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V8 Powered Fun: 1972 Porsche 914

Porsche 914-8

When searching for a Sunbeam Tiger, you just never know what you might find. This listing for a Porsche 914 with a Chevy 283 dropped in here on craigslist is an idled project looking for a new home. If a 914-6 was out of your price range, it’s safe to say your ship has come in. 

Porsche 914 V8

I’ve always liked the idea of an engine mounted mid-ship so I could hear it right behind my head, but I really like the idea of 8 cylinders pounding away in my eardrums. The seller claims he used to turn these conversions out quite frequently and that a friend bought this one nearly 25 years ago. The 914 is painted a great – and rare – shade of Honey Gold.

Porsche 914

Those dual exhausts look like just the ones on a six-cylinder model, but with some extra V8 burble behind them. While the car has a few issues that need sorting, I’d spend a few bucks and have the seller get it as close to turnkey as possible. He claims the engine is an ideal match for the transmission, providing comfortable cruising with the ability to wind it out if desired.

1971 Porsche 914

While I love the optional 914 alloy wheels, the steel wheel on the front would be my preferred rolling stock of choice. What a great sleeper candidate, and a polite “No, thank you” to the 914-6 purist at the swap meet. All I’d ask for is a custom – and discrete – 914-8 badge for the rear end. This seems like a bargain at $6,500 if it’s done right.


  1. Avatar photo MountainMan

    Yes! I miss my 914 and would be thrilled to have this one. I know these have gone up in value slightly in the last few years but I think the seller is a little optimistic at $6500. Personally I would want to be in it for $3500 or so but I’m sure that he will find a buyer happy to fork over the ask. Seriously, what an absolute blast a V8 powered 914 must be to drive. As Jeff said, the little V8 rumbling right behind you must be like hearing your favorite music with the best headphones

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  2. Avatar photo Karl

    Iron block, iron head, iron manifold 283? So, what- about 600 lbs? Take that, plus the owners almost guaranteed over-estimated 300hp, and you have ruined handling that isn’t worth the small block. Build a decent flat 6 and keep it the sports car it was meant to be.

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    • Avatar photo Robby Graeme

      Who goes to the Herculean effort required to transplant an American water-cooled V8 into a German air-cooled sports car, and then ignores all of the better versions of the same engine? 283? Even GM gave up on it after 1964. A pair of free-breathing aluminum heads would have done virtually no damage to the wallet, and returned so many benefits. Iron exhaust? I’ll bet the water pump is iron, too. Well, the price is attractive, a proper replacement smallblock would be cheap enough, and the 283 would make a Jim Dandy boat anchor (or ballast on a sailboat), door stop, or (after donation) 550 lbs of roofing nails.

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    • Avatar photo James D Reeves

      Does the extra weight of the V-8 or it’s size ruin the handling even if you beef up the suspension and run Bilstein shocks? How much more heavier is the car with the 283 versus the 4 or the 6 cylinder?

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  3. Avatar photo David C

    I’ve seen several of these V8 conversions. They are pretty popular here in the south (Ga,) This could be a very fair price depending on what has been completed so far.
    I might opt for a more current SB though. You can get low mileage 5.7’s for $1000 all day. Still too far away for me to consider, but I like it!

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  4. Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

    Have to say the concept is awesome the reality probably not so much. BUT throw in a aluminum block LS and well.. Bob’s your uncle!

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    • Avatar photo David C

      There is a company out of Las Vegas that converts 914’s with the LS, the conversion is called the “Renegade” and they are impressive. I haven’t ridden in one yet but I’ve come close. It’s only a matter of time, and the next time I catch that guy at a car show!

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      • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

        Yep and 911s very well known. And proven.

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  5. Avatar photo Jim

    Now that’s a Porsche I can relate to.

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  6. Avatar photo randy

    I could easily drive this as well. I’d want an aluminium engine though.
    Or a 930 turbo engine or……

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  7. Avatar photo Ray

    Nice job on getting the V8 installed. I do not understand why the 914 are always over looked. People will pay top dollar for a rusted pile of metal for an old 356, while these car’s are amazing to drive.

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  8. Avatar photo Rancho Bella

    ruined………now worthless

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  9. Avatar photo Mark S

    I’ve alway thought that the 914’s were an ugly style done on purpose so poor people like me could own a Porsche. This is a car that would be crazy fun to drive. If it were mine I’d install quite mufflers and a repaint in honey gold. I’d probably find myself in trouble with the law owning a car like this as speeding and traffic light racing would be to tempting. There are plenty of these around for the purist’s to own so I hope a guy like me with limited funds gets this car and goes Porsche hunting in it. Great find.

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  10. Avatar photo Jeff

    Another half assed poorly done engine swap looking for another fool to take over. I’ve seen a lot of these at one time or another and they get passed on like a case STD.

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  11. Avatar photo Thomas Allen

    I’d say some people just don’t get it. Boss Hog putting a V8 in a motorcycle probably messed up the suspension! Get an imagination!!!!!

