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Unrestored Driver: 1967 Four Speed Corvette 427

Chevrolet’s second generation or “C2” Corvette left the ’50s behind with aggressive styling and modern technology. By 1967, America’s sports car evolved with the addition of independent rear suspension in ’63, four-wheel disc brakes and side-pipes in’65, and 427 engines in ’66. This 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe offered here on eBay and located in Petaluma, California represents the final year of the C2 and features the potent and attractive combination of a 427 cubic inch 390 HP engine, air conditioning, and a four-speed manual transmission.

Other sellers should take note of the detailed and well-written listing, including the fact that this car was not ordered with side-pipes but had them fitted very early in its life. It sat unused for about 20 years before the current owner revived it in 2013. The seller includes many original parts retired over the years when well-sourced replacements were fitted.

The original black leather seats look inviting and about right for a car showing 58,500 (believed original) miles. The seller has known this car for back decades, and states that “everything works.” The Corvette interior boasts full instrumentation in a purposeful and elegant European style. Chevy campaigned C2 racing Corvettes in in SCCA and LeMans and this final year C2 benefited from pushing these highly capable cars to their limits.

With only 200 miles on a non-original 427, this driver-grade Corvette should offer many miles of enjoyment. The 3.36:1 gears should deliver a balance of acceleration and reasonable highway cruising, the latter no doubt accompanied by the continuous melody of the stylish side pipes. It will take $60,000 to meet the reserve at which point the $65k “Buy It Now” price will vanish. What do you think of this refurbished but never restored sports coupe?


  1. Bill

    This is one of the coolest Corvettes I think I’ve ever seen!

  2. Bob_S

    When I was in high school / collage I work with a guy who bought a 1967 427 4 speed Corvette, same color as this one, when he returned from Vietnam. He would only drive it on nice days and took very good care of it. The last time I saw it was about 1976 and it still was in perfect condition. I bumped into his brother Tony, about 10 years ago and I was told that the car was in pieces up in the rafters of his brothers garage. I hope that Stan put the Vette back together and is enjoying it today. It was such a nice car.

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  3. Nathan Avots-Smith Member

    My father-in-law has this exact setup—’67 coupe, big block, four speed, and A/C. Most insanely fun car I’ve ever driven. He’ll love to see this one (and its price!).

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  4. Bob

    I love the looks of this car, and assuming there are no mis representations, I think it is reasonably priced.
    I had a 1964 small block coupe, and my wife still hasn’t forgiven me for selling it in 1970.

  5. Boss351

    I don’t understand the buy it now price on this one. Too many changes to qualify as unrestored in my opinion. Listing says non-original 427 motor, camaro 4 speed transmission, new paint in 70’s, door panels, carpet, and non-original side pipes. (It should have had these imo). In addition, some important parts are missing like lower radiator shroud.

    My preference would be to have the 4 speed L79 1967 corvette. I believe the high hp 327 motors were a better balance of drivability, performance and comfort.

    I say this as I have never driven a 67 corvette with the big block motor. It just seem to be too much weight and HP for the C2 corvette.

    • DRV

      Yes, but it has a huge cool factor…

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  6. leiniedude leiniedude Member

    Very cool ride! And fairly rare. I can almost smell the burning tires from here. Yesterday I was in town and saw a white drop top midyear. I had never saw it before and with a little over 10K people I thought I would have seen it around. That was a rare car also, blonde girl driving and six tail lights.

    • Pa Tina

      You sure you weren’t watching “American Graffiti” and you got confused?

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  7. Gunner

    A nice driver and the best year for the C2’s IMHO. Love the unrestored condition. It is not an orginial car however. Most concerning is the missing orginial engine. In reading the info, it appears as if the bottom end is simply a date coded 427. I am not an expert when it comes to Vette’s, but how does this one compare to an orginial and factory internals? 65K is a lot of money and I would say that if non orginial works for you, then it is a good buy nevertheless.

  8. Pa Tina

    65K might actually happen. All original would go way north of 100K and how many 67s can be out there?

  9. JimmyJ

    Does anybody know whe they call them C2’s when they are actually the third body style?

    • SamM

      This is the second design . The 53-62 share the same basic architecture under the skin.

    • T Mel

      And even the “skin” is hardly changed from 53-62

  10. Tony marciano

    The chassis was the same for 53-62.

    This is a completely different chassis.

  11. Dan Koch

    Oh man l love this Vette l wud put 8″ Rallye’s on the back with wider BFG Radial T/A’s all around & then drive the wheels off of it too! When l was a Senior in High School l worked for the Best Chevrolet mechanic l’ve ever known my Friend & Mentor Mearl Miller who passed away a a couple years ago R.I.P. Old Friend & thanks for a lifetime of Love for Chevy’s!

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  12. John J

    The license plate mount should be below the left headlight on air-conditioned 427 models for the 1967 year…my brother had an almost new 427-390 coupe back in 69 or 70 and that was where the factory placed it…guess it had to do with airflow to the engine compared to the 327 models where it was mounted in the center

  13. JimmyJ

    Thanks guys thought 53-54 were totally different

  14. Joel S.

    Only Big Block AC cars had the front plate off center for air flow.

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  15. NMCarNut

    Sold . . .

  16. Troy S.

    Great looking ‘vette with the mild version of the high winding 427. I hope whomever buys it drives it the way it is meant to be driven:HARD!

  17. jimbosidecar

    I had a yellow ’67 427 tri power convertible. I drove it everywhere including 3 cross country road trips. It was a local car from new, and a couple years after I bought it, the guy that owned the original hard top offered it to me for $200. Sadly, I lost it in a divorce.

  18. DL

    I’m seriously crushed. I’ve been watching this car for three years and had even been in contact with the owner after finding it on an earlier unsold auction.. now gone before I saw this post.. may ruin my laptop due to tears :(

  19. Mike Williams

    I love the car and the listing. This is the way to sell a car and this one is sold.

    “My reserve is currently set at $60K, with a BIN at $65K. Please be aware that if the reserve is met, the BIN price goes away and you will have to bid against others if you wish to attempt a purchase of this car.”

  20. George Mattar

    I realize this listing is old but John J’s comment about front license plate may not be true. I could be wrong, buy I believe this to be true only on 427 cars with C60 and Powerglide. In 67, you could order a 400 hp 3×2 427 with C60 and Powerglide. Even with non orig engine this is a beauty.

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