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Viper Truck: 2005 Dodge Ram SRT-10

The Dodge Ram SRT-10 was perhaps one of the foremost reminders that Chrysler Corp. was committed to putting enthusiasts’ interests ahead of many other priorities. Over the years, Mopar has shown that they love a good hot rod as much as anyone else, and as such, they’ve produced some truly bonkers cars and trucks. A Ram pickup with a Viper drivetrain is perhaps one of the nuttiest of them all, and we love the company for having made this Dodge Ram SRT-10 listed here on eBay a reality.

This is a 1-0f-200 Commemorative Edition as well, with its exclusive white paint job and blue stripes. This color scheme has long been associated with high-performance Dodge models, from the radical Viper RT/10 to the punchy Neon R/T. Of course, a high-performance economy car and exotic model would seemingly be enough for most companies, but Mopar, of course, went several steps further. If you were around the Dodge brand in the late ’90s, it was easily one of the most fun car manufacturers to be around thanks to its highly entertaining lineup.

And unlike some car companies attempting to stretch out their performance vehicle lineup, Chrysler didn’t just stick a big motor in and walk away when giving the Ram pickup the high-performance treatment. Buyers were treated to sport bucket seats, big brakes, bigger wheels, and a traditional center-console mounted manual gearbox. The seller points out that this Dodge was owned by two older owners in their 60s, which hopefully means it didn’t get righteously abused – but there are an assortment of modifications that indicate it likely got plenty of exercise.

The listing notes that the SRT-10 comes with “….a fully built Chuck Barnes 8.3L, Belanger long tube headers, and a K&N cold air intake – plus, check out that sweet engine paint. The seller doesn’t talk about the cosmetic treatment under the hood, but I dig it. The listing is a reserve-style auction with bids to $25,000 and the reserve unmet. These high-performance Rams have a following, but I wouldn’t say they have exploded in value yet; however, I’m sure they are poised to increase in value in the years ahead.


  1. HoA Howard A Member

    You know, I’m a truck guy, always have been, but never in my wildest dreams, did I ever think a truck would come to this. Don’t get me wrong, sporty as heck, in true USA more is better form, a whopping 10 cylinders, I’ve driven semis with less power, but tis’ no truck. I don’t know what it is, or why someone would want something like this. Just shows, with proper sales, you can sell air conditioners to the Eskimoes.
    I’ve asked our friends from other countries before, is this silliness USA specific?

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    • Dave

      Mud, meet stick. This will carry anything I’m likely to need it to, and be insanely fun the rest of the time.

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    • Gerard Harings

      …you have a ^point……but do we need sportscars?…..nope….but we like them….a pickup truck……400 hp…..why not….joe average can affort one…..a sportscar…..hmmm out of our league…..even in Belgium you could drive a big pickup for smal road taks……a 5000 ccm engined car i Belgium costs around 3500 DOLLAR road taks…..every year….utillety vehikles cost only a smal amound of road taks 3to 500 a year

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  2. Aussie Dave Aussie Dave Member

    I want!!!!!!!
    V10, manual, and the looks to match the muscle.
    But, there’s always a bit.
    Our HSV ute, is the world’s fastest “truck”.
    But this truck is just sex on wheels.

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  3. alphasud Member

    When is a truck not a truck? When it becomes impractical to be a truck. So the SRT-10 is a big comfy hot rod that looks like a truck. I have driven both the Dodge and Ford trucks with the V10 engine. 2 trucks with 2 different philosophies on how to make power and torque. The Ford is a revver and the Dodge uses displacement and low speed torque. Who was better? Dodge because Ford saw the light and we now have the 7.3 Godzilla engine.
    I have never driven a SRT-10 but boy would I have fun driving one!

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  4. Big C

    So sad for Mopar. From this, to the ‘lil electric thing they advertise with their discontinued Challenger and Charger models.

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    • Rw

      Some badass inline 6s on the way..

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    • Mike K

      Oh, that won’t last long, even with the government pushing the RV. If any of the big three want to stay in business, they’ll continue to build fuel burners or go out of business. As the EV’s have had time on our roads, Americans have learned how bad they are, especially in the Northern parts of the country !

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  5. Rbig18

    Crashed and wrote off mine. All black. Loved it but it was a bear to drive on wet roads. Accident had nothing to do with power. 15 year old illegal stole her boyfriend’s truck and t-boned me. Her fault but sued me none the less. USAA made it go away for me. I do miss the truck.

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  6. John Spottswood

    I worked at a Dodge dealership for 15 years. I have driven the SRT10 truck and the SRT VIPER, SRT CHARGER . I have driven the SRT CHALLENGER and the SRT MAGNIUM, R/T Neons that were owned by the Skip Barber driving school and one that everyone forgets the SRT 4 CALLIBER. Out of all the cars there is not one I would ever considers garbage!!
    That includes the NEON. One car that I really fell head over heels in love with and many totally hate the car, that’s the PROWLER. I have seen it in what they call the black tie edition, black over silver a great look. The 3.5 v6 was a strange power plant but the brains at the top of the barrel said no less than 60% off the shelf for manufacturing ( don’t quote me on that 60%) but it was an eye catcher and pretty cool to drive
    All these vehicles in their own right are classics!

