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V8 4-Speed Stepside: 1967 Chevrolet C10

I know that fleetside pickups are the hot trucks these days, but I’m a big fan of stepside pickups such as this 1967 Chevrolet C10 stepside. The seller has this one listed here on eBay in Lander, Wyoming where I photographed a new casino a few years ago. That tidbit is basically meaningless but the city name caught my eye and being a random-thoughts guy, I can’t help myself. Hey, squirrel! The current bid price is $3,850 and there is no reserve and only two days left on the auction.

Even with the dents in the left front fender, I love that opening photo showing the spare tire alcove on the left side of the bed. As with many Chevrolet or Ford pickups, pretty much every part and piece are available so if the next owner wanted to just bolt on new replacement fenders and other body parts, that would be easy enough to do if they didn’t care about keeping the original – are you sitting down? – patina intact.

This was the first year for the second-generation Chevrolet C-10 pickup and they were made until 1972. Chevy called this generation the “Action Line”. In 1973, the new square pickups came out and GM gave them the mind-numbing name of “Rounded Line”. What? Jumbo shrimp. This 1967 shortbed stepside pickup looks pretty solid other than having a lot of surface rust and some spots to get busy with, welder-wise. I believe that 1967 was the only year for the small rear window but a big window may have been an option?

This truck has, I believe, been in Wyoming its whole life which may explain why it’s in such reasonably solid condition. The seller says that the previous owner got it from a ranch in Wyoming so it’s just a guess on my part. The interior could use a light dusting and… well, you can see for yourselves. It has a 4-speed manual and the seller has provided some pretty good photos for you online-only buyers. Here’s the bed. Oops, is that the gas tank in the back? It must not be, they don’t mention it at all that I can see.

The seller says that it has the optional V8 but they list the engine size as 292 which is the six-cylinder. The standard V8 would have been a 283 with the 327 being optional, according to the GM Heritage Center website. This one isn’t currently running but hopefully it’ll fire up without too much time or money spent on it. This looks like a great project truck to me, how about you?


  1. John M Cervini

    I see this truck getting you the red carpet greeting at most redneck bars..

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    • David kirschnick Member

      Oh yea . Wouldn’t have change a thing ! It would even help if it smoked a little oil

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      • Paolo

        It’s a Chevy, of course it burns oil.

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  2. David kirschnick Member

    Ship it here to Missouri! I could use it to pull my car trailer.

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  3. David kirschnick Member

    In Missouri. Contact

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  4. Bill D

    Heater’s been bypassed, my bet is the core leaks. It’s got a new alternator in it. Needs new lights on the rear–wonder what happened there, looks like vandalism. Could be the fuel tank was rusting out–the tank being behind the rear seat will make that obvious very quickly. And based on the VIN this is a 1968–“CE148T” = half ton truck, with a V8, assembled in Tarrytown NY, “8” as the 5th digit means 1968 model year.

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    • bone

      The Vin may be messed with if it says 1968 ; the truck has no side marker lights and the small rear window was a 67 only part.

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  5. ScrooLoose

    It’s Perfect !

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  6. moosie moosie

    I thought the hood on a ’67 had a slope to it more then this one does, so maybe according to the vin # it is a ’68. Hard to say cause its been on this earth for 52-53 years, a lot can happen in that time. It might run if it had a distributor cap & plug wires. This truck looks like an excellent builder, but please paint it.

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    • Gus Fring


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  7. Little_Cars

    Funny that the tailgate on a 1967-68 truckbed with separate fenders still used the same CHEVROLET callout in a font that began 20+ years earlier.

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    • Pugsy

      And continued until 1987, I believe.

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  8. Johnny

    Good looking old truck. Oil the emergency brake handle,re-do the brake system,the fuel system,tune it up,fix the seat and drive it and use it. I can guarantee you IF it was mine and I put $5,000 in it. People would tell me its not worth more then $500. Why is it when others have it. Its worth alot and when you have it.Its not worth much I like this old truck and would use it for what its made for.

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  9. Pugsy

    It’s a great score for someone getting into the hobby if the bids don’t go crazy as there is very little rust.

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  10. Glenn C. Schwass Member

    It has all the boxes checked. Amazing that the rockers are good, ( they NEVER ARE) and the door is what rusted. Doors are easy to get. Perfect to get running and use while you figure out what you want to do.

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  11. common logic

    you know, the cab may be a 67… i mean the vin says 1968, and Glenn C. Schwass said the doors are rusted, and that the rockers are good, maybe a previous owner replaced the cab with a 67 cab and put all the 68 parts (doors, hood, fenders, etc.) onto this and bolted it back to the frame?????? just food for thought

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  12. dogwater

    If the price stays low would a great project for a mod…

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  13. Phlathead Phil

    Eh, the mud spot on the right front fender says it sat a LONG time in the elements, as in “outside.” The second license plate on the tail says: Hey, I usetah have a camper. New alternator, bypassed core, dirty engine compartment…etc,etc = maybe $1,500.00 tops.

    Who knows what’s lurking in the trans or rear gears?

    Brakes? Gas tank? Seat? Radiator? This ride need a makeover big time.

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  14. Marty Parker

    This Transmission would be the “Granny” gear 4 speed and probably 4:11 gears.

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  15. ADM

    I hope someone buys it from one of those yuppie, McMansion neighborhoods, and keeps it parked in the driveway, just to aggravate the neighbors.

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    • Bill D

      A lot of those kind of neighborhoods have either HOA regulations or town bylaws that prohibit pickup trucks of any kind, even your brand new King Ranch F150, because they’re “work vehicles”. That goes double in any state where pickups have to get “Truck” (PA) or “Commercial” (DE) plates.

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  16. chrlsful

    oh boy, pretty close to my right hand work tool for 5 yrs. A ’68, same color, close to same rear bumper, but 4 WD farm vehicle. Back East here it kept its color better (less sun) a drk forest/kelly green. That thing helped me hand-build alota post’n board fence (even tho the owner hada pto auger –
    “Y should I ruin my good equip if I gotta guy to do it cheep.”) No dent in the fender for the spare. This think was an i6 monster. Took a 10 foot sno blower one winter when the plow would have never gotten thru a fricke storm. Blower musta weighed 8 – 1K #. Didn’t even slo it dwn !

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