. As it relates to the fenders, it’s at least encouraging to see the Bronco riding on standard-sized wheels and tires.

The seller notes there’s no title nor a glovebox VIN tag. This isn’t the end of the world, provided the VIN can be found stamped elsewhere on the truck. I’m not sure what’s happening with the dash pad, but I imagine it’s the result of prolonged exposure to relentless sun and moisture (anyone want to wager a better guess?) More than anything, it looks contagious. The daylight in the floorboard also tells you that rust has been an issue for a while.

The rear window gate looks like something left over from government or military use, and the Bronco’s location in Pensacola could indicate an affiliation with the nearby Naval Air Station. The seller offers few details on this Bronco, only noting that it “…needs total restoration, but workable.” You may have to call to find out what “total restoration” entails, but based on what we can see here, it involves a lot.

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  1. Bear

    Even the BEST examples of these early Broncos are prone to rust.
    I hate to think of the rust nightmare that is lurking underneath THIS neglected example!! :-O

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  2. joe

    no title!

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  3. stillrunners

    Should be gone by now…….

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  4. Todd Zuercher

    This was a perfect parts truck back in the day, but these days everyone’s trying to find one like this and restore it. That dash pad is crazy – I’ve never seen one like that before – and we’ve had some beauties here in the sun-baked Southwest.

    To specifically answer your question, Jeff – yes, those are uncut rear fenders. Doubtful it has any military heritage as Ford didn’t do many military Broncos except with several hundred 1967 models.

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  5. Mark

    Can’t tell, but it looks like the dash is covered in old carpet.
    As far as cutting the fenders go, your kid’s 1st grade dull ended ones should do the trick.

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  6. D

    Az where I live is hard on cars, but not FL hard..thats nuts.
    Ill stick with buying cars with no rust issues.

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  7. Jimmy

    I would walk away from this Bronco and I love the 66 to 77s.

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  8. Comet

    I like to think of these missing title rust buckets as a pattern or blueprint. Just replace every piece with aftermarket or NOS parts. When you’re way underwater and finished with your “restoration” the end result should be shaped similar to this overpriced pile.

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