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    • Nelson C

      You speak to truth. Chrysler and their subsequent parent companies have kept the flame alive. All of the Gen3 Hemi vehicles have been remarkable. But as you said before this there were some really incredible and cool cars and trucks. Shelby vehicles begat the Turbo I, II and III motors that gave life to so many fun rides when fun was tough to come by. V8 Dakotas were cheap to buy and keep. The V10 Ram was powerful and more fuel efficient than the 360 V8. SRT, Street and Racing Technology, introduced the SRT-4 Neon a modern day Road Runner, and so many more culminating in the Hellcat and Demon cars and trucks. As for the SRT-10 truck it was ridiculously cool. Never drove one too far or fast, but I can say, wow! This is too cool for school.

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      • John Spottswood

        I was asking by the owner of the dealership I worked at to run the wheels off the SRT 10 truck he used as a demo. He said at about 115 mph it “ wobbled” so I took it to lunch, he was right! On the way from lunch, the digital fuel minder shower -.04 mpg ! What a fun vehicle to drive!

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  7. dan

    Watch these reach 6 figures by the end of this decade, if not sooner. They have all the goodies: 10 cylinders, stick shift, special edition. Surprised this truck hasn’t gotten the respect of the 454SS yet.

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  8. R ig18

    I think they will. The 3 5’s. 500 hp, 500 cubes and 500 torque. It was a beast. Currently own a 67 Nova done a little over L79;standards but my SRT 10 truck was in a different league.

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    • Nelson C

      Four, fives. 500 watt stereo, too.

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  9. BA

    This ain’t silly & heck I have a holley sniper intake & headers on my 2013 Ram crew cab express 5.7 and I love every minute of throttle time! Yes it’s not a challenger but would a challenger pull my trailer? Nope! I grew up a dyed in the wool GM guy but the 1990s was owned by Chrysler / Dodge / Ram and it ended with a thud but maybe Ford will take up our banner of go fast cars & trucks ? God bless the USA & the big 3 and don’t forget the little guys AMC etc I love them all! Hungry? Need a job ? Eat your import! Thats what my Dad use to say

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    • RoadDog

      UAW bumper sticker back in the late ’70s: Hungry? Eat your foreign car!

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  10. Terrry

    You like “nutty” from MoPar? Remember the Dodge Tomahawk, a Viper-powered four-wheeled motorcycle!

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    • Gerald L.

      I remember seeing that at the Woodward Avenue Dream Cruise, Chrysler corporate show car block along with many other corporate treasures on display.

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    • Colin Smeltzer

      Fellow in England, built a 2 wheeled bike out of a viper engine. Lots of kids on YouTube of him riding it. ALLAN Milliard, he is an insane machinist. Turns 4 cyl kz900’s into 6cyls with a hacksaw and files. Amazingly smart guy.

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      • Terrry

        Does it basically in his backyard too. He doesn’t have much of a shop. He turned a single cylinder Vincent motorcycle engine into a v-twin, also did several 5, 6 and 7 cylinder versions of the old Kawasaki triple.

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  11. 19Tiger65

    That front bumper is horrible! The rest of the truck looks good but the designers couldn’t figure out a better front bumper.

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  12. Jay McCarthy

    It’s nice to see that this truck has been enjoyed thoroughly as indicated by the 76K miles.
    It’s probably the highest mileage Ram SRT-10 on the planet and that’s not a bad thing at all

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  13. mick

    I’ll take any truck with a V8 and a manual trans, just for the fun of it (and of course the business end, too).
    Oh, wait! This is a V10?
    2X the fun!

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  14. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Auction ended at $28,800. Reserve Not Met.

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  15. Brad chipman

    This is the one vehicle I regret selling the most mine was #133. I sold it and shipped it to Europe in 2008. Fast and not to bad on gas

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  16. Mark

    Is that an aftermarket bumper or ?

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  17. Dal

    I owned one of these for 12 years they are each numbered mine was #92 of 200. The stock engine is rated 500 HP with 530 fp Torque. It uses the six speed viper Termic trans and sports 456 sure grip special differential with 22 x10 rims.the truck tops out at 158 mph due to arrowdinamics. Stock mine ran 13.7 at 107 in the quarter mile mainly due to no traction off line because of stock street tires. They are great trucks and the faster you went the better it handles due to front spoiler and rear wing. These trucks with lower mileage and good condition are selling for over 50-k and Hagerty days they are one of the top 10 vehicles that are rapidly appreciating in value. Sold mine three years ago for 49500.00 with 26- k on odometer.I loved the truck but wanted a challenger Scat pack wide body so sold it. Also it is still rated as the fasted production built truck in the world. The Aussie UTE does not count since it is actually not a truck

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