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Unfortunate End To My First Hill Climb

Curves Ahead

The last couple of weeks have been pretty exciting. We drag raced the Torino, added another car to the fleet, and even attempted a hill climb! Since moving to Idaho, I’ve been wanting to participate in one of the hill climbs held here locally. I had missed the first one, so I figured I’d better order a helmet and get signed up for last one. Only problem was that I had the MGB torn apart because I was replacing the water pump and timing chain. So, I worked late into the night getting everything put back together.

Some Fog

The next morning I headed out bright and early. The B was running great and the drive through the foothills was exhilarating! As the elevation started to increase though, the fog started to lower. It was so bad when I got to the top of the hill that you could barely see the corners right in front of you. Not a good thing when are planning to see how fast you can go around them. Anyway, I got registered and visited tech inspection. The car passed, but I needed a fire extinguisher mounted within arms length. Luckily, I had picked one up before heading out so I was able to attach it real quick.

Safety Gear

There were lots of friendly people up there who were willing to share tips and advice. We all had plenty of time to talk too because of the fog. Finally after a couple of hours, the organizers decided to go ahead and start. Everyone was assigned to a group. My group was scheduled to run in the afternoon so I went ahead and volunteered to be a corner worker in the meantime. Basically, you just sit at one of the corners with a walkie talkie so you can be there to help if anyone wrecks or spills anything.


When I left my house that morning, the sun was shining and it was warm. I wore a long sleeve cotton shirt for safety, but didn’t even think about bringing a coat. Boy, was that a mistake! The weather turned quickly up there in the mountains and before I knew it, I was shivering under a pine tree on that first corner. I noticed some moisture dropping from the sky. I assumed it was due dropping from the tree, but the frequency of the drops increased. So, I called on the walkie talkie and said, “we had rain on turn one”. The reply was, “we have snow on turn three”. Oh no!

Is That Snow

So, they gathered everyone back up and we returned to the main parking lot. By that time we had a full fledged blizzard going. A few of us decided to run down to the ski lodge and grab a bit to eat. The hot chocolate was a welcome treat that I didn’t think I’d be enjoying so early in the fall. The storm didn’t look like it was going to let up so everyone assumed that the event would be canceled. I decided to call it quits and headed back down. It was an unfortunate conclusion to my first hill climb event, but I did meet some great people and you can bet that I’ll be there next year!


  1. JW

    That sounds like fun. The only hills around us are 3 hours away in the Ozarks and they are not that high.

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  2. sir mike

    SNOW?? it’s only early sept….anyhow here in PA we have hillclimbs but run to SCCA rules so all the safety stuff…yours sound a lot more fun…

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    • Eric Pitman

      I have raced in the Pa hillclimb series and if you are going full blast up a mountain rd you need all the safety equipment you can get, we have pulled some mangled cars out of the woods
      Eric P

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  3. Cassidy

    From your headline, I was afraid you wrecked your MG. Very wise to tip your hat to the mountain and schedule a rematch. Better luck next year!

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  4. grant

    Sorry you didn’t get to run, on a lighter note the wife says your B is “cute” and now she wants one….

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  5. jim s

    great that your interested in trying hillclimbing. sorry you got weathered out, a lot of events have had that happened this year. since you didnot crash or break all is good. so who will in the family will be the fastest when you all get to make runs up the hill? do they have ice racing events near where you live? since you have the miata now will the mgbgt be the next BF project car to be put up for sale?

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  6. J Kruskamp

    Glad to hear you were ready to give it a go, My friends at NHA are still at it and Bogus is the one to get your adrenalin up. I’ve been to that hill and Freezeout to work the course, and It’s a real cool group to hang with for a long weekend. My cars are in limbo at the moment but it’s good to hear that people can support the sport with their street cars.
    Formerly of the NHA , and still trying to get the Financial grove back to racing..
    Pintosopher, a Mary’s Peak veteran from ‘88,89,90 and 92

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  7. Nxpress62

    How’s the saying go? “A bad day racing is still better than a good day working…”

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  8. Bobsmyuncle

    Great looking car. They’ve caught my eye in the past 6 months….

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