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Unfinished Dream: 1970 Porsche 914-6

UPDATE 10/24/12 – With the help of some very knowledgeable Porsche Nuts, Andrea has decided to ask $15,000 for Tyler’s 914/6. She is going to get us more information and photos of the car. We will keep you updated as we get more information.

With the value of the Porsche 911 on the rise, the Porsche 914 has come into the spot light as a great 911 alternative. This is especially true for the rare 914/6. This 1970 Porsche 914/6 has been parked in this garage since 1980. The owner’s husband bought the car back in ’79, when he was 19, with the dream of restoring it, but sadly he never was able to finish it and it’s now for sale.

The owner, Tyler, passed away a couple years back, leaving the car to his widow Andrea. She now wants to see the car go to a Porsche enthusiast who can finish the car, as it was her husband’s dream for it to be completed someday. It needs work, but the body and paint look to be in great condition. The 2.0 liter flat six engine was dropped at some point and is currently sitting underneath the car. We aren’t sure what condition it is in or why it was pulled from the car, but hopefully everything is still there and nothing is seriously wrong with it.

The 914 was initially to be a joint venture between Porsche and Volkswagen, but Porsche felt sharing the product with Volkswagen would hurt the brand’s image in America. Volkswagen’s new CEO Kurt Lotz wasn’t a fan of this decision, so he ended the deal between the companies, leaving Porsche to carry all the production costs. This raised the 914-6’s price nearly to 911 territory. The higher price meant most Porsche customers went ahead and just bought the 911T. As a result, there were only 3,360 914-6s built, with around 1,800 making it our way. The four cylinder 914, on the other hand, went on to be Porsche’s best selling cars during its production run.

The interior needs work as well, but all the major components appear to be there. The 914 is without a doubt the most affordable Porsche to restore. As long as the mechanicals don’t have any serious issues, it shouldn’t be too expensive to do. We are sure you could find most of the interior parts this car needs in a salvage yard and shouldn’t be extremely expensive. It appears the car might come with some extra parts as well, including an extra removable top. The car was repainted sometime in the mid-seventies and Andrea has all the original documents showing the car’s history.

This could be a great opportunity to buy a rare Porsche. The value of these has sky rocketed in the past year, but Andrea isn’t sure what to ask for it. Without knowing the condition of the engine, it’s hard to appraise it. What do the Porsche experts out there think? Andrea is in need of our help with seeing this car go to a good home, so if you’re interested in it, click here to send her an email or you can contact her via the site she setup at Porsche9146.com. We would like to thank Andrea for sharing this 914-6 with us and we wish her the best.


  1. JKH

    I actually looked at this 914-6 in 1979 and passed, I bought a more OG irish green six.
    which I still have also, I paid 6750 for ti.

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  2. rallyman

    Check and double check the longitudinals and the hellhole! Those are not fun to deal with if the tin worm has moved in!!! That said, I’d live to have it, had two in the past… I’m a masochist, what can I say!!

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  3. John Chaney

    The -6 was a myth to me until 1988 when a buddy told me about the creature on the way to his brother-in-laws place. We pulled up into the parking lot at their new place, and behold!! a pristine 1979 914-6 was parked out front!!! Thus starts my love of the 914-6!!!Should have bought the next one I saw…..DAMN IT!!!

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  4. John Chaney

    That is 1969!!!

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  5. Dolphin Member

    These 914-6s have risen a lot lately along with their early 911 brothers. These will probably never be worth as much as a same-year 911, but they are great fun to drive and can handle better than a 911 because of the better front-rear weight balance, especially if fitted with wider tires than they were originally sold with.

    Will this one be worth spending money on? It depends. If the body is no worse than it appears, and there is no more perforation than the rocker panel hole that’s behind the passenger side door, then it may be OK. At least the car is up on jackstands so you can look underneath. Then your problem will be moving the engine so you can get the car on the ground to move it so you can check the driver’s side sheet metal.

    You’re not going to strip the engine down where the car sits, so check the engine oil—is it reasonably clean? Does it smell burned? Are there service records to back up whatever mileage appears on the odometer?

    Best approach will probably be to check the car out, then use the “money talks” route, not going overboard in case the engine and body need more work than you think. Best to bring a Porsche expert on this one. And whatever you do, find out first what decent driver 914-6s sell for and don’t offer near that number.

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    • Corky

      The hole in the rocker panel by the door is the hole for the jack to lift the car.

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      • Dolphin Member

        Right Corky, sorry for the error. Looks like the body may be really good, with no needs as far as metalwork. Have not owned one of these, so did not know about the jack hole. Now, if we can just get people to roll the car out of the garage for pictures with a good camera……..

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  6. Sam

    I like this, the color and the details like the rear taillight strip and the wheels are really nice. I’m sure this could be a working machine in no time, but the question as with all Porsches is how long and how much. Nice find. I wish the seller and future buyer best of luck!

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  7. Harrell Caines Jr

    where is it located?

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    • Alan Northcott

      10 minutes from Seattle, if you bother to read the website

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      • Garry

        No reason to be rude, nowhere on this page does it say where it’s located.

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  8. Marc Robertson

    Good luck with the sale. I’d love to work on it.

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  9. Tom Hartman

    Revisionist History !!!!
    REAL 914-6 s were built 1970,71, and a handful of 72s.
    Never 3300,, this number changes every year, the real number in 1972 was about 2100. tops.
    I worked at the dealer then, had 3 for demos, and have owned a 1970 example for about 33 years,
    I don’t claim to be an expert,, BUT I have seen a lot of Mis-information spread about these cars.
    The Magazine EXCELLENCE is probably the guiltiest party,, They have been down right misleading folks on this car for over 30 years…

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  10. Andrea

    WOW…. Thank you for all the feedback. I am confident that I can manage selling Tyler’s car with all the Porsche fan support. Cheers to you and to Barnfinds!

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  11. Europa TC

    The six teener is over rated. I like the four pot. Much cheaper and with a Raby engine can be made to scream.

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  12. Europa TC

    Well?……….what happened? Did someone here to take a peek? and their checkbook?

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  13. Andrea

    Hi there- I had the car looked over last week by a 914-6 local and have added lots of pictures to the website. He’ll answer any questions about the car. THANKS!

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  14. JKH

    Update, first go around, not much interest, I offered her 13000, and went to Vegas, She decided to give it one more try, She got 18k with a 19k backup offer, good for you Andrea !!

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  15. Andrea

    Hi All- Car was sold in March 2013 doe 18,000.
    New owner transported from Seattle, had it fixed up, and is driving happily in California now.

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    • Jesse Mortensen Jesse Mortensen Staff

      You sure this is the same car? We need to run an update on the site if it is.

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      • andrea

        Yes, it’s Tyler’s car.

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