Unicorn Mustang: Custom 1968 Ford Mustang

First of all, let me provide some important basic details: this car has not been permanently modified, and is being auctioned off to benefit The Albert Kennedy Trust.  Yes, this is an actual photo of the actual car, and yes there is an actual unicorn horn affixed to the hood. There are also wings attached to the quarters, and this car has a super unique, detailed custom paint job done by local graffiti artists. As it sits, this is a seriously cool conversation piece, and although I would probably revert it back to original, I would have to enjoy it as it is for just a little while! It can be found for sale here on eBay in London with bidding at £13,500.

As I stated previously, the modifications done to this car are all easily reversible. The unicorn wings on the quarters are magnetic, and the unicorn horn has been affixed to an aftermarket hood so as to leave the original one intact. The interior appears to be in excellent condition, minus the fact that the headliner seems to need a bit of reworking. The purple fluffy seat covers are out of place, tacky, unnecessary, and I love them! That being said, I would definitely remove them whenever I de-unicorned the car. Truth be told, these seat covers would not be out of place in this car in 1980s America, coupled with a Playboy air freshener and a Mr. Gasket food shaped accelerator pedal!

As you can see by the “before” pictures provided by the seller, they started with a very nice car! Fortunately, the paint you see here is safely covered by a rubberized Plastidip coating that can be easily peeled off, and will take all of the custom paint work with it. Peeling the coating will reveal this nice, correct paint and revert the car back to the condition shown in this photo. However, attending a few car shows in unicorn form would be a hoot to say the least! I just wonder if that enormous horn on the front would clear the top of my garage!

As anyone can see, this 1968 Mustang is a very nice car underneath all of the colorful adornments. No matter which form you chose to keep this car in, it would certainly not disappoint! This Mustang looks to be in near-show condition and is equipped with a 289 V8. The elephant in the room remains: would you drive this car as a Unicorn Mustang, or as an average ’68 Mustang that blends in at cruise night?

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  1. BronzeGiant

    “Seriously cool”……are you nuts??

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  2. 86 Vette Convertible

    No account for taste, but that’s my opinion.

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  3. jimbunte jimbunte Member

    When non-car people involve themselves in the world of classic cars, this is what happens. Every.Single.Time.

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  4. Donzi16

    Return to stock,A.S.A.P. Nice driver underneath the the Wrapping,Wings&Horn.

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  5. Todd Fitch Staff

    Yikes. So sorry I can’t “unsee” this. The ideal buyer is probably the rare 13 year old girl who also likes old cars.

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    • Leon

      Or the Cupcake Snowflake crowd

  6. Joe Nose

    This isn’t art. Or, if it is, I’d rather have a Calder-painted 635.

    • michael

      Alexander Calder painted a 3.0CSL


    I think the artist did this just to get all the bf prudes’ panties all up in a bundle! Lol!!!

    Its all easily reversible, calm down all you purists…haha

    I wonder when the next “my little pony” convention is….hmmmm it could work!

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    • Pa Tina

      Thanks for getting what is going on here. It is done to raise funds for an English charity. You probably would want to have something catchy to help raise funds. Mission accomplished. The Grumpy Old Men should save their outrage for something truly horrific such as a luggage rack on a Corvette. The Brits would say “Don’t get yer knickers in a twist”

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      • GOPAR

        I’ll take a Corvette with a luggage rack any day over something like this. Glad this silly mess can easily be returned to stock form.

  8. Chris Kennedy

    Umm… I am all about being creative but…. I question who installed that headliner!

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    • James

      On these Mustangs you have to take out the front and back glass, and sometimes the roof door seals and runners to properly install the headliner. Apparently they tried to put it in by “tucking” the edges and that’s what it will usually look like when you are done.

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  9. Dolphin Member

    At first I had that age-old question, “Why?”

    And then I saw the words “pride parade car” in the Ebay listing. I guess that’s about as close to an answer as I’m going to get.

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  10. Fran

    I think, I feel sick….here is my Barn Find. it sat since 1975-2014 California car.

  11. Woodie Man

    They could have been in the Pride parade in SanDiego this past weekend. A missed opportunity. Leaving aside the merits of the cause, inshallah that the rubberized coating can be stripped off…..but you still have a slushbox and a loose and wandering front end!

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  12. Rodney

    “Yes, and I am happy to see you as well”

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    • Steve

      I got that lol!!!!!!!!

