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Vintage Push Truck: 1962 Chevrolet Apache

Push trucks are an important part of hot rod history and they continue to be utilized to this day. At places like Bonneville, Death Valley, and Alvord, land-speed race cars need a little help to get going. Their tall gears don’t allow them to get up to speed very quickly, so push trucks give them a boost. This one is a Chevrolet pickup from 1962 and has a great look. It can be found here on eBay with an asking price of $21,500. Brought to you by the folks at Street Dreams Texas, located in Fredericksburg, this truck is a real head-turner. Check out the details on this one!

The engine definitely has a performance look. A reliable small-block 350 is the power plant of choice. It has been topped with dual four bbl carburetors and exhaust exits through dual mufflers through the bedside in front of the rear tires. The engine also has a mild camshaft along with AC. For those hot desert race days, there’s an aluminum radiator and the hood features over a hundred louvers to keep it running cool.

The interior says “mild hot rod” with its tall shifter, column tach, and race-inspired gas pedal!

The bed of the truck is really interesting. The camper shell appears to be a vintage unit with nice woodwork inside. A racer on a budget could certainly make this their sleeping quarters. The shell also has a great look with racing stickers covering every inch of the glass.

Normally I like the “surf-wagon” theme, but I’m not sure the surfboards fit in with the racing image of this truck. What do you think the future of this truck holds? Will it end up cruising around and never see a land-speed track? Let us know what you would do with it.


  1. angliagt angliagt

    Looks like a trucking trying too hard to project
    two different images.And I don’t get the braces on
    inner top part of the canopy.A lot of wasted space.

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  2. bobhess bobhess Member

    If it’s used at race tracks the reinforced top provides a viewing platform. A purposeful truck to be sure.

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    • KEVIN

      yeah, I’ll stand on the ground and watch you try to stand on that “reinforced top”

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      • Derek

        That might be what the surfboards’re for.

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  3. MK

    I love these trucks. But I would be hard pressed at half that price. Could be a really nice truck though. not into the grunge look at all .Or the whole patina thing. I just look at them and think what they could be. but just my opinion.

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  4. Moondawg

    Not a fan of the “Patina” look. Ditch the surfboards, clean up the body and repaint. Love the “Push Truck” look but that price is way out there.

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    • Ted Mathis

      I’ve recently been to Sweet Dreams Texas. They specialize in the ready made patina look. And most of their inventory, while very nice, is overpriced.

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    • stu

      At first glance from the pictures, was not expecting this truck to be finished inside…The outside is in need of an upgrade. For the money, very deceiving …

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  5. Joe Haska

    Just mention “Pitina” and you have a fight on your hands. The 1st time I heard the term used in an unusual way, I was at a large National Event on the west coast, several years ago. I was driving a 32 5 window, that was naturally very weathered, when a couple of guys came by and asked me “Who did the Pitina?”. I thought it was a joke, so I just smiled. Since then ,I have actually done a couple of cars in fake Patina. I am actually very good at it, probably because I am not a very good painter. I just don’t understand the controversy. Why is patina any worse than re-sale red?

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  6. Big B

    Racks inside are to hold fishing rods

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  7. Mountainwoodie


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    • MK

      If this was for me like I said just my opinion. I know some people dig it and that cool. for me I would have to put another 15 or 20 grand to get her where I would want her.

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    • stu

      No, racks are to hold pipes for a plumber…LOL

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  8. Desert Rat

    I would often see this truck at the Whataburger on the west side of El Paso. I guess it was sold or traded to someone in central tx, cool truck just wish it was a short bed.

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  9. Jim in FL

    As a surfer, this offends me. A Bonneville push truck with longboards in some funky hand carved holders that don’t secure them? A guy near me used to have a malibu wagon with a ridiculously unrideable board bolted to the roof rack.

    If the owner does surf, I take it back I suppose.

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    • Steve R

      This truck is perfect for the guy that’s trying too hard to get attention.

      Steve R

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    • angliagt angliagt

      Seems like everyone with a wagon with woodgrain
      just HAS TO put a surfboard on the roof.
      Just like the “patina” look – it gets old in a hurry.

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  10. Hank Hanson

    I’d go 10-12k if the seller keeps the cap and surf board.

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    • stu

      Hank Hanson, I’d do$1000 if he keeps the truck…

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  11. Dave Mathers

    Cool look, NOT cool price!!

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  12. petemcgee

    Looks fun! I’d wheel that thing, but here in the great white North a transfer case lever is required equipment, and we’d have to swap the surfboards for skis.

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  13. Phlathead Phil

    I’d paint it Raven black and put the boards inside. The Surfer Gal can sit next to me as we roll down to Malibu, the beach of my childhood.

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  14. Camaro guy

    Reminds me of the Farm Truck from Street Outlaws

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