Maybe It’s Time? 1971 Ford Mustang


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I think if this were an early model Mustang, the price would be a lot higher! We’re looking at a relatively clean, almost survivor-level 1971 Mustang that’s listed here on eBay with a buy it now of only $4,300 but even lower offers are being considered! The coupe is located in Effort, Pennsylvania but doesn’t seem to be wearing the typical rust of Northeast cars–or at least doesn’t after repairs? Maybe it’s time for these largest Mustangs to get some more respect?


After looking over the pictures carefully, I can’t see any obvious signs of a repaint here, but that green sure looks shiny, doesn’t it? Yes, this is a plain version, with original small wheel covers rather than nicer wheels, the coupe rather than the fastback (although at least in this case it means you can see out the rear window!) and skinny whitewalls.


There is some mild unintentional reshaping of the sheet metal in the left front fender and around the left tail light, but it’s nothing that couldn’t be sympathetically repaired to keep the majority of the paint intact.


Just a little dent in what looks to be largely intact chrome that’s a little pitted, especially on the rear bumper. The seller apparently is in the business of wholesaling cars, but says this is one of their personal vehicles. It’s nice to see someone being honest about mileage; it’s showing 25,621 but the seller admits it’s flipped over once. I’m surprised to the see the New Jersey plates, especially on a car that doesn’t look rusty!


Some closeups of the interior show splitting at seams, but as a whole things look pretty good. I’ve been trying to decide if there’s a crack in the dash or not, but can’t tell from these pictures. Even if there is, what I see isn’t too bad; the car must have been stored indoors. The seller does mention that the floors may have been replaced. I wish they had shown some pictures of the underside for us to see.


This is a 302, but it does have that all important air conditioning (which of course “needs charging”). Apart from the orange spark plug wires, things look pretty stock under here. So we have a pretty decent classic Mustang coupe with factory air conditioning, a 302 V8 and what looks like a largely rust-free body. If I told you just that, you’d probably be thinking 1964-70 and a price in the five-figure range; instead this car is a little newer and less than half of that. Do you think it’s time that the 1971-73 ‘Big Stangs’ got their place in the sun? Maybe you want to drive this one home?

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  1. grant

    Not my favorite color but a nice older mustang. I wouldn’t kick it out of the barn.

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  2. geebee

    I have always liked these Mustangs. It would be a real surprise if there isn’t lots of Bondo in this one, though.

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  3. Joe

    I’m in the minority that actually like this year ‘stang. If I had the dough, and was closer, I would check it out for sure. I’ve found that green cars were usually owned by older folks, and weren’t beat on like a more popular colors usually were

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    • Newtown Jack

      My wife & I joke; “It’s always the GREEN ones that survive!” – but it’s true (mature owners/drivers)

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  4. Bruno M

    I love this green paint and this generation of Mustang is my favorite!

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  5. Javelin Jeff

    Almost looks as good as a 73 Javelin,,,almost

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    • Sam

      Their are enough beautiful Mustangs. Let the Javelin have its place in the sun.

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    • AMX Brian

      Some even had a similar color. I had a 71 SST in Metallic Green

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  6. Gary Gary

    Effort, PA is about 70 miles north of me. Anyone in need of a look-see let me know.

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  7. Jim

    In my personal opinion, still no respect, especially considering it’s a coupe. Even the Boss 351 versions of this generation were complete dogs.

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  8. JACKinNWPA Jack in NWPAMember

    I was just thinking that I would like to park it beside my green 1971 Javelin and compare the similarities.

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  9. Tirefriar

    Let enough pass by and almost anything will start to look cool. Jim is spot on about the performance, or lack thereof. These are front end heavy and like to do pirouettes in the wet under heavy braking or cornering. BTW, that a/c will require a conversion – tack another $1200-$1500 to the purchase price. Nonetheless, still a cool ride for under$5k

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  10. jimbosidecar

    Never liked this generation of Mustang when new and still don’t. Between the extra added girth and weight and the emissions sapping any power the once mighty 302s and 351s had these were but a shadow of their former generations.

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  11. Van

    Looks like a ford executive cut out the rear fastback while the designers weren’t looking.
    “Do you think Mr. Ford will notice.”
    “No, just tell him it was his idea.”

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  12. Mike Williams

    I don’t know whats with all the Javelin talk, but they will never be as popular as the Mustang and
    this is a good example of the last of the classics. It’s already had some rust repair, so buyer beware.

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  13. Everett LanierMember

    I came out of high school in 71 and drove a white 302 one to the prom! Nice car i blue up the trans from shifting the automatic transmission! It was rented! I came across a 71 6 cylinder with Crager mags! Nice car but too light, i tolded it one rainy night coming home from working at the dealership! I love Mustangs too!

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  14. Old geezer

    2 doors
    Under 5k

    What’s not to like here?

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  15. Big Rob

    This was my first car in 1984. I bought a white Mustang Grande with the 302 for $900. I thought I was the coolest guy around! As stated by Tirefriar, they were front end heavy and back end light. One night after a little rain, I left a traffic light a little to heavy on the go pedal, did several 360’s, and buried the nose dead on into a telephone pole. Life lessons at 17 years old. I wanted to rebuild it, but I didn’t have the skills, or the money at that age to make it happen.

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  16. Geof

    Not trying to be too picky, but this isn’t a 71. It’s a 72. Having owned both, this difference is in the grill.
    The 71 grill has the turn signals in the grill. And the 72 has the bar running across it.
    A lot of people get them mixed up. The 73 has the the vertical rectangular turn signals next to the headlights. Love the Long Stangs!

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