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Upcoming British Barn Find Auction


Reader Guy L. recently tipped us off to what looks to be a promising barn find auction in Bridgeport, England. Not only are there a number of interesting cars being offered, but a large collection of vintage automobile memorabilia as well. The auction house, Busby Salerooms, doesn’t offer much information about where most of these cars were discovered, but obviously they weren’t all found in the same barn. The auction is scheduled to take place on October 19th at their salesroom in Bridgeport.


There are some very interesting cars in this auction, including a ’68 Rover P6B V8, ’62 Falcon Bermuda, ’50 AC 2.0 Drophead, and a ’48 Allard M-Type. There are also several Porsche 911s, a BSA Bantam motorcycle, and even one of the BMW 7 series used in the wedding of Prince Albert of Monaco. The ’63 Mini above was setup for racing by a previous owner and still retains most of its competition parts, including an Osellei motor. To say this auction features a wide variety of automobiles would be a bit of an understatement.


The 1950 AC 2 liter started life as a saloon, but with only 11 dropheads leaving the factory, several saloons had their roofs chopped off. This one’s conversion looks to have been very well done and the auction house claims the car is currently running, so getting it back on the road shouldn’t be difficult. A few of the other cars are also running, including the Allard. The M-Type has only seen 31k miles, but had developed some transmission issues that will need to be addressed.


We would love to be able to attend this event, even if it’s to just buy some vintage automobilia. The auction house will be taking bids online, so perhaps we could still get ourselves the “Driver of the Day” jacket. If you happen to be in the Bridgeport area, be sure to stop by the showroom and let us know how the barn finds look. If you are not in the area then you can take a look at the catalog and let us know which items you want.


  1. Leo

    some cool cars but with the TOTAL lack of information on any of them I dont see why this listing even deserved mentioning. Just my 02….

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  2. ronhale

    The M type is basically a 1948 Ford with body by Allard, so a gearbox problem should be nothing more than a minor inconvenience to anyone in the USA.

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  3. Robert J

    If you are really longing for a Rover 3500S, there is no need to get your Lucas electrics in a fizzle buying something overseas. They come up for sale cheap in the US with unsurprising regularity.



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  4. jim s

    a lot of interesting signed F1 items. a (right hand drive) rambler, xke, allard and mini just to name a few items. if it had not been posted to this site i would not know about it. great find. i wonder how much the total cost of getting the daily driver jacket shipped to the US and thru customs would be. .

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    • Josh Staff

      I’m wondering the same thing Jim. I’d love to have it, but I’m not sure what it would cost to get it over here. It might be more work than it’s worth. Although, I’m sure I would look good climbing out of the GTI project wearing it!

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      • jim s

        i can not tell from the listing what size it is. the man of the meet jacket is nice also but again no size listed. but their site states updates coming so it would be worth watching. i was thinking i would look wearing it.

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      • Josh Staff

        Yeah I can’t tell either, but I’m hoping it’s a medium. With any luck they will get the auction catalog out soon, so we can find out.

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  5. Jeff C

    Want that Austin Cooper.

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  6. Don Andreina

    I thought the P6 3500 only came with the blacked out plastic grille. Learn something everyday on this site.

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  7. Mark E

    The ’62 Falcon Bermuda would be an interesting & affordable winter project…and you wouldn’t have someone who was a know-it-all about the marque who could tell you what you got wrong on the restoration!

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