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Vintage Crew Cab: 1972 Ford F-250


While I’m not fond of featuring vintage vehicles with only one photo, I thought this one was worth making an exception for. This 1972 Ford F-250 is located in south-central Iowa, in the small town of Richland. It’s obviously been refinished at some point in its life, but it looks great and seems like a deal at $5,000 or best offer, for this relatively rare configuration. The seller states in his ad here on craigslist that the truck has been updated at some point with a 460 engine and C6 transmission. It’s also equipped with air conditioning to help keep the crew happy. He also says it needs exhaust and brake work. If it were mine, I’d probably look into fitting it with a disc brake kit. But other than that, I probably wouldn’t change too much with this one. Would you?


  1. Avatar photo jim s

    i think it should have disc brakes on the front from the factory, i know my F250 from the same time frame did. not sure if that is a factory or aftermarket conversion double cab. either way seller needs to work a lot harder on their listing. interesting find.

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    • Avatar photo Jackson

      Front discs weren’t a factory option until 1973. This is a factory crew cab though.

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      • Avatar photo jim s

        unless you have the VIN for this truck and have done the research there is no way to tell for sure if this is a factory or aftermaket double cab.

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      • Avatar photo jim s

        disc brakes were offered on F250 starting in 1968. on all F100-350 starting in 1973. per the fordification.com website.

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      • Avatar photo JB

        Jackson, My 1968 Camper Special had factory discs.

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      • Avatar photo Dark Lite

        Wrong! 1968

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  2. Avatar photo Mark E

    If it’s solid and the engine is good it would be a nice highway cruiser to tow a 5th wheel trailer. America was so late in accepting the idea of 4-door pickups that vintage crew cabs are an unusual sight.

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  3. Avatar photo ydnar

    You guessed it, on my short list of 10 vehicles I need.

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  4. Avatar photo Jeff

    Beautiful truck!!!

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  5. Avatar photo JW

    If I were selling this truck I would invest in a shop to do the brake work and exhaust then tack on the cost to the price and then it would sell much quicker. Most people don’t have the time to fiddle with stuff anymore or they are just plain lazy, more the laziness I think.

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  6. Avatar photo 1969Deuce

    The engine is too big for my taste but I like the transmission. Against the new trucks’ prices, I think it would be a good buy. I’d like it enough to go and take a close look-see.

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  7. Avatar photo Rick

    Prior to the early 70s, nearly all of the crew cabs that I saw on the road belonged to municipalities and were used on the job, not very many went to privateers. I suspect that this crew cab began its life as county vehicle

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  8. Avatar photo Dave W

    If it was only a 4×4
    With that aside I would loose the running board and find some nice wheels.
    I have tried to make due with 2 wheel drive trucks so many times, but I just never keep them long.
    I don’t use my 4 wd all that often but when I need it I get really bent out of shape when I really need it and don’t have it,
    I always have liked this body style.
    I think 72 was the best year for ford and chevy trucks

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  9. Avatar photo Charles

    I would convert it to a 4×4. Nice!

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  10. Avatar photo Jim

    Would make a great truck for towing to the track, 460 with the right cam and exhaust would walk up the mountains here in the N.E. You’re right in the sixties families were still using station wagons, trucks were for work and most hot consumed from use or rust then crushed. It would be nice to see this stay on the road and driven.

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  11. Avatar photo Clint

    We’ve got two in our shop. One is a 67 2WD and the other is a 69 4WD. The 69 was a Forestry truck. No idea on the 67. Alas, neither are running as of right now, but plans are to get the 2WD going with a 1972 model 460 from a Mercury.

    The correct technical name for these trucks was “6 man”.

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  12. Avatar photo Clint

    Taken last summer

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  13. Avatar photo Mike

    Nice, it is so funny growing up you saw very few Club cab trucks but today they are everywhere. It would be nice, but I am thinking about the T-bird or the 79 near Cape now.

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  14. Avatar photo Rob

    Looks like a nice crew cab! Kind of rare. Need to put a 4×4 chassis under it!

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  15. Avatar photo boxdin

    Love those oem Jr West Coast mirrors.

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