Unrestored Survivor: 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

It has been 53 years since this Roadrunner rolled off the production line. This 1969 Plymouth Road Runner is located in Gentry, Arkansas. The seller has it listed here on eBay for a Buy It Now Price of $21,000. There is also an option to make an offer on this unrestored muscle car. The Road Runner was originally painted Torch Red with a white vinyl interior. The car previously had a black vinyl top but, as seen in the pictures, the car has been neglected for many years. The seller states that, based on the sticker on the license plate, the car was last registered in 1984.

The Road Runner is said to retain its original 383 cubic inch V8 engine backed by an automatic transmission. When the seller purchased the car, it did not have a carburetor and the engine would not turn over. He wisely soaked the cylinders with Sea Foam Deep Creep and put Marvel Mystery Oil down the intake. After three weeks, he drained the oil, installed a battery and it cranked right up. The car has a new fuel cell in the trunk along with a replaced fuel lines and filter. The seller also replaced the fuel pump and thermostat. The car has power steering but not too many other options.

The interior is rough and will need restoration. The Road Runner has manual windows, console, and bucket seats. The brakes have received work but will most likely need to be completely restored to ensure that they stop when you want to. The seller states that the factory tachometer, temperature, and battery amp gauges all work. Most importantly, the Road Runner Beep Beep horn is working along with the wipers, lights, and heater.

The exterior of the car is rough but salvageable. The passenger rear quarter is smashed pretty good and may need replacement. The trunk pan does have rust through and will need repair or replacement. The hood is not original to the car. The seller states that the car is pretty solid from the top but underneath shows a lot of rust. A repair was done to the left front K member that might need attention. Hopefully, this car is restored and on the road soon.


  1. RoughDiamond Member

    Considering the price that Mopars go for this is probably a pretty fair deal. Seller says at the very end of the listing “Do not hit the buy it now without contacting me first”. What would you eBay aficionados say the reason for that might be?

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    • Terrry

      He wants to make sure the “buy it now-er”is serious. There’s a lot of flakes on eBay.

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    • steve

      I bought one of these in 1968 but mine had a four speed. Same color red but mine did not have a vinyl top……I wish I had the time and money I would buy this old girl and restore it. Time has taken it’s toll on the ROAD RUNNER and me!!!!!

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  2. gaspumpchas

    At first glance it doesnt look all that bad until you get to the roof. The roof damage is troubling. Rotten and It looks like a mud queen. If it was a 4 speed it might be worth the coin. Whatya think? Good luck and happy motoring.

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  3. RKS

    You’ve gotta be an absolute turnip to hang the survivor term on this wreck.

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    • Chris

      They call literally almost everything on here a survivor.

      “Oh, it’s been mostly restored… survivor!”

      “Oh, it’s just missing the drivetrain and interior, but the fenders are present… survivor!”

      “Oh wow, look at that tiny little spec of paint still present on the hood… survivor!”

      It’s the most over-used term in all of the car market, or at least on this site. I guess if it still exists… survivor!

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      • Gary

        I also get tired of the “survivor” label stuck on every fricken car they put on here. Just as bad as ” it’s a clean slate” a survivor is an everything original, paint, interior, wheels, etc. Just maintenance items replaced.

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  4. Stan

    Not gonna be cheap .. this one may attract a buyer addicted to the drug nostalgia.

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  5. Jim muise

    Put another $21000 into this car and you will have a very nice road runner worth $50000 + . This one is for the boy with a fat wallet!


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  6. moosie

    That roof is the troubling part, the right side 1/4 panel doesnt look that bad in the pictures to warrant replacement but of course in person it may be so.The few pictures of the underneath are troubling also. Seeing this car I didn’t feel old until it came to the 53 year part, I had one, brand new in October of 1968 when I was 22 years old.

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    • Gary

      How did you afford the insurance as a 22 year old? When I got out of the service I toyed with the idea of a fast new car but my agent told me the numbers and I did the more common sense route.

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      • Greg

        I had a 69 when I was 19! Insurance wasn’t to bad until I got over 4 tickets in 2 years!

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  7. George Mattar

    I cannot believe there is a mostly original 69 Road Runner left the way Chrysler built them. When I was shopping for my first car in late 1972, I found a Turquoise 69 RR hardtop four speed. The seller was asking $1,500. This red car looks better now than the one I wanted to buy almost 50 years ago. It was rusted and beat up. Dad said you are not buying that pile of crap. Luckily, I found a very nice 70 RR hardtop in FE5 with N96. Paid $1,200. Car is long gone and I am now 65 years old.

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  8. Terry

    This turd will need every piece of sheet metal AMD makes and then some. $20,000.00 is astronomical for a 383 automatic parts car. You can buy a nice 383 4speed survivor for less than you’ll have in this rotten turd when it’s done.

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  9. Sam Shive

    Here we have another (M)OSTLY (O)LD (P)ARTS (A)ND (R)UST That someone thinks is worth a bunch of money. I didn’t see one body panel without a rust hole in it. The roof looks like it’s ready to be removed and made into a Convertible. Keep the vin and the 383 and find a nice Satellite body and make your own R/R. OH, Don’t forget the purple horn…BEEP BEEP…..MY ASS.

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  10. trav66

    I agree with RoughDiamond. MOPAR values are way up there, I thought the asking price sounded like a fair starting point for being a #’s matching Road Runner that runs, drives and stops. Could be a drive-while-restoring candidate. The rust isn’t too terrible and it wouldn’t take much to prep the roof and install a new vinyl top.

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