Very Original: 1965 Porsche 356

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Here’s what appears to be yet another overpriced Porsche, but it’s completely original. That can’t be recreated, so perhaps someone may be willing and able to pay a premium price. It’s listed on eBay in Garland Texas where very active bidding is over $60,00 and it hasn’t hit reserve. There have been 65 bids, but 34 of those were from one fellow within two minutes going from $32,000 to over $40,000 with no one else bidding, and the next day the same bidder came back and bid it up over $45,000. It does make you wonder what’s happening here. This 356 is said to be a one owner completely original (including the paint), rust free low miles Porsche. It’s been stored for 10 years. Paperwork, including certificate of authenticity, is included. He has included a link to more very detailed pictures. Thanks to the reader who provided this tip.


That’s an aftermarket radio, of course, but otherwise it looks original. This car seems to have been cherished. I wonder why it wasn’t driven for 10 years.

right side

The paint looks great even up close. Has the trim along the bottom pulled out some?


He says the undercoating is completely original, but could it be hiding something sinister?


The engine is very clean and orderly, but it hasn’t been detailed. The oil and fuel filters are the only obvious additions.


This Porsche looks pretty good from this end as well. The pictures make it look like a really nice, original car. Perhaps, this one time, it might be as nice as described. If I could afford it, this is the sort of original car I would want. Do you think it’s possible? If you are in the market for a car like this, would you dare buy this sight unseen? I look forward to seeing what flaws you sharp eyed Porsche enthusiasts find.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Fred

    The bidder was probably legit. That’s a common tactic to find out what the reserve is- just bid it up until it hits the mark. If I’m bidding on something, I like to leave it alone until the end (commonly known as “sniping”). Each to his own.

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  2. RickG

    I don’t consider this one over priced yet, (currently at $70k). This is one of the best condition 356 we’ve seen on BF pages. In fact, look at all the pics on ebay. Look at the door jams, the head liner, the engine and engine bay. This car belongs in a museum.

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  3. Richard McAllister

    As far as the bidding goes, just click on the “Show Automatic bids” and you’ll see they’re also from one person, that’s because of their reserve on the car. Like Fred said, someone was trying to find the reserve price but they stopped because they had reached their top price. Here’s a Hagerty link showing prices:

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  4. Capt Doug

    That is a very nice original car – the 356’s seem to be coming to market recently in all conditions.
    Nice 1964 at auction 6/4/2016 here that will likely exceed the estimate.!1964-porsche-356-sc-coupe/uel7u

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  5. DolphinMember

    These 356Cs are the most modern and comfortable of the 356s to own and drive, so if someone wanted to have a 356 as a driver this would be preferable to the earlier cars. But adding to the current 67K miles will detract a bit of value.

    It does look mostly original, but the interior was upgraded with full leather in the 1980s, so bidders will have to decide how they feel about that, and whether it was a good thing for an ‘original’ 356. I’m guessing that the original materials are long gone since nobody would have cared about the original vinyl when they could afford leather back then.

    The wheels are also non-original NOS 5.5 inch wide chromed wheels from 1968, and there’s no mention of the originals still being with the car. The added engine filters could be removed easily, but are improvements so could be kept.

    A very nice late 356, but it’s not the most desirable model for 356 collectors, and the long time original owner wasn’t the fanatic about originality that many 356 fans are nowadays, so there have been a few non-original changes. I think the shouted line “THEY ARE TRULY ORIGINAL ONCE” in the ad is a bit over the top.

    A very nice 356, but it will never be a top collectible 356 like some of the earlier but less comfortable to drive cars are.

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  6. Joe

    Yes, these folks are right the bidders multiple bids are really automatic responses to bids from others that are under their “high bid”. Multiple bids are countered automatically until someone’s bid is over the “high bid”, but it looks like that person made all the bids.

    Nice car. Price is problematic as we exit the bubble….

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  7. stillrunners

    Garland Tx is right down the road – should I go take a look ?

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  8. waynard

    Come on kids. As beautiful as this car is, IT IS NOT ORIGINAL: WHEELS, LEATHER INTERIOR, RUBBER? sorry. It is original only once, and it ain’t no more and hasn’t been for quite a while. And an AFTERMARKET RADIO!!! Jeez. Get real.

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  9. Bob Hess

    Oil filter is original. They were on the 356 engines as early as 1952.


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  10. Bob Hess

    Further…. We drove a ’64 and then a ’65 for years as our basic transportation. Along with those our first race car was a ’59 convertible D. Fast and fun! Filters… The early 356s has a fuel cutoff at the tank with a screen filter in it. Pretty simple but if you were running the Solex carbs you really needed better filters. Those two C coupes we had were 2 of 16 Porsches we owned and drove the wheels off of. Great, comfortable road cars, especially after we put a/c in them.

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  11. robjMember

    Now at $75K, Reserve not met… The P car bubble keeps on growing.

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