Vintage Tow Rig: 1975 Ford F-150 Ranger XLT

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This 1975 Ford F-150 was built for towing. It’s called a “heavy half-ton, ” meaning it is an F-150 with heavy-duty suspension and other HD components installed specifically for towing. It can be found here on eBay with a current bid of over $9,500. Located in Caldwell, Idaho, it doesn’t look like this truck has had a hard life. It is in remarkable condition and would be a great classic hauler for a vintage trailer or camper. Have a look.

The interior is really nice and features a front bench seat with rear jump seats. Factory air conditioning will keep you cool on road trips and a retro-style Bluetooth radio will keep you company. Overall, the interior is in great condition and appears to not need anything.

The engine is a 460 cubic inch V8 backed by a tough C6 transmission. It also features power steering and disc brakes. There is a bedside storage box for all of your tie-down straps, wheel chocks, and tools. According to the Marti report, there were less than 12.000 of these pickups with this same engine and transmission combination.

You can see how the long wheelbase of this truck would help with towing. It features dual gas tanks, which will extend the mileage considerably. Overall, this seems like a really nice truck and would be great for someone who wants a vintage tow rig. What do you think?

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  1. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TNMember

    Nice truck. Check out the Marti Report, it is highly-equipped (18 items) with both towing-related options and convenience/luxury options. This would have been a high-end towing rig for its day. Tons of high-quality pics. A long ways from the preferred short-bed “sporty” models, but quite desirable for what it is.

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  2. angliagt angliagtMember

    Now that’s a real truck,but the 460 would
    kill the deal for me.

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    • B302

      Why does the 460 kill the deal? The truck is for towing and a diesel was not available. Just curious, not arguing. Thanks

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      • angliagt angliagtMember

        Gas guzzler.

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    • Bill

      Don’t you worry. With those two gas tanks, you can get about 275 miles between bank loans, I mean, fill ups.

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      • Thomas Goerke

        We bought a pickup exactly like this one in Boise, Idaho in July of 1975. The dealer called it a “camper special” We averaged ( with camper on it )
        just over 12 miles to the gallon for more than 100,000 miles of detail record keeping. Easy to change the oil and filter and to lube. Love it. Now we think we will buy this one for a grandson. Even so we only had the 5 lug nuts. I agree that the grille has been changed. I called the owner and he owns a repair and restoration shop and he claim it has not been in a wreck and rebuilt. Photos he sent make the underside look original to my minimum knowledge. Looks nice and I will be bidding on it. High bid now as I write this.

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      • Glenn SchwassMember

        My Dad’s 76 Dodge Van with a 318 only got 11 mpg. The POS 2015 I drive for work now only gets 11mph but has 300hp. Funny how people are worried about gas. You wouldn’t use a cream puff like that truck to tow today unless it’s a camper to a car show…

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      • angliagt angliagtMember

        Thomas Goerke,

        If you buy this for your grandson,I would hope
        that he will be paying you back for it.If he does that,
        he’ll be more likely to take good care of it.

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  3. Yblocker

    Definitely some unusual photography, beautiful truck though. Someone gave it a 76 grille, I’d prefer the original style. These were just shy of being an F250, given the heavier suspension, and Dana 60 rear.

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  4. tim

    It “looks” like a camper special with the spare tire well in the right of the box.. but you say its storage and not the tire well? and its a half ton? w a dana 60? hmmm id like to see the order sheet on that

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    • Yblocker

      Yes, that is a storage compartment in the lower right side of the bed. This is a heavy duty F150, if you look at one of the underneath photos, you’ll see a Dana rear end, the standard F150s had the 9″ rear.

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    • Tom

      Yes, on the right side is just a very small storage box for a few tools. Even the fake tires today would not fit. Perhaps 18″ wide and Deep and mayby 5 inches tall inside. We had this truck and just keep a few tools and rolls of tape in it along with a gun or two.

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      • Yblocker

        A “gun or two”? Probably best carried in the cab.

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      • Tom

        There were always guns in the cab when we were in it. The ones in the tool box were extras plus that is where we kept the extra 1,500 rounds of ammo. Back then people were not afraid to see a gun rack on the back window with a couple of shotguns or rifles hanging.

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  5. Jasper

    Nice enough looking truck but I call BS on the heavy half with the eight lug wheels. I’d say this is a “bitsa” rig. Maybe a wreck or theft rebuilt many years ago? Heavy half’s, which all showed up in ‘75, just had enough heavier duty components to get over the EPA requirements, but still just five lug. I recall seeing F150s with a trailering package and still five lug. This has actual 3/4 ton, 8 lug, F250 underpinnings. If someone is looking for perfection and originality, I think they’ll be a little disappointed here.

    Now, the F150 7700 was another odd story. Even weirder were the seven lug F150s with the HDPP.

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    • Yblocker

      You are mistaken, there actually was a truck like this in the mid 70s.
      And there never was a 7 lug F150. There was however, a 7 lug F250, in 98 only, it was intended to fill the gap between the old body style F250, and the new Super Duty, which didn’t appear till early 99.

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      • tim

        a guy across the street has a 7 lug HDPP truck.. its a 8 or 9.. they stopped 7 lug at the end of steel bodies. there is a local construction company that has been getting two heavy payload each year for at least 15 years.. they are all a bit odd but have over 2000 pound capacity.
        calling them a 250 did end early, but they kept making them and marketed them to companies.. fleet sales

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      • Brad460Member

        There certainly was 7 lug ford pickups. From about 2000 to 2004 there was a light duty f250 that used the f150 body, and it did have 7 lug wheels. Full f250s were considered heavy duties and used the super duty chassis

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    • B302

      Mr. Jasper,
      I agree something seems off about this truck. Calling this a heavy half about a half century ago would have been correct. According to the data plate on the door, this truck has a MAX GVW of 6050 LBS. All 2023 Ford Rangers have a MAX GVW of 6050 LBS. In 2023 I do not refer to a new Ford Ranger as a heavy half ton pickup. Another interesting possibility is that a new Ford Ranger may weigh more than this truck as it came from the factory. The axle code on the data plate is not for a Dana. The original may have blown, remember this truck was born more than 48 years ago. Respect to all.

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    • Elliott

      They actually did make a f150 with 8 lug pattern back then, a light duty 3/4 if you will. Contractor special , or farm ranch special they called them. They disappeared when the actual light duty 250’s came out. I had a 76 f150 with 8 lug, it was supposedly the farm ranch special. 360 , 4 speed custom. Nothing fancy just the 8 lug wheels.

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  6. Tom

    What was not from me ?

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