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Unrestored Stunning Survivor: 1968 Buick Riviera


I enjoy the restrained lines, especially the nose and tail, of these second generation Rivieras. And this one has been cherished since day one. Can you believe that’s original paint? The car is being cossetted in Yreka, California and is up for sale here on eBay. There’s a buy it now of $23,500, but you can make a lower offer. I’m sure that probably seems high to you; it did to me too until I started looking the car over.


That is one gorgeous set of design lines! My dad had a first generation Riviera and I have fond memories of that car. I also love the Buick rally wheels. I’m not convinced on the outlined white letter tires though, and given that they are only the second set of tires the car has had it might be time for a replacement set anyway. The seller is the original owner and has kept all the license plates and registration tags the car has had since new, along with a lot of other documentation.


What a car to drive through those mountains in! All the chrome and glass are excellent as well. I’m actually surprised on the quality of the shut lines on this particular car. Take a look at this video showing how the headlights appear; these may be the coolest hidden headlights ever!


For once, the interior on an all-original low mileage car actually looks the part! 44,469 miles are showing on the odometer and I can believe it looking this car over, even before looking at the supporting documentation. There’s even a surprising amount of room in the back seat (at least it was surprising to me).


The seller says the car only deviates from stock in two ways: the Holley double-pumper carburetor that is now under the hood and glasspack mufflers. The under hood appearance really is nice, with even the usually yellowed plastic parts looking clean and white (how did they do that?). I know I’d like this car, and even if it is more than I would think I’d usually pay for a ’68 Riviera, it might just be worth it. Do you agree?


  1. rdc

    Does look nice. Also, I love the classic looking wheel/tire combo

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  2. Mr. Bond

    Those headlights are cool! It looks like they rotate down in front of the grill! Love it. Wish I had endless cash and storage space.

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  3. Brian

    I have always wanted a ’65, but I’m digging this car!

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  4. Luke Fitzgerald

    See what can be done if people care – if all cars we bought were like this

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  5. Luke Fitzgerald

    And – more wind ups – in a Riv! – being flipped tho’ – however, find another one (or as a Serb said to me when I quieried a price – “go make one!”

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  6. G 1

    Front end is ugly compared to the 67.

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  7. Todd Radke

    My family owned a loaded ’68 Riv from new until the Recession and a need for cash forced me to sell it. I spent $45000 on the restoration and could only get $12K for it. Had it all: Protecto Plate, owners manual, CA registration papers since new, window sticker, original black plates and Turner Buick/Haywood, CA surrounds.

    This one is not a GS, doesn’t have the larger front quarter panel lights or the front bucket seat/console option. Does it have front disc brakes or the optional automatic climate control? Disc brakes are a plus but the automatic climate control is a nightmare. Ask me how I know.

    I also prefer these cars with a vinyl top. Not a fan of the white letter tires but all in all an extremely nicely preserved car.

    The Riviera Owners Association is of great assistance with technical information and locating parts.

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  8. ccrvtt

    The ’66-’67’s are my favorites. Possibly the greatest car design in American history, certainly on a par with any generation I can think of. The Rivs fared better than the Toronados when the grotesque bumpers debuted in 1968.

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  9. Roselandpete

    Good to see a Riv on here. I love all of them and have grown to accept even the ones from the mid 70’s.

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  10. z28th1s

    Surprised to see a luxury car bought new in CA that doesn’t have factory AC.

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  11. JamieB Member

    Nice car, but plain-Jane Rivs of this vintage are not going for $20K+ If it were a GS…well, not even a GS would bring that without some help at an auction like Barret Jackson.

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  12. angliagt

    This has OREGON plates – NOT CA.
    Seller could get in hot water with the CHP if he was
    caught,for not registering it in CA.

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  13. starsailing

    Well…love the Riv…as I had a 69. This 68 is a muscle car no mistake about it, 430 cube 360 Hp 475 ft lbs torque. Notice the Holley spread bore double pumper….just what the Dr ordered….Quadrajet can easily be twerked for more H.P. and better response plus primary bores good for better mileage. Glass packs less weight from heavyweight quiet stock mufflers and straight thought good for more H.P. Remove A.C. belt.. few more H.P. Notice air cleaner modified to enhance the Holley addition….Hopefully distrib modified/curved and timing played with…like I did to mine. Comes with posi…..and launches off line very well. Remove excess weight of spare tire…even more faster. Plain English….this luxury cruiser is a sleeper!
    Beautiful condition….RED….Wider radial tires good for traction off line…white tire lettering…uh….no…but could reverse the tires painting the letters black.
    As long as the engine is not knocking and tranny not slipping…..this has got the looks and the condition…did I mention it is red?….

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  14. ToniM

    Still overall prefer the ’65, but those headlights though!

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  15. Neil McElhannon

    Love the car. No A/C!!! I live Dallas,Texas the heat in the summer would kill you in that car. Needs a/c to sell here. Plus 2.000 to put in a/c. Oh well.

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