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Untouched Since ’76: 1958 Porsche 356

What a wonderful car: a 1958 Porsche 356 coupe, parked in a northern California garage in 1976 due to a faulty clutch – and not moved until recently. The 356 remains in excellent, survivor-grade condition and is now a running, driving car with a healthy numbers-matching engine out back. The ’58 models were quite attractive and remain among the more preferred eras of 356 design, and aside from some very minor cosmetic issues, this example here on eBay looks like an excellent buy even at the top of the current range of prices for original 356s.

Bidding has cleared $70K and the reserve remains unmet. No surprise there, as the market for 356s has settled enough now that the truly special cars quickly rise to the top while the average or rot-boxes take longer to sell. They still sell, mind you, just not for the levels once deemed “normal.” Here you can see the only significant paint damage on the passenger-side rear fender, while the rest of the car looks to be incredibly straight.

The interior is well preserved, with reportedly excellent original floor metal throughout the cabin. That’s unheard of with old air-cooleds, as even some of the nicest survivors we see need floor repair. That speaks to the car’s long-term storage arrangement, which, based on the top photo, appears to be quite dry. The current paint shade looks very much like the original color of Silver Metallic, and the blue-green interior is nicely aged – but I’m not sure if the buckets are the original pattern.

Amazingly, the seller says only minor sorting was needed to wake the matching engine up again. They cleaned the carbs, installed a new exhaust and clutch, treated the fuel system to a refresh and started it up. The 356 is said to run well, but obviously a full mechanical shake-down should be performed. They don’t come along like this much anymore – an unrestored survivor you could conceivably go out and drive tomorrow with just the basic tune-ups and chassis updates needed.


  1. Avatar photo LMK

    Cool find….

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    • Avatar photo Porsche there is money supplement

      Nice nest egg

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  2. Avatar photo Shepherds Rule

    I like the German Shepherd better.
    It’s a cool car and wonderbar but pricey for a VW. 👀🙃

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  3. Avatar photo Doyler

    Nice German Shepherd

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    • Avatar photo Doug B

      Lol. Some pretty funny comments here. The German Shepherd looks pretty haggard. The car was restored. Well sort of. Like maybe 70’s style. Strange paint color and upholstery. But yeah detail it with like a gallon of arm-or-all. lmao.

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  4. Avatar photo OhU8one2

    I was just saying to my wife that we should have bought one of these back when they were cheap. Had a friend who had 9 of them. He had Speedster’s, Cabriolet,and coupes and a early 911 was his daily driver. Boy, if he still has them he is sitting on a gold mine. Looking at this 58′, I would get it mechanically sound and drive it. Maybe give it a good detail. I think it’s great seeing one that hasn’t been restored.

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  5. Avatar photo Steve R

    It’s not surprising that it survived in this condition considering where it was parked, Arnold California is bone dry for most of the year. What’s surprising is that a car like this was there, but then again, there are lots of winding roads running through the Sierra foothills and traffic back then was probably very light.

    It’s a nice car, it won’t go cheap, it’s is a good foundation for either a restoration or survivor style driver.

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  6. Avatar photo Sandy Claws

    Forgive me, but I will never understand the lure of this at this price. I could remind you that 70K will buy you a brand new Corvette that is 100X better then this car, but then I would get nasty replys telling me to leave this site because I am a new car lover, so instead I will remind people of all the great classic cars that could be purchased at the eventual selling price (prob many of them) A mint 1963 Stingray roadster comes to mind, ya could have that and a ton of cash to spare. Name your personal favorite, any of many will fit this scenario All I can say is that if I am going to have to pay six figures for a 61 year old car that needs a paint job, I want a young Grace Kelly to come with the car and sit in the seat next to me..

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    • Avatar photo Mike

      I’d take this over the “100x better Corvette” any day, but you would never understand that.

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      • Avatar photo Sandy Claws

        Mike, bidding is at $70300 with six days to go, better start saving your pennies. I could buy classic cars in better shape for a tenth of that. But, if you want to bankrupt yourself for a souped up old bug, you have ever right to do so. Just don’t hold out your tin car to me looking for change as I happily drive by.

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      • Avatar photo Frank Sumatra

        Sandy- Thanks for writing my post! I couldn’t agree more.

        Mike- Thanks for confirming every stereotype regarding Porschephiles with your condescending response to Sandy.

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      • Avatar photo Abe Froman

        I agree with you Mike. I guess that makes me condescending too, unlike those calling a vintage Porsche a “souped up old bug” or “The Most Expensive Karmen Ghia!”

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      • Avatar photo Steve R

        Abe, bitter people that want to control how others spend their money won’t change. They are set in their ways. They feed on each other’s self righteousness. Normal people don’t get so wound up with the choices other people make, not so with the people that follow their line of thinking.

