Veloce Variety: 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider

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Often, when I stumble across an Alfa Romeo Giulia Spider, like this 1965 example, it’s more of an Alfa Rustero than an Alfa Romeo. This car is far from perfect but at least it’s not about to disintegrate into a pile of cinders – and it is a rare “Veloce” edition. It’s definitely worth a look, so let’s see what’s really here. Jim A found this Italian two-seater cooling its Ferragamo heels in Novi, Michigan. It’s available, here on Facebook Marketplace for $27,500

Offered in ’64 and ’65, the higher-powered Veloce amounted to about 1,000 units, 800 assembled in its second and final year. This example is claimed to be finished in a very rare color known as “Paglierino Yellow” – it kind of looks more like off-white primer at this point. The seller tells us that this Spider has been on the lam for the last 48 years and it’s safe to say that it was inside. We’re told that the car was dismantled for restoration and then reassembled recently for this sale. Note the nose-up attitude – it looks like it’s minus its engine but it’s not. While rust-through is not evident, the body is looking a bit lumpy in places under that rare Paglierino Yellow. The stainless trim appears to be mostly in place though it, and the chrome bits, are dull. The convertible folding top is looking a bit rumpled and ill-fitting, especially the plastic window, though there is no indication of rips or holes. There are supposed to be additional parts included in the sale but they’re not identified.

Being a Veloce means having a 127 HP, 1.6-liter, in-line four-cylinder engine, but alas, the original is gone!  The seller states, “Unfortunately the original Veloce engine was replaced with a 1600 Normale. The original engine was long gone when the previous owner purchased it“. That means a reduction of twenty-two HP with a lower output of 105 and there’s no word if this one’s a runner. The gearbox should be a five-speed with the fifth gear serving as an overdrive ratio.

The interior of this Alfa is a bit bare. The door cards and floor mat/carpet is missing but what’s revealed shows as being solid. The dash instrumentation/gauges look to be clear and the steering wheel is in fine shape other than the missing horn cap. Missing, are pieces of dash trim and the radio. As for the seats, they’re tired looking and could use rejuvenation.

The seller claims, “This is a true Veloce which has been confirmed from Alfa Romeo Archives based on the VIN number“. Well OK, for but $27,500 (and missing its Veloce engine!) it would be helpful to have that VIN – you know, just to trust but verify, wouldn’t you agree?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    Would be interesting to know what they did to hike the suspension up so high. That alone makes this car unsafe to drive. Looks like it can be made into a great car but not if you have to pay 27.5K for it.

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  2. Steveo

    When is Veloce not a Veloce…

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  3. Big C

    Many crazy people are paying over $100,000 dollars for the chance to own these cars.

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    • RallyeMember

      I only paid $1,000 (maybe 995) for one….in 1970. No, I haven’t had it for a long time.

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  4. Bruce

    as for the interior and the rust a complete interior rubber mat and carpet set is available and an English metal stamping company is making panels both exterior and interior for these cars. I had one that I kept completely rust free except for the very rear battery area which is an area with frequent damage from battery fluid and fumes. The price is crazy high but this is one that would be an easy save. Oh also the padded dash can be remade but at a frightful cost. I know I have been there and done that. Make certain it is there and in good condition.

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  5. Wenpri

    To much has happened with this car to justify that price. And yes , what’s going on with the suspension? Since the engine numbers in Alfas are not specific to a given car, it could be resuscitated as a true “Veloce “ if you could source a replacement Veloce engine. Otherwise just put a1750 or 2000 engine in it and have fun!

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    • Bruce

      The bigger engines do not fit as they are taller and they have different pick up points for the motor mounts. Building a Veloce engine would be finding the manifolds, carbs, head and proper pistons and valves. I could be done but it is not going to be done on the cheap. Being a wet sleeve engine replacing piston sets is easy if you have a machine shop to press in the wet selves to the proper depth. That is totally critical to be done exactly right. I know I have done a couple of these engines. God help you if you do not have something keeping that metal clip of the timing chain from falling into the oil pan. Rookie mistake and YES I made it the first time.

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      • tberd62

        The bigger 1750 and 2000 engines do fit. Ask me how I know. You just need to find the correct motor mounts. And with the Giulia hood scope its even an easier fit.

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  6. Glenn ReynoldsMember

    Sits rather high. Perhaps this was the Paris to Dakar rallye edition.

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  7. Mike juneau

    What is the body S/N passenger side above air hose inlet to be a true Veloce must have an F
    Normale carb setup pictured. The word Veloce is usually incorrectly applied to Normale cars

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  8. REvsgt40

    You got to it first, The engine is a Normal not Veloce. Maybe they stripped the Webers and replaced them with the single throat carb. This also raises the issue of whether the block and heads are Veloce.

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    • Jim ODonnellAuthor

      No, I got to it first. It’s not the original engine, the seller states as much in the listing and I reported his claim, specifically, “Unfortunately the original Veloce engine was replaced with a 1600 Normale. The original engine was long gone when the previous owner purchased it“.


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  9. Mike juneau

    Give me an engine s/n photo of body s/n
    Text to. Six oh tree fiver Ochoa Ocho una una
    Una una pot fever gracias
    Says 1600 on trunk, Veloce had Veloce

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  10. Jacques Marteville

    In any case it is “Giulia” and not “Guilia”.
    The same for the Lambo, it is not “Muira” but “Miura”.
    A very large case of Dyslexia in this blessed country of ours…

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    • Jim ODonnellAuthor

      Who put you in charge of spelling Jacques? It’s hardly dyslexia and your comment is an insult to those who are afflicted with that malady.


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  11. Frank Barrett

    A Veloce would be worth a lot more than a Normale, but the numbers will tell the story. What’s it like underneath? Is everything there? How is the engine and transmission? Finishing this car properly will cost over $100K, and the seller knows that. His price is unreal. Putting a set of Webers ($3-4K) on my ’65 Normale made it an Abnormale–and a lot more fun to drive. These are great cars, and I hope this one can be saved.

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