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Vette Wagon: 1973 Corvette Sport Wagon

UPDATE 7/11/12 – It has been relisted, but with the BIN lowered to $3,295.

We have found countless numbers of really amazing and interesting Corvettes over the past year, but few have confused and fascinated us more than the Corvette Sport Wagon. In the past year we have only come across one of these Corvette Sport Wagons and that one’s seller was asking an incredible $50,000. We just found another 1973 Corvette Sport Wagon and while this one is missing a lot of important parts, it’s being offered here on eBay with a BIN of $4,995.

There isn’t much information about these Vette wagons, but from what we have been able to discover it seems that these were a conversion kit. Some sources claim there were only 10 of these cars ever built, which would explain why we have only seen one other one. This car is sadly missing a lot of crucial pieces, such as the engine and transmission. The seller included photos of the VIN plates, so it shouldn’t be too hard to figure out what engine this car should have in it. We aren’t sure the effect this will have on the value of the car after being restored.

Just as with the engine bay, the interior is missing a lot of parts. However, there appear to be more than a few boxes of parts in the car, so maybe the rest of the interior is in boxes. We assume that someone started restoring this car, but lost interest. We wish people would learn to at least keep all the parts with the car, so that someday the car might actually end up being put back together. Where this car is missing so many pieces, we would build the car the way we want it and not worry so much about originality. What would you do? Go for originality or build it the way you want?

After some major work, this Corvette will definitely turn heads and if it’s true that there were only 10 built you probably won’t ever see another one at your local car show. We aren’t sure what the current value of a project Corvette Sport Wagon is, so we aren’t really sure if it’s a steal or a rip off. We doubt there is a huge market for shooting brake Corvettes, but you never know, this car might someday be worth big money. What do you guys think? Is this car worth the asking price?


  1. Tony

    Not sure where “Sportwagen” came from – you could buy the fiberglass components in the ’70s. Corvette News had an article called “Drumbuggy” about a drum player who built one to carry his drums.

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  2. Richard

    I remember when the kits came out. I was very interested. I like the shape. 2 dr wagons, AKA shooting brake (break?) are one of my favorite looks. I recall the 72 or 73 Vega Kamm back as it was called. I had one, and if the engine hadn’t have started to suck oil like a sponge, I might still have it for fun. I like the current Ferrari, and the new Mercedes version looks really nice. Good luck to whomever buys it.

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  3. Mike

    Talk about the perfect shop truck for a local mechanic shop or a delivery rig for someone who wants to attract some attention.

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  4. Dolphin Member

    This was a variation of the famous ‘Breadvan’ body that was created on a Ferrari 250 GT SWB chassis for a private racer named Volpi in the 1960s when Enzo Ferrari wouldn’t sell him a GTO. The standard 250 GT SWB body looked great, and was the inspiration for the Camaro/Firebird bodies, but aerodynamically it held the car back when it raced against the GTO and the more aerodynamic Aston Martin GT race cars. The Breadvan got around that by having better aerodynamics than the regular SWB body, and a big part of that was the extended roof, which gave the car a Kamm back.

    These Corvette body kits probably helped reduce aero drag a bit, but it’s doubtful that they helped top speed more than a few MPH. And then there was the problem that you could only know (legally) if you drove the car in Nevada or Montana.

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  5. J. Pickett

    Waste of a good vette.

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  6. VAFordman

    I’ve always wanted a Corvette to swap a Ford drive-train into as revenge for all the bowtie (under)powered Fords. This looks like a good candidate.

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  7. Charles

    The guy who removed the engine and transmission had a pretty good idea of what it was worth.

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  8. paul

    i have seen a few of these in Florida, a white one that I was when i was younger in about 78-9 as well as seeing a custom airbrushed on at the World of Wheels in Miami that was about 86. I have also seen a few Pontiac Trans Am Wagons too.

    The story behind the SportWagon Corvette goes that a drummer commissioned the first wagon concept because he needed the cargo room to haul his drums to various gigs. Looking to make a good design better, the Greenwoods greatly improved upon the concept and an earlier kit designed by Chuck Miller by making the SportWagon much more aerodynamic and aesthetically pleasing, as well as giving the SportWagon the much needed rear hatch to allow access to the rear of the Corvette. After a mockup was sent to SEMA where it became an instant hit, John Greenwood then farmed out actual production through kits from American Custom Industries and Ecklers.

    It’s estimated that between 15 and 24 SportsWagons were produced from the kits sold by ACI and Ecklers, and those kits contained several cues that show it was an official Greenwood SportWagon kit. The Greenwood logo was etched into the rear glass and an emblem was tastefully added to the B-pillar located behind driver and passenger windows.

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  9. rallyman

    There’s a bit more going’ on here… Don’t think that’s a ’73 front end on that vette. Looks more like an early ’80’s nose.

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  10. stigshift

    I wouldn’t buy that thing with someone else’s money. Utterly tasteless.

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  11. Chris H.

    Uncool at any speed.

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  12. Randy Hammitt

    I currently own one. Black. I pull a trailer I made out of a coffin. My car goes to Corvettes at Carlisle every year. I happen to be driving it today. I love the car!!! I have 5 corvettes and all are custom except one that is totally stock. Hey if you own the car, do with it what you wish!!!

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    • Tommy C

      Randy – I have a couple photos of your car pulling the coffin trailer. I met you about 3 or 4 years ago at Corvettes at Carlisle. I truly love the Corvette, and I favor the originials, but these custom wagons are wonderful! It is sooooo cool that you drive and enjoy your custom Vette!!!!! It is a true sock hop drive-in car!!!
      My work collegue transformed his ’73 into a wagon, using the Eckler’s kit, in 1977 when I was in high school. He ended up losing it in a bitter divorce!
      Keep on Vetting!!! Glad to know that you still have it!

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  13. batvette

    Randy Hammitt you rock. Good attitude! (I have a black 86 z51 coupe and used to own a 65 Cadillac Combo Hearse with a bubble roof that looked like a huge coffin) see http://s353.photobucket.com/albums/r384/batvette/corvette%20IASCA/?start=all

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  14. Frosty

    I saw one of these at a car show about the time they came out. It belonged to someone in the Atlanta Corvette Club. I liked it then and I still like them. I can see a beautiful everyday driver.

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  15. KI4UJO

    This car is just as bad as it looks; it’s now in my backyard. It will be receiving a 454 along with an M20, along with sidepipes. It is a no A/C, no P/S and no power brake car that originally came with an L-82 and was a 4spd car. Also, the Mille Miglia red and Black Leather are correct for the car

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  16. Ron Stanford

    I found another picture of it as it just rolled out of the shop. It was almost completed except for the interior. I moved the gas tank to where the spare tire was and installed a gas tank. I think I used a rear window from a AMT Rambler and had it cut to fit. That was a long time ago.

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  17. Ron Stanford

    My1973 wagon finished

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  18. Dan w

    I have a 1969 corvette sportwagon
    I love it 427 4 spd

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