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Unusual VW Bus on Craigslist

Unknown Model of VW Bus

Robert J spotted this rather unusual VW Bus while surfing craigslist. At first I thought it was just a run of the mill ’80s Bus, but then I noticed the same thing Robert did. The front end just isn’t like any other VW Bus I had ever seen. Not being the type to leave any rocks unturned, I decided this bus deserved some investigation. Before we dig into it, be sure to have a look at the listing here on craigslist. Thanks for sending this in Robert!

Studying this bus closely, I noticed a few things right away that could help in identifying it. First of all, the overall shape is very similar to the third generation Type 2 but with some crucial differences. Note the placement of the turn signals above the headlights and the style of the vents below the grill, both of which are different from the Vanagon. With the key differences pin pointed, actually identifying it is much easier. As I was searching the internet for info I remembered a friend’s VW Bus Camper that wasn’t based on the Vanagon, but was instead based on a larger work van. From there I was able to find the exact model with relative ease. I could just tell you what model this bus is, but where is the fun in that? Good luck and if you are VW buff, please resist the urge to give away the answer too quicky!


  1. JS

    Its a VW LT model. Larger than a Vanagon and usually with a diesel engine in the front.

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  2. paul

    I’m gonna go with Brazilian.

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    • Anonymous

      You do realize that one of the ‘tags’ says ‘German’?

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      • paul

        Missed that.

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  3. martin

    If you like it, you’ll find many more on the other side of the Atlantic. I’m honoring Jesse’s wish and not giving it away, but i’ll point you in a direction – find some european used car sites and do some searching.

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  4. Simcajet

    This is a first generation Volkswagen LT. Very common in Europe, but the early ones are getting rare.
    More info, as I am no specialist:

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  5. jim s

    it is to wide to be a type 2 or vanagon. it is still rear wheel drive or maybe 4wd, but the motor is in the front, i think. not sure what # it is. i will Let iT at that for now. if it was close i would be very interested in it.

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  6. Bob Yetter

    Volkswagen LT35 (or a 28 or 31)

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  7. Thomas

    It is a VW LT (Lasten-Transporter).
    Front engine four og six cylinders.
    It was very common in Europe some years ago.

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  8. jim s

    Volvo used one of the VW motors, used in some of these vans, in some of the 240s, i think.

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    • Bob Yetter

      Yes, The six-cylinder diesel engine was used in the Volvo 240

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    • Foxxy

      I had a ’80 240 volvo with a 6 cyl. diesel engine in it. It was a VW engine and was very gutless. It was actually a 260 body style, but was just called a diesel.

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    • C

      The VW I6 diesel was used by Volvo in NA, turbocharged and turbo/intercooled form. It was finally retired in the late 90s with the demise of the 900 series.

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  9. boxdin

    Type LT, comes in many styles.

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  10. RichC

    I won’t give it away, but I can see this is a 1st gen model.

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  11. Bob Yetter

    The engine is these things was first seen in the Audi 100

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  12. Peter

    It is just an old VW LT, was very popular in Europe.

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  13. AMonFM
  14. skloon

    VW LT 75-93 or so, I always thought were rebadged from some other make but are VW, front engine RWD in Europe and Brazil

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  15. Josh Staff

    Great work guys! So any guesses on the year and whether it’s a 2.8, 3.1, or 3.5 ton LT?

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  16. Levi

    I saw one of these buses for sale a while back that had been converted to a motorhome. I believe it is a Volkswagen Lt.

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  17. alan

    Built in Germany but the same nose was used by Kenworth on trucks built in Brazil. I had one once that had been imported from Germany and I needed to put US spec side mirrors on it. I ordered them from the Kenworth truck dealership. Bigger than a Vanagon in every respect and with a traditional front engine rear drive axle drive train.

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  18. Wiley Robinson

    They use these for garbage trucks in Mexico. They sell them as the VW “Worker” and they are bigger than a VW Bus.

    This one is an 81 model and looks alot like that one

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  19. Steve

    It’s an LT. These were very popular in Europe in the 80/90’s

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  20. guerzy

    Porsche 924 2.0 basement comes from VW LT petrol engine

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  21. Raymond Neal

    It is a broter or sisteer vehicle to the trucks that Volkswagen used to make The trucks had front mounted inline 6 cylinder motors

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  22. Raymond Neal

    They were fitted with 4 cylinder 2 litre and 2..3 litre gas motors and 2.3 and 2.7 litre deiese motors Thet came in a bus variant as well Built tough Made to last The trucks were called Midranger by Peterbilt

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