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      • Avatar photo Sandy Claws

        @ SteverR, Mr R, where does it say we want to control how other people spend their cash? My post says people are free to do what they wish, but are we not allowed in this great nation to comment if we find how they spend it foolish? Its an opinion, like other parts of people, we all seem to have one. You P guys seem awfully touchy. I guess it is because you keep having to spend more and more to try and impress other rich dudes, and it must be getting kind of old, huh? As far as “bitter” goes, far from it. I can drive my more reasonably priced old cars and sit on a pile of cash to boot. bitter, heck no, I’m ecstatic with joy! Common sense, you should try it sometime, a nature high!

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    • Avatar photo SeaKnight

      A ’63 Stingray would suit me just fine over a 1958 356 any day!

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      • Avatar photo Sandy Claws

        You are a great American! Say, didn’t we fight a war with the people who made this car a while back?

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    • Avatar photo Robert White

      It’s a chick magnet and that’s the lure & status of this sort of rare classic for anyone with disposable income enough not to get cognitive dissonance on the buy and end up with buyers remorse.

      Vintage collectors will likely purchase this car for well below the asking price.


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      • Avatar photo Sandy Claws

        Ah yes, carnal desire, an old and trusted cause of many of the worlds problems. I do question if any “worthy” woman would grasp the value of this car, much less appreciate it. Said buyer, is going to have to enlighten her verbally, and when she sees his wallet thickness, then she will feign sincere interest. After that, buyer needs to tell himself repeatedly that she truly loves HIM, not his assets. Of course, when looking for companionship in this fashion, most do not think too clearly, kind of like making such a purchase in the first place.

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  7. Avatar photo Mounrainwoodie

    Now boys…..I would take either the Corvette or the 356….for different reasons obviously. The seat pattern and the seat looks like an early 911….but what do I know. Unless you have the skills to do all the different work yourself…buy car in the best shape for what you can afford… Cause it’s gonna cost a whole lot more by the time you’re done.

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  8. Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever

    THIS is how to sell a car to prospective distant buyers with great photos of the body and underside. There could be more of the interior, but….

    I will refrain from commenting on the price. But I will say that this old car is still fun to drive, with dated mechanicals and controls. It shows just how well Porsche filled in the fun factor for sports car driving enthusiasts 6 decades ago!

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  9. Avatar photo daCabbie

    The title to this article should be, ‘The Most Expensive Karmen Ghia!’

    If I had a hundred million in the bank I’d consider buying it… like James Dean said… no better way to die.

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    • Avatar photo Ike Onick

      da- I can think of a 100 better ways to die than in a recycled kraut ammo box.

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  10. Avatar photo Doug M.(in Oregon)

    Lighten up!! Some people spend a lot of money on Baseball cards!! They are just pieces of cardboard!! To each his own! Let’s all enjoy what we want to enjoy…

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  11. Avatar photo Fred W

    Something about the VW and Porsche world- same insanity exists with 23 window buses. But they have every right to spend their money any way they want. Just like we have every right to think there are better ways to spend it.

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    • Avatar photo Chris

      Dig the vintage gas pumps behind the 356 & the Shepherd must be guarding the stash lol .

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  12. Avatar photo Robert White

    This is one sexy car that is deserving of much tlc. Currently it is in the dog house along with the dog but with a broken bank account you too could actually be the coolest ride on the continent, man. If I actually had a bank account big enough to break in order to get this car I, for one, would do it in a pinch. Cars like this one are by no means a dime a dozen. And real car guys n’ gals drive classics that invariably break the bank eventually.

    I’ll get a lottery ticket.


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  13. Avatar photo Kevin

    Is the dog included I wonder? If not, I’m out…

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  14. Avatar photo KKD

    Actually, I find both the “tub” and the German Shepherd to be highly desirable. The ‘63 Stingray is also attractive just as the new Vette is impressive. My garage has all of these niceties, and, each delivers to me different rationales. German Shepherds are loved all over the world. Stingrays have been and are today awesome performers of their respective periods of manufacturing. Porsche 356’s are for the driver’s satisfaction of vintage performance that is simple and yet inspiring from every angle. Even on the balance sheet. To each his/her own!

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    • Avatar photo Tom

      James Dean’s last words, reported by his passenger, was something like, “this guys gotta see me”

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  15. Avatar photo Tom

    I had three 356s in the late 60s to 76.
    I liked myC and B but the D convert was my fave.
    I grew up with hot rods of all types but short tours in the Porsche’s were real fun!
    They were small and could be edgey but reliable and thrilling. They took a pounding.
    We were in it for the cars and driving them. I was priced out of the market and always search for another but I can understand their popularity. They were/are beautifully built, innovative and worthy of preservation.
    A few years ago I was at Amelia Island at Porsche’s 70th. Acres of the Marque. Every year. I dug the legions of 911s, well preserved 928s, ubiquitous Boxsters.
    I was still most excited to pour over the 356s.
    All mine were daily drivers and I put over 100k on one. I had numerous bugs and a few
    Type 3s. These were not even close to a 356.
    I’m at the end of the parade now but what a run. All my respect and cheers to anyone crazy for these cars.

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