V8 Build or Slant 6 Driver: 1971 Dodge Demon

Surprisingly, the seller of this 1971 Dodge Demon has actually spent some time and money fixing the rust on this rare-but-very-base model example. The car is supposedly a longtime Southern California resident with one owner since 1972, but it still has plenty of needs of the cosmetic variety. The seller proffers that it’s a prime V8-swap candidate or a restoration project if you wish to preserve the Slant 6 under the hood. Find it here on eBay with bidding over $3,500 and the reserve unmet.

That last part surprised me, as I wasn’t expecting a reserve on a car like this. The Demon is a bit of a rarity these days, but I don’t consider it so unique that a project like this is commanding any more than the current bid. Still, the seller did make some investments in its further preservation, most notably cutting out rust and welding in new metal in the lower sill areas.

The Slant 6 is one the more dependable engines Mopar ever made, but some enthusiasts may find its performance underwhelming in a car like this. Still, the rarity of the Demon alone would make this car a welcome attendee of any cruise night, so I wouldn’t feel any pressure to install a more impressive powerplant – at least not immediately.

The interior appears very usable as-is, and the seller notes that it came equipped with power steering and air conditioning that is currently not working. While it will need a full repaint to be perfect, assuming the seller’s handiwork is decently competent, some of the hardest work is done. Would you restomod or restore this Dodge Demon, or simply leave it as-is?


  1. Thomas Price

    Drop a Hell-Crate in it and have a blast!

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  2. Ken

    As is. There are already enough fake 340 cars out there. I’ve had two V8 Demons (original 340 car and a 360 crate engine). They look cool but they handle like a brick on wheels.

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    • NovaTom

      From what I remember a brick on wheels handled better– thats why so many ended up in ditches and wrapped around poles

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  3. Bob

    I’ve told that the Slant 6 & V8 cars took different K-members. Is that a load of hooey, or does it mean a V8 conversion is too much like work?

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    • don

      You do have to change crossmembers ; its a big job, but not that difficult – of course the thing now is ,you used to get V8 crossmembers for next to nothing , ( think beat 4 door dart for $50.00 ) , and now I have seen them go for $500.00 and up !

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  4. Rex Kahrs Rex Kahrs Member

    This whole thing makes little sense: you don’t buy this car for a slant-6; obviously you don’t buy it for the interior; so, if you’re buying it for the body, aren’t there plenty of good A-bodies out west that haven’t been welded on? And for a lot less than 3500? Am I missing something?

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  5. Rosco

    ’71 Demon with a slant 6 and factory a/c ?. Fix /update the a/c, throw on a set of nice period correct Mopar wheels and drive it!

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    • Little_Cars

      Agree with Rosco. Source brand-new (fed compliant and more quiet n efficient) Vintage Air components to make the factory AC work, tweak the slant 6 a bit and add proper road wheels. A friend did just that to his later 74 Duster and his air conditioned 66 Coronet sedan. Just your basic transportation with a biblical name to piss off the fundamentalists.

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    • Bigblocksrock

      Sorry, a car badged a “Demon” needs a V-8.
      Period. To call it that with a slant 6 is silly.

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  6. Pete in PA

    This thing is up to $4300!!! Are you kidding me? I bought cars like this for $100 years ago. Boy how times have changed.
    No way was that car originally red. Look at all the overspray on the fuel filler neck and gasket in the trunk. Gold interior and red paint? I don’t think so. Let’s see a shot of the fender tag to know what’s really up.
    I do really like these cars in all variations. My dad bought a 71 Duster /6 auto in 71 as his commuter, brother #1 had a 70 Duster B5 with white bucket seat interior, brother #2 had a 71 Demon green with black top, mom drove a 73 Swinger with 318 and air. I have a 72 Duster Twister with the 318 and a 3-speed. I could go on. But $4300! Yikes!

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  7. TimM

    Looks like a good body to start with however like previously stated the body is pretty much all the cars worth unless your showing off how much bigger you frigidaire A/C compressor is than your slant 6 motor!!!

  8. Jesse

    Leave the “Leaning Tower of Power” there, run a straight pipe all the way out the back and annoy your neighbors !

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