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    • Avatar photo randy

      I’ll drink to that!

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      You got a thumbs up here!

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  12. Avatar photo achman

    As a current owner of one of the first 914 Renegade Hybrids (Built 1985) I am watching this from afar with interest and now feel like I should comment.

    My car is similar in that it is a sleeper with no wings, flares or any of that crap. Mine’s a 327 bored to 331 from a 1963 Corvette, with forged crank, cam, Demon carb, ceramic headers to custom GT3 exhaust, 911 front suspension, brakes, 5 bolt Fuchs, 200lb springs in rear, gearbox modified to 4sp with 1st/lockout and overdrive and strengthened gears, and working A/C. I don’t have aluminum heads (double hump Chevy heads) but I also don’t have cast iron exhaust headers, so the weight is about the same here.

    It’s similar to this car in many ways, different in others (especially condition) but performance is probably similar. I have 350 real hp and the car doesn’t overheat, even in FL with previous owner. The cooling system on mine uses aluminum conduit instead of steel lines for even more passive cooling, and my water pump is belt driven.

    I had a ’73 2.0 that I really liked, but even though it handled extremely well and was a great car, it was…spritely but slow. I don’t drive crazy, I don’t even go that fast really, but when I want to, I want to. 350hp in 2400lbs let’s you do that. Boxster and 911 guys have no idea what just happened. My license plate reads

    SLO VW

    These cars drive very well when set up properly. This looks like a decent start to a good car. Rust ia the killer, moreso with a v8 conversion.
    My car is easy to drive, clutch is light, steering is great (No PS needed with these cars) and it is pretty much a normal car, comfortable ride, decent handling…shifting is like any 914 which is to say, not that great. However when the bushings are renewed and properly adjusted, it’s fine…you won’t set any speed-shifting records, but mine will hit 60mph in 1st (2nd) gear, so I don’t need to shift fast. 2nd and 3rd gear pulls on the highway are pretty epic, the car just gathers itself up and gets out of the way. I have some other fast cars, but on a roll, this one is hard to beat. The rear trunk is plenty big, and don’t forget, you can put the top in it. The front is taken up mostly by cooling, and I don’t drive it in the rain (really?) so the cooling vents are not an issue.

    Mine even has a custom 914-8 badge on it, the purchaser can have one made easily.

    The stock tranny will hold up just fine as long as you don’t drive like an idiot. This isn’t a burn out car. Drop clutch launches at stop lights will be hard on it. If this hasn’t been converted to a 4sp I wouldn’t use 1st gear at all. You won’t need it. When you get on it, roll on the gas rather than punching it. My tranny is original to the car and has been fine since 1989 when it was rebuilt by Renegade.

    I might look into a 5 bolt suspension for the front, for the brakes and 5 bolt wheels. The 4 bolt Rivieras are ok…but the steel wheels you suggest are just not up to the task. The 5 lug suspension and brakes are better for options.

    Ground clearance can be an issue in these conversions. The mufflers also are an issue. You can have the exhaust go up above the trailing arm or down below. Each have their drawbacks. Mine went through 3 different exhausts (including a Ferrari 550 muffler) before the current and best configuration–ceramic coated headers into custom fabbed GT3 muffler. Discreet twin outlets, no drone, and a super sound.

    914-6 never had a dual exhaust. Just one tailpipe on the left side, anything else was aftermarket.

    These are probably Flowmasters turned vertical. The headers will be better especially if ceramic coated, mine really help with the heat.

    The danger of buying one of these is that most of the time they are shit. Poorly engineered, full of rust, not thought out correctly. This one appears to be a decent start especialky because it runs and drives and the coolant system is working.

    My car–if you want to hear how one of these can sound


    Porsche guys either love or hate it, Corvette guys generally love it.

    For asking price–if it has very minimal or no rust, the shell alone is worth $3-4k. Engine and tranny the same. Conversion kit $2-3k. Everything else is a gimme. Sort it out, upgrade brakes to what he mentioned, finish it and paint it for $10k all in and you have a car that is extremely fun, draws a crowd, puts a smile on your face, and is worth $15-$20k.

    The one in that other car site just sold for $28k.

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    • Avatar photo David C

      Sounds great! I’ve seen several and like the conversions. Cool car. Thank you for your contribution also.

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    • Avatar photo Bobsmyuncle

      Why would you have a problem with the steel wheels?

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    • Avatar photo Jeff Staff

      That is a damn nice looking garage.

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  13. Avatar photo dalesdeadbug

    i have had the chance to drive an small block 914 and the weight of the v8 doesnt throw the handling off as bad as one may think. To all of you who think the 283 was a poor choice you have obviously never owned one. With a 3 inch stroke they will wind up near 9,000 rpm with mild modifications. The seller is right when saying that makes it an ideal match for the cars transaxle.

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  14. Avatar photo Turbobrick

    Hi Achman,

    Would like to talk to you about your white Porsche in the youtube video. Not sure the best to get a hold of you to talk. Your car is just awesome. J

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