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      • Rodney

        Thank you!

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  13. Gary

    It’ll still take a complete tear down to get that plasticote off. I’m also thinking it may have had the rear quarters replaced. I don’t see the side marker lights new for ’68 on the rear quarters.

    • C Carl

      67 rear view mirror too but the least of this girls problems.
      Maybe it’s a T-5.

  14. MFerrell

    A friend of mine has a Mustang he’s wondering what direction to take with it… I sent him this as inspiration : )

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  15. Don H

    68 should have a 302

    • Stang1968

      No, C-code 289 was still an option through the end of the 68 MY. J-code 4 bbl replaced the A-code 289 however, and there were no K code 289s for 68.
      I had a 68 C Code with a build date of June 21, 1968.

  16. Gerry in Ohio

    I like the unicorn grille emblem.

  17. Scott in San Jose

    My 10 year old daughter loves it. I fear that if I ever get my dream car, a 1940 Packard 120, she will want me to copy this.

    We have an an agreement that our cars are all of ours.

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    • Chuck Pierce

      I commend your dream car and support you. Photo for clarity!
      Chuck in Kansas

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  18. Mark Hopper

    “Some times during the night I have nightmares; other times when I am awake.”

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    Informed by my 9-year-old granddaughter that it’s not a unicorn car. It’s an ALICORN (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Winged_unicorn)

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  20. Rob

    Who in the heck would do this to an already good looking Pony??? I understand there’s charity reason behind it and i’m perfectly fine with that. BUT………………….what was wrong with the way it was??

  21. Mike_B_SVT

    Unicorn, definitely. In a world of belly-button Mustangs, if you ever have the chance to drive a Unicorn, grab it by the horn and ride it for all it’s worth!


    So true of aim with his marshmallow laser!


    • hearsetrax

      jejeje sent this to a couple of virtual friends of mine

      and plan to send it to a couple more later

      love it or hate it …. this is one pony car with style jejejeje

  22. Adam T45 Staff

    You describe the seat covers as “out of place, tacky, unnecessary”. A lot of people have said that about me and my sense of humor. This car and I could be two peas in a pod!

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  23. Mark

    Another sign of why kids can no longer play Dodgeball in school….

  24. Terry

    I guess I can’t find fault with this conversion (LOL) because I made my 65 into a drag car. bear in mind though that my conversion was in the early 70’s and I did very well with it at the track!

  25. Dan h

    I actually thought the paint was creative and almost kinda cool until I realized the unicorn wasn’t hanging from the wall behind the car but was attached to the hood.

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  26. KevinW

    This is a case study on how to bring on the complete ruination of a fine looking Mustang. On the other hand, my granddaughter thinks it’s the coolest car ever made!

  27. Coventrycat

    Shoulda found a low mileage GN to sacrifice.

  28. Eric M.

    I think the wings make this a pegasus, doesn’t it?

  29. Paul

    It’s seems to me if they left the car alone they could of gotten more money for it at the auction for the benefit?
    Not to mension saving the cost of the modifications.
    Although it may not of made it on BF if it wasn’t an “interesting” find!

  30. Chuck Cobb

    was this done at Counting Cars by Horny Mike?

  31. bill

    After reading the comments (some of them) I’d keep it in Unicorn form and hit every Mustang show on the circuit. (you’re right.. it does need the playboy air freshener…)

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    • Mike_B_SVT

      Indeed! What better way to thumb your nose and purists everywhere? LOL!

      Hmm… I bet this would have been a big hit at Cars & Coffee when Starbucks was serving thier Unicorn Frapachino.

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  32. Cris Carver

    It always grinds my coconuts when an “artists” does this nonsense to classic car. There’s of a ton of crud between 10-20 years old that would actually benefit from something like this. Though it doesn’t make me as ANGRY as the ding-a-ling who uses the classic car in a demolition derby!!!

  33. Car Guy

    I like the “before” picture……….

  34. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Winning bid:£15,100.00
    [ 19 bids ]

    • leiniedude leiniedude Member

      Ooooops, I believe about $19,620, US.

  35. Lorena Member

    I love it! So fun!

  36. Jonathan Foster

    This mustang was originally restored in Spring Texas. I bought the car as it was rusting away in a field and had it restored. Interesting to find that it made it’s way to the UK from Spring Texas.

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