Vintage DPW: 1965 Ford Falcon Van


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I wonder if someday when we’re all a bit older we’ll look around at the municipal vehicles we used to see on the roads – by this time, now sitting in junkyards – and think about how cool they were. Personally, I’m skeptical that I’ll find a late-model F350 or Econoline any more interesting than I do now, but this 1965 Ford Falcon Econoline window van here on eBay makes the city of Omaha’s DPW seem downright hip. 


I realize that at the time they were new, the Falcon window vans likely encouraged a similar reaction to my disinterest in modern fleet vehicles. But that seems to be the trend nowadays – everything that was tossed out like yesterday’s garbage a few years ago is now the epitome of desirable if it can be considered “vintage.” Extra points are typically given if the vehicle in question still wears its original business lettering or department emblems, as this Falcon van does.


The seller says he rescued this Falcon from a car crusher, winning an auction to keep it from the jaws of death. The motor turns over freely but will need a valve job, and he somewhat obviously adds that more work may be needed after that. I suspect he already knows that it will, otherwise why mention that a valve job may solve its ills? The price is $2,750 with the possibility of submitting a best offer.


While there is rust repair needed, I would simply keep the exterior paint in place and coat it with some clear. Fix the rust, get the motor running and clean up the interior, then just drive the thing. It looks like the Omaha DPW logos will still present well, which would make this Falcon window van a hit at any cruise-in if it stays in the Nebraska area. There’s another Falcon van with no running gear going for $2,400 or best offer – but for my money, the DPW lineage makes this one worth a few extra bucks.

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  1. van

    No brainer every man wants a fire truck

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      So they won’t want this Department of Public Works truck then? ;)

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  2. RayT

    It’s a little spendy for my taste, but I’d love to have it. Just because I’m a suspicious kind of guy, I’m thinking a total mechanical rebuild would be in order (how long has that rocker cover been off?) and the parts for that are going to add up. I wouldn’t be able to ignore the exterior or interior, either. I wouldn’t try to make it a 100-point restoration, but would like it to be a shiny driver.

    For years, the notion of building a clone of the Falcon Vans Ford used as service cars for the Monte Carlo Rallye Falcons (in ’63, I think) has been floating around in my head: a built 260, four-speed, beefed-up suspension and wide tires on steel wheels. In that case, the DPW stickers would have to go….

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  3. JW

    I bought one of these back in the late 60’s from a laundry service to use as a drive-in beer wagon for me and my buddies. $300, ran great got good gas mileage and the only issue it used more oil than gas. I later sold it and bought the pickup version of these and I wish I had that truck today. I think this one is over priced for the work needed but on the plus side Nebraska is a easy state to get to depending on where you live and for me being north of Kansas City that’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to Omaha.

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    • Bobsmyuncle

      Uganda is pretty easy to get to as well…depending on where you live LOL.

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  4. Jim C

    My first car was a 1964 Ford Econoline just like this one. At the time I worked nights at a Gas Station (1969) a regular came in with it smoking like a bandit, my boss checked it out & it needed a Valve-Job common for these 6 cly engines bad oil seals. I got it for $50.00 did the Valve-Job & it purred like a kitten. The body was in good shape but the paint was bad.During work I sanded it & primed it, 28 spray cans!! Something you never forget, one can after another, LOL I would offer him $200.00 nothing more, take it or leave it. My was like new compared to this one & it was a Contractor’s Truck, so you know it was a work truck.

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  5. Metalted

    I want one of these to build!!
    This one is awesome but only for half that price.
    And half a country from me, is a nope.
    I’ll keep looking.

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  6. Rando

    I sat on the engine cover of one of these for many a day in the summers of my youth. My Grandpa owned one and was a contractor for Sears, doing storm windows, attic vents, etc. The PO had installed small crank out windows in the back. Odd, but helped keep some air moving. I rode on the engine cover as one of my aunts’ bfs was always the main helper and got the other seat. When the van finally was retired, it was put out in the woods and used as a storage container… like so many other cars he had owned…

    Cool old vans.

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  7. jr23

    later 300 cid ford 6 will drop in easily, but check underneath carefully as its a uni-body so if theirs rust it could be done shock and spring mounts are trouble spots and they will leak slightly in heavy rain i had a 66 in 72-73 and the doors rarely fit well the uni-body twist and